How much does Pilates Anytime cost?

We have members in over 100 countries, so the pricing of our service reflects the international nature of our membership. If you choose to pay for our service with a credit card, you can select to pay in any of the following currencies, although the default for countries not listed is USD $18 per month.

    Australia (AUD $18 per month)
    Canada (CAD $18 per month)
    Euro Zone (EUR €14 per month)
    Japan (JPY ¥1800 per month)
    United Kingdom (GBP £12 permonth)
    United States (USD $18 per month)

All PayPal payments will be charged in USD.

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Is it possible to get a one year fee for the last year 2014 to 2015 ?
I need it for the Financial Deparment.

I would prefer to pay once a Year,is ist possible ?
Jeanne ~ The best way to pay for a year is to purchase a Gift Certificate for one year and then apply it to your account. I hope you are enjoying our videos!
Payment has become twice.

Please check

I don't suppose you could hurry up
Ran Hee ~ Thank you for your forum post. I have sent you an email on this issue and we hope to sort it out quickly.
Hi all,
Noticed a $18 charge from Braintree, are you using this service now?
Kimberly Pires ~ Yes, you are correct! Braintree is our payment processing system.

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