Language: Can I submit a video that is not in English?

No. We require that you submit a video that is in English.
Pilates Anytime offers an English language service and we are looking for teachers who can teach effectively in English. We are happy to accept applications from teachers who are not native English speakers provided they can teach effectively in English.


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Hello, I am from Chile, I have been suscribe in Pilates Anytime for 2 years aproximatly.
I am PMA , Stott and Balanced Body Certified Instructor.
I really want to participate in the Instructor Competition, but my english is not perfect, I can give intructions but I Will feel more confidence if I can talk some parts in spanish. Please let me know if that can be possible. Thanks!!!
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Yasmine ~ Thank you for your forum post. All of our videos are taught in English so we would like to have your submission in English as well. Your English doesn't have to be perfect to teach on our site. Just teach as clearly as you can! I hope this helps! Good luck in the competition!

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