The 2012 Next Pilates Anytime Instructor: Sharon Gallagher!


Congratulations Sharon Gallagher!

It's official! Sharon Gallagher is the winner of the 2012 Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition! She and Emma Newham went head to head right until the end with a final score that was only 6 votes apart. So we also want to congratulate Emma for such a strong effort and to extend a thank you to everyone who voted.

We are excited to soon see Sharon at our Studio to film her classes for Pilates Anytime and to be interviewed for her Pilates Style Magazine 4-6 page spread, before rushing her off to be our guest at the PMA Conference. Congratulations Sharon!

The Next Pilates Anytime Instructor: Sharon Gallagher


I was actaully on vacation in Puerto Rico when I cast my vote because it was getting down to the wire and I really wanted to participate. I watched the remaining 7 videos I had not viewed. There were only 2 days left and I wanted to make sure I had viewed all of the videos thoroughly. I went in order and found all the contestants very knowledgable and amazing instructors.When I got to Sharon's video, after reading her bio, I know 5 minutes into her video that she was the one I would vote for and her video was the last. I really loved her style, her voice is soothing and nurturing and she educates and explains as she is teaching and I felt like as an instructor, I could relate to her. My dream is to one day be on and I have much more to learn before I get there, but I am so happy for all the instructors who have made it to the level to be considered and Congratulations Sharon, Job well done.
Congratulations Sharon!!
Way to go Sharon! Big congratulations! Rock on!
Yes. Job well done. You were my favorite! Congratulations!
Congratulations, Sharon! I had no doubt you would win from the very beginning!
I am so excited, I can't wait to watch your videos !!!!!
Congrats girl.
Congratulations from everyone at Embody Pilates!Embody Pilates
Congrats Sharon! As a competitor in last years competition I know how meaningful and improtant this is to you!I look forward to taking your classes online!
Congratulations Sharon!!! Especially happy for you as a fellow Ellie Herman trained Pilates Teacher. Your video showed that your teaching style is all about getting the deepest, best work from the individual in front of you. I've known what a great teacher you are for years and now it is exciting to see you get all this well deserved attention. Enjoy the spotlight!
That last comment is from Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech, not Chantill Lopez. Both from Pilates Collective,.
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