Differences in Teacher Training Programs

Have you ever wondered why some of the exercises and classes differ so much between instructors? Sometimes the same exercise will be taught in completely different ways depending on which teacher training program the instructor studied with. As a new practitioner of Pilates this fact can be confusing, if not frustrating. Rest easy, the differences are to be expected and welcomed as a natural part of exploring the work of Joseph Pilates. Similar to Yoga, Pilates as an exercise modality has several styles within the discipline. Exercises may vary in tempo, sequencing and breath patterns, but what remains the same, is that all styles of Pilates are guided by the Principles that are the foundation of this work.
Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow are the main tenets that all good Pilates instructors attempt to teach their students. These principles are meant to be a part of every exercise and every class. When we practice our exercises with these principles in mind, we become more aware, more balanced, more efficient and more harmonious with life outside of class.
So, no matter which style you gravitate towards, the benefits of Pilates will be evident. To minimize confusion however, what follows is a basic description of some of the differences in Teacher Training Programs our Pilates Anytime teachers represent.
Generally speaking, teacher training programs will fall into one of three categories; Classical, Contemporary, or Rehabilitative.
Classical Pilates
(sometimes called “authentic” or “True Pilates") is a broad term used to signify a style that maintains strict adherence to the original work as it was taught by Joseph Pilates himself.
Contemporary Pilates describes the style of Pilates that maintains the essence of Joseph Pilates exercises and method, but allows for evolution of the material based on science and developments in exercise technique and equipment.
Rehabilitative Pilates as the name suggests, is a style of Pilates in which the exercises and methods of Joseph Pilates are used primarily for the rehabilitation of chronic and acute injuries.
At Pilates Anytime our regular instructors proudly represent the following Training Programs and styles:
BASI Pilates®
- Contemporary
Romana's Pilates®
- Classical (“True Pilates”)
The Pilates Conservatory™
- Contemporary
When you include the visiting and Distinguished Instructors, Pilates Anytime represents 10 of the most reputable teacher training organizations. Your instructors at Pilates Anytime, no matter which style they teach, also bring to class their own life experience, their experience with their Master teachers and their own translation of the work for you to benefit and learn from. We encourage you to experience the differences amongst the styles offered in our classes. Expect to see variations on exercises. Expect to hear different ways of doing a movement pattern. Embrace these differences as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of both Pilates and your body. Ultimately, the principles are the same when you are practicing Pilates. It is through commitment to oneself and the mindful practice of the exercises, that we can achieve the shared goal of connecting the body, the mind and the spirit.
Kathy Corey teaching Kristi
Malcolm assists Emilee


I liked this article a lot so I wanted to find it again but forgot where on the site it was . . . please link to it in the FAQ because it's very handy!
Thank you for your suggestion! We have included the opinion article on both the blog and the FAQ'S. Great Idea! //www.pilatesanytime.com/Pilates-Help/0/Articles#article186
Well said.. Love it.. I have learned a lot from your web site. You and your instructors are great.. I have a special needs child. So its hard for me to do a teacher training course. Someday... :) Glad your doing what your doing.. What about a web base teacher training on line and then we have to test on site. Just a thought,, Thanks for being you,, lol

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