Working ME Out (3)

In our journey to get to know ourselves, the many MEs inside that make up the whole of who we are, we will eventually run into ambivalence.
Who am I? How would you answer the question? The concept of either or exists in the asking. “It suggests an inherent struggle to make a choice. In other words, can I hold two very divergent perspectives and have both of them be right? Can I believe in God and also doubt my belief simultaneously? Can I want to go to a party and also dread walking in the front door? Can I feel comfortable and confident in my fantasy about myself and in reality want to stay home and hide from the world? Can I feel clear and capable yet postpone a task for fear that I will not meet my expectations?
The questions go on and on. As long as we persist in the struggle to eliminate the ambivalence in our thinking we will be always at odds with ourselves.
The journey into your-self is a long and rewarding one. There is much to discover about the “MEs” inside you. As you begin to notice the images in your minds eye and the voices in your head, you may come to realize that you have known them all along and embrace them as long lost friends.
Special note:
It is most important in this inner journey that you are making to remember----- you can only judge yourself for what you DO and for the ACTIONS that you TAKE.
This knowledge can set you free to have whatever thoughts and feelings arise spontaneously inside of you. And, it is in this domain that you will get to know your ‘MEs”
Every time I try to speak
Out of me a rhyme does sneak.
For it is much too hard in deed
To try and find what it is I need
To crack through this mind that keeps me here,
Where all the time I have run in fear.
Why can’t my thinking learn how to be?
Willing to reveal a newer me!
One who trusts and feels just fine
With whatever happens to enter her mind.
When will the day every dawn when I dare
Move into a space where I live in “all there.”


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