30 Day Challenge on Pilates Anytime!

Well folks, we’re three weeks into 2012. How are you doing with your commitment to wellness so far? We know you’re motivated. We know you love Pilates, but do you have a plan for incorporating Pilates and wellness into your life in a meaningful way in 2012? Here at Pilates Anytime, we’re taking a cue from a few of our members (Mo Wolfe and Laura Collins) and offering you a 30 day challenge!
As part of Pilates Anytime's newest feature we call Playlists (see the tab at the top of every page), Kristi Cooper has organized a 30 day challenge for the level 2 Pilates practitioner who just has a little trouble with consistency. If you are not an intermediate student yet, you will find three playlists for beginners there as well.
In Kristi's challenge, called Creating the Habit, she took out all the guess work and has put together 30 day of Pilates, offering helpful tips and encouragement along the way. There will be a forum that corresponds with this challenge so you can all share with each other how much fun you’re having (or why it feels so challenging etc…). You just show up and take class! What could be easier?
The challenge begins with a "New Years workout." This workout was designed to jump start you in this challenge without overdoing it. At only 12 minutes in length, you’ll have no excuse not to do this work out. You’ll feel good for the time you give to yourself AND you’ll complete day one of the challenge! What's the reward? Well, let's just say Joseph Pilates titled his book Return to Life for a reason!
We expect the number of Playlists to continue to grow with workouts organized by your favorite Pilates Anytime instructors, so be sure to check the playlists regularly.
Click here to read about Laura Collins 365 day Pilates challenge.
Are you ready to start your 30 day challenge?


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