Rhythm Pilates

In recent years, more and more instructors are teaching Pilates with music in the background either to create a mood or to help keep a certain tempo. Though it is not classically the way Pilates class was experienced, we are finding our students very motivated by the recent addition of Lisa Clayton-Hubbard's Rhythm Pilates™ class to the Pilates Anytime library.
Rhythm Pilates™, is a new form of mat Pilates that expands on the traditional Pilates Method by incorporating more fluid movements into routines that are choreographed to music.
The routines have been created and designed to further enhance the enjoyment and intensity of the Pilates mat work, as well as for those who desire a more focused and vibrant workout.
In creating Rhythm Pilates™, Lisa Clayton-Hubbard drew from her extensive work as a Pilates instructor, as well as her ballet, jazz and modern dance background, which equipped her to create distinctive movements and routines. It is a balanced-full-body workout that will sculpt your abs, arms, back and butt.
Be sure to watch the breakdown where Lisa introduces the moves before watching the advanced class where she puts it all together.


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