Where is the best place to put my Mat when I take a Pilates Anytime class at home?

Place your mat in such a way that you can see and hear the class by turning your head gently to the side. Avoid placing your mat in a position that requires you to strain your neck to see the screen.
For many of the exercises you will be on your back. It is best if you can place the mat so the monitor is on one side, a little closer to your feet than your head. This should allow you to turn your head to the side and see the screen without strain.
If you are using a laptop, we find that placing it on a couple of books makes it easier to see the screen while taking the class.
If you are using a desktop computer or TV, place the mat far enough from the screen that you don't have to hold your head up to view the exercise.


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This is great information as I have been struggling to find the right place for my laptop and right height. I'm excited to try this tomorrow and my neck will be very pleased:)
Though it might seem simple and quite silly, after a few days trying PIlatesAnytime my main problem was where to put the laptop. This actually helps!

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