The Pilates Path for Beginners.

Risa Sheppard Teaching
As with any sport or discipline, it is crucial to start at the beginning. There have been many fit people, many athletes, that have attempted to jump into Pilates classes without starting at the beginning. Before long however, the realization comes that to achieve real results from Pilates, the path always leads back to the start.
Pilates Anytime offers many classes appropriate for the entry level student that will help you get started. Be sure to check out our Beginner's Center under the Learning Center Tab. Each of our Regular instructors teaches a Basics class. These are in depth lessons that introduce the major concepts practiced in class and are designed specifically for the first time student.
For the student who would benefit from having a workout plan established ahead of time, we are happy to offer you two Beginner Mat Class Progressions, one with Monica Wilson and one with Niedra Gabriel. Each series offers 10 classes in sequence, each building on the previous class. You can repeat the classes taking each one a few times before moving on, or participate in order, progressing each time you take class. No matter what your fitness level, if you're a beginner and don't have access to a qualified teacher for your first few lessons, the beginner progressions are an excellent opportunity to learn the Pilates Mat work, refine your technique, maximize your results and learn from the ground up!


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Returning to the basics through the Beginner's Center brings home to me the genius of Joseph Pilates. I have grown as a Pilates instructor; finding deeper connections in my personal ability as a student and in queuing the students I teach, but returning to the foundational movements in Pilates gives me those " I get it!" moments that are so satisfying both mentally and physically. Thanks Pilates Anytime!
I know exactly how you feel Jeri ~ In my early days of teaching, I would find my constant discovery frustrating... as if nothing was "really" sinking in. Now when I have those aha's I'm simply thrilled for knowing I just went deeper and have more to share.

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