How much does Pilates Anytime cost?


We have members in over 100 countries, so the pricing of our service reflects the international nature of our membership. You can select to pay in any of the following currencies:

  • United States Dollar -USD $18 per month
  • Australian Dollar - AUD $18 per month
  • Canadian Dollar - CAD $18 per month
  • Euro - EUR €14 per month
  • Israeli New Shekel - ILS 60 per month
  • Japanese Yen - JPY ¥1800 per month
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZD $25 per month
  • South African Rand - ZAR R250 per month
  • South Korean Won - KRW 20000 per month
  • United Kingdom Pound - GBP £12 per month
  • Turkish Lira - TRY 70 per month

Not all payment methods are available for all currencies. Here are the currencies accepted for each of our supported payment methods:

  • Visa - All currencies
  • Mastercard - All currencies
  • American Express - USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP
  • Discover - USD
  • Paypal - USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, ILS, JPY, NZD

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Hi all,
Noticed a $18 charge from Braintree, are you using this service now?
Kimberly ~ Yes, you are correct! Braintree is our payment processing system.

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