Do I need Flash to watch videos?


Flash is no longer required to watch our videos on most modern devices.

We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari which all support native HTML5 video without any plugins.

If your device cannot play our videos, please contact us for support.

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I do not have the password for the newer version of flash player therefore I am not able to watch the videos.
Pls help
I have reset the password and still it does not accept.
Please freeze my subscription
Sally ~ You do not need a password to download the newer version of Flash player onto your computer. You can download it here.
Still not working
Sally ~ I'm sorry you are still having trouble with the videos not working. I recommend restarting your computer to clear away the other processes that are running. This usually fixes the problem. If you continue to have trouble with the videos, please email us at
Are there any other blind screen-reader users here? How are you accessing Adobe Flash Player? I'm using WE 8.4.0.

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