New Program!

It's here! Our new program, Pilates at Home, is now on the site! If you don't have access to a studio and want to workout at home, then this playlist is perfect for you! Whether you have equipment or not, we have videos that will allow you to use what you have to take our classes.
This program is different from our existing programs as it is specifically designed for those who are working out at home. We have playlists featuring classes using the AeroPilates Reformer, as well as Mat classes with no props. We also have Mat classes using common props that you would find at home, including Tennis Balls and Towels.
We hope this program gives you the tools you need to workout any time and anywhere! Let us know in the comments below if there is anything you would like us to add to this program!


This is great, I have many students that practice at home as well as in the studio. Excited to share this info with them.

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