Grand Prize 2018


We hope that you will be excited about the Grand Prize. This is how we expect the week to go, but (our lawyer makes us say this) the Official Rules 2018 govern.

Fly to Los Angeles.

Fly economy from the big airport nearest to your home to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We hope that you will arrive on Monday, October 22, 2018. Pilates Anytime will meet the winner at the airport.

Drive to Santa Barbara.

We will drive up/arrange transportation to Santa Barbara. If the flight arrives late in the day we will have dinner in Los Angeles, and if it arrives earlier in the day we will have dinner in Santa Barbara.

Hotel Accommodation in Santa Barbara Area.

The Pilates Anytime studio is located in the Santa Barbara area. We will provide a local hotel for Monday and Tuesday nights.

Pilates Anytime Video Shoot.

On Tuesday afternoon we will pick up the winner from the hotel and drive to the Pilates Anytime studio. The day will be spent filming classes and the teacher bio video. Prior to the trip Kristi Cooper will discuss the details of the day with the winner.

Pilates Anytime Photoshoot.

We will have a photoshoot at the studio before and during filming. We will have photos on the beach as well as during classes while you are teaching. You will be able to use these photos for anything you like including your website, marketing, etc.

Pilates Nerd Ambassador.

You will receive apparel from Pilates Nerd that you can wear for your shoot if you choose. You will work with Pilates Nerd to be a representative of their brand for the year.

Travel to Las Vegas.

On Wednesday we will travel with the winner from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas.

Pilates Method Alliance Meeting.

The winner receives a free pass to the Pilates Method Alliance Meeting so that the winner can enjoy the conference. The conference schedule starts on Wednesday and ends on Saturday afternoon.

Hotel Accommodation in Las Vegas.

The conference is being held at the M Resort Las Vegas and a room will be provided for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.

Pilates Anytime Party.

On Friday night Pilates Anytime will be hosting a party at the conference for everyone attending the conference. The winner will be our guest of honor and will have the opportunity to meet many of the leaders of the Pilates community. You can check out last year's party and pictures.

Return From Las Vegas.

On Saturday afternoon you will fly home so you have time to rest before work on Monday!

Cost of the Flights.

As part of the prize, we will pay for the flights up to a cost of two thousand five hundred US dollars. We believe that this budget will cover the cost of the flights in October 2018 from most places in the world. If it turns out that it is more expensive then we would ask the winner to pay the difference. The winner is also responsible for paying the cost of travel to and from their local airport.


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