BASI Pilates® Conference - Learn from the Leaders


BASI Pilates® Conference - Learn from the Leaders

Kristi interviews Rael Isacowitz about the upcoming BASI Pilates® Conference in Newport Beach, California from June 8-9, 2013. BASI is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and this conference is both a chance to celebrate Pilates and to learn from Rael Isacowitz, Lolita San Miguel, Alan Herdman, Karen Clippinger, and Brett Howard, all leaders in the Pilates community.

All are welcome to attend this exciting event but space is limited so register now in order to save your spot. Go to to learn more.


Can't wait! (Obviously! )
Wouldn't miss this for anything!!! :)
I am so EXCITED about this event!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait, I will be skipping in place until I get there and even when I get there I might still be skipping with excitement. SO HAPPY!!!

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