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Watch Amy's video where she goes over the rules and guidelines for the 2018 Next Pilates Anytime Teacher Competition. She also goes over the required exercises and what is considered a variation or a modification. After watching the video, you can keep reading for more information.


Your video should be from 4 to 10 minutes in length, and feature you teaching a single student the Stomach Massage Series on the Reformer. This includes Round Back, Flat Back, Reach, and Twist. This year we will accept modifications, however, you are required to explain why you chose the modification you used.

We realize that these exercises are not done at the beginning of a Pilates workout so please make sure that your student has been warmed up properly before you begin filming. Also, please make sure that your student is at an appropriate level for these exercises.

At the start of your video introduce yourself, your student, and state the experience level of your student.

After you have finished your video, you will upload it to YouTube and paste the link in the Online Application.

Content Is King

Before we offer some advice about creating a video clip we want to assure you that the most important issue to consider is creating great content. This note first offers some technical advice to help you shoot the video and then we share some of our experience on how to create great content.

Technical Advice

Composing the Shot

We strongly encourage you to have a simple one camera shoot where the camera does not move and you do not need to edit between two cameras. You can set up the camera on a tripod, compose the shot, start recording, walk into the frame and start.

Selecting A Video Camera

You do not need a fancy camera. A cell phone video camera will do a great job. For a cell phone, you will need to find a way to hold the camera steady. In our example video we used an iPhone and a special clamp, but you could use a large hair clip.


Speak clearly and talk to the camera. Try to avoid a location with a lot of background sound. Great sound can be harder to achieve than great video.


If any of your equipment needs batteries to operate then make sure you have spare batteries. It seems that batteries know when you are about to do something important and go flat immediately!


The location should be simple and not have promotional items in the background (e.g. advertising). If you stand in front of a black curtain and wear black it will be hard to see what you are doing as you will blend into the background. You need to contrast with whatever is behind you. A white sheet pinned to the wall can work very well. A sheet will look better without creases (something we have discovered the hard way).

Editing Software

YouTube includes some great basic editing tools. If you use a single camera and a single take all you will need to do to edit the video is cut off the start and finish of the video.


Here is a simple example that features Rebekah Rotstein and a static camera.

Free Resources

There are some great free training resources on producing and uploading video. For example How To Upload A YouTube Video.


If you are having problems then either call a teenager (recommended) or send us an email.

Content Advice

Creating Great Content

The objective of this competition is to highlight your skills as a Pilates teacher, not your video production talent. Whether your video production skills are fabulous, or you shy away from all things technical, what really matters is the quality of your content. The following notes are designed to help you demonstrate your skills as a teacher most effectively.


Plan out your shoot. Create a plan that is thorough and will allow the audience to see that you can teach. Practice and time the sequence with a friend so when you go to press record you can focus on teaching rather than the time.

Time Required

We are asking for a video of between 4 and 10 minutes in length. If you shoot the video the way we do at Pilates Anytime your actual filming shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes. That said, our experience is that everything else required to film the class takes longer than you'd expect, especially if you plan to edit your content. To make your shoot go smoother, give yourself plenty of time to set-up the location. Shoot the video at a time when the studio or home is going to be quiet (turn phones off and pack the kids off). We often lock the door of the studio to prevent people walking in when we are in the middle of a shoot. Above all, do not go over the 10 minute limit.


Before you start filming the sequence, take a few minutes to relax and make sure that you are comfortable with yourself. If you are stressed out it will show on the camera.

Be Yourself

Once the camera is rolling, do your best to let the real you shine through. Now is not the time to try to be what you think your voters want you to be. You already have experience being you when you teach, so stick with that! Show your passion for Pilates and your skills as a teacher rather than spending 10 minutes trying to entertain us.


Most importantly enjoy yourself. We created this competition with the aim of highlighting teachers who share in the love of Pilates like we do. Our format is not meant to appear like DVDs. We want real teachers, teaching real classes and since that's what you do, and we assume you love it, submit a video that shows that!

We can't wait to meet you!

More Questions

If you still have questions please send us an email. We will answer them as quickly as we can.


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