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I have always believed that you can do Pilates anywhere. To prove it I have begun a fun project which includes doing Pilates in the most unusual, sometimes spectacular places. It all started in 2005 when I made my way to the top of Lion's Head in Cape Town, South Africa. I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my life. At the top of the mountain I dropped my new camera (bought for the occasion) and watched break into pieces as it bounced its way back to sea level. I swore then that if I ever got back to Cape Town again I would combine my passion for Pilates with the majesty of that place and I would get a picture of it! Two years later, I did make it back to Lion's Head and I took that picture (many). From then on it has been hard not to do Pilates when I am surrounded by the beauty of nature. For me the two are intimately connected. From Lindbergh Lake Montana to the top of Stac Pollaidh in Scotland, I’ve tested the limits of my powerhouse. I have had a great time doing it and even managed to get a few friends to join in the fun. It turns out that when you do Pilates in an environment you already find breathtaking, you become even more aware and precise with your movements. In other words, you become totally present.I notice that my work in the studio is always a little more focused after a “Pilates on tour” experience. Maybe the next time you find yourself in a place that inspires you, you’ll think to take a deep breath, inhale your surroundings, and do the hundred! Take pictures if you do. :-)


To see the pictures up close, download the attachments in upper right hand corner. You can also click on the picture itself to make it a little bit bigger.
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LOVE IT! Inspiring as usual, my dear Kristi!
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Great idea. Love this. What a great idea for the studio.
Thanks Jill! Kathy you should do it for the studio, its fun! I ask all my clients to take pictures of themselves while they're in fabulous places doing Pilates...going on three years now so there's more to come!
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Like this! On a weekend away with family and friends over Easter, I was longing for a chance to stretch. Got my moment on a walk - in a remote sheep-shorn field, overlooking the Atlantic ocean. There was no-one else around and I felt wonderful afterwards - all that sea air in my lungs! My second time doing a workout outdoors (... first time was in a French campsite)! No photos though!
Awesome Elmear G! Though no camera in head to inspire others you definitely see the point of doing it I see! Spread the word and thanks for sharing here!

We are ready to start Pilates on the Stand Up Paddleboard in Chicago in July! It's pure fun and puts your practice to the test. Practicing outside always heightens the senses for me and connects me to the outside world!
I love Pilates on the Stand UP Paddleboard!

This is beautiful! where is this? We were in St. Pete's Beach Florida

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Love it! Great idea and very inspired to do some outdoor Pilates too - off to the great outdoors in France next week so a great place to start!
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