Working ME Out (2)

To understand the need to find our "ME’s" it is very important to discover that there is no getting rid of yourself. I did not always understand that simple truth. For many years, I believed that all my different parts-or-selves, had to be annihilated in order to find my one-perfect-right-self. Imagine my astonishment when discovering, that after many years of self-examination, none of these different ‘SELF’s was willing to be silenced. What was I to do with these complex, sometimes competing, voices in my head?
Listening without judgment became the road into all of the parts of me, my fearful self, sad self, dark self, angry self, and other mutations of my consciousness. It turns out that sharing my dark side is as important as sharing the more alive, happy, excited and blissful sides to my nature. Each part of me, after all, has something to say. I wondered, would I be able to listen, without finding fault or assigning blame, to any state or reaction? It has taken years, but the answer is Yes! I would and I have!
After years of soul-searching and growth, a strange and wonderful phenomenon began to occur. I started writing poems reminiscent of nursery rhymes. These ‘Ditties’ opened a pathway directly to my heart. As a result, a clearer channel, for listening and responding, opened within me. There I learned to transcribe my deepest most complex thoughts into simple rhyming couplets. At last, the energy used to keep away all my dissociated ‘ME” voices flowed freely.
I’ve journeyed my whole life long,
Just to know my very own song,
To hear my lyrics sung brightly in my head,
To finally emerge from a body being dead.
These little ditties from my finger -tips,
Are me speaking to you without lips.
I know not what will come on this page,
I am at a new and surprising stage.
What I have learned in my quest
Is coming out with such innocence and zest.
The years of writing my erudite prose,
I was sticking up my holier than thou nose
Never dreaming the day would appear,
When I could write without any fear
Of what you are not to know
Or what reaction I might show.
These lines come from a well inside,
They speak neither pain nor pride,
They don’t divide me into good and bad,
And they don’t hide the happy or the sad
Speaking out loud in this surprising form
Allows me access to my life, as if
After- the storm.
Much of what I write is earlier in time
The memories come in this funny rhyme.
I will not stop the words as they come,
Because this writing is amazing fun.
So what I have decided to do
Is put them in this blog and present them to you.
Stay tuned for more...
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