How much does Pilates Anytime cost?


These prices are for our website. Prices vary if you sign up using one of our apps.

Monthly Subscription Prices

  • United States Dollar -USD $22 per month
  • Australian Dollar - AUD $30 per month
  • Canadian Dollar - CAD $28 per month
  • Euro - EUR €20 per month
  • United Kingdom Pound - GBP £18 per month
  • Israeli New Shekel - ILS 75 per month
  • Japanese Yen - JPY ¥2800 per month
  • South Korean Won - KRW 28000 per month
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZD $34 per month
  • Turkish Lira - TRY 350 per month
  • South African Rand - ZAR R350 per month

Annual Subscription Prices

Annual subscriptions are paid once per year. The monthly prices reflect the average monthly price when paid annually.

  • United States Dollar -USD $240 per year (20/month)
  • Australian Dollar - AUD $336 per year (28/month)
  • Canadian Dollar - CAD $312 per year (26/month)
  • Euro - EUR €216 per year (18/month)
  • United Kingdom Pound - GBP £192 per year (16/month)
  • Israeli New Shekel - ILS 840 per year (70/month)
  • Japanese Yen - JPY ¥30,000 per year (2500/month)
  • South Korean Won - KRW 300,000 per year (25000/month)
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZD $384 per year (32/month)
  • Turkish Lira - TRY 3840 per year (300/month)
  • South African Rand - ZAR R3840 per year (320/month)

Supported Payment Methods

Not all payment methods are available for all currencies. Here are the currencies accepted for each of our supported payment methods:

  • Visa - All currencies
  • Mastercard - All currencies
  • American Express - USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP
  • Discover - USD
  • Paypal - USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, ILS, JPY, NZD

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Hi all,
Noticed a $18 charge from Braintree, are you using this service now?
Kimberly ~ Yes, you are correct! Braintree is our payment processing system.


is the monthly payment the only option? Are you planning to introduce, say, quarterly/half-yearly/yearly payments?

Also, I couldn't find any information regarding how many devices can be used at a time while logged in to PilatesAnytime?

Hi Karolina

We offer a yearly subscription of $216 per request and you are not limited by the number of devices that can login to Pilates Anytime. Roku is limited to 3 devices. If more than one person is using your account then contact us about Team memberships at

Hi Noelle!

Thanks for your reply :)

Hi, I do not want to pay through Google play.  What other options do I have for payment? 
Hi Sandra L, the payment method depends upon how you sign up for our service, which you can do through our website or through one of our apps linked to the app store. If you are looking to change your payment method, please contact us at 

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