Initial Review Process - 2018


This note explains what we do when we receive an application.

Check Completeness

We check to ensure that all the questions have been answered, the links work, and that we can open the attachments. If something is missing or clearly wrong we will send the applicant an email asking for clarification or additional information.

Complies With The Rules

We then check the application to ensure compliance with the Official Rules.

At this point in the competition, we are not checking all the details. If the entrant becomes a Potential Finalist we will conduct a very detailed review.

If we have concerns about any issue we will contact the entrant.

Review the Video

The review of the video will check the following:

  • (1) Is the video between four and ten minutes in length?
  • (2) Are the video and audio of a high enough quality to effectively communicate the lessons being taught by the teacher?
  • (3) Does the video show the teacher instructing a single student the required exercises?
  • (4) Does the video contain any inappropriate material?

If we have concerns about the video we will contact the entrant.

Accepted Applications

If we accept the application we will send an email with additional instructions on how the entrant can link to their page on the Pilates Anytime website.


Our objective is to help people successfully complete their applications provided that they are in compliance with the Official Rules.


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