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We are excited to announce the launch of our iOS app in the iTunes App Store. The app works on the iPhone and both the full size and mini iPad. It's the fastest and easiest way to watch our videos on your iOS devices. The app is also a great way to stream our videos to your Apple TV-- Just find the class you want to watch on the app and click on the Apple TV button to stream in full HD quality to your television.
The app allows you to access your queue and favorites playlists, and also to easily add videos to your queue or favorites. You can also watch full muti-chapter workshops via the app. Additionally, the app keeps track of where you stopped watching a video so you can resume playback at a later date.
To download the app, go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for "Pilates Anytime". Or, you can click this link to load it into iTunes:
Pilates Anytime iOS App
After you've downloaded the app, we'd really appreciate it if you could return to the App Store (or iTunes) and give us a rating and maybe even a review.


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Wonderful, is this also for android and other tablets???
This app is only for the iPhone and iPad. For Android, you'll need to use the web site. We hope to add an Android app in the future.
Is this a separate account or is it included with the web based monthly charge?
There is no extra charge- the app is free.
Great! Thanks so much for your prompt response!
Doesnt seem to work on my iPad . Any ideas why. Fine on the iPhone
Suggestion: please include as when browsing in the computer. all the filter when serching for a class. For example when filtering by prop all the classes are displayed at once including all levels, apparatus etc. Please provide the option of narrowing down by level, duration and apparatus etc... The options provided latest, hot, most liked is not very useful. THANKS
Can't get it to work on my iPad... just get a blank screen with "make selections on left to find a video" centered, and "Pilates Anytime members, please Log in" at the top. I've tried deleting the app and re-installing, as well as doing a hard reboot. Still not working. Hopefully you'll have a fix soon.
I'm having the same problem as Donna
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