What is a Program?


A Program is a series of playlists with a specific focus. It provides you with a set plan based on the specific focus on that Program.

We have Programs designed for back pain, beginners, pre and post natal, and more!

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I was previously a member but canceled because I found the Apple TV and iPhone app to frustrating.  I want to be able to choose a program/playlist and save them as favourites so that when I login they show up on my dashboard and I can click on it and keep going from where I left off. Meaning if there are 10 videos/workouts in a program/playlist and last time I logged on I did the 4th video/workout it would automatically ask me if I’d like to continue on with the next workout/video in the series.  
With the current design and organization of the app users waste too much time finding their next workout. 
Being able to save the Programs/Playlists (with all their corresponding content) and having the app keep track of where you are in those programs would save users a lot of time and frustration.  
You have so much great content but if it’s not easy to access and navigate sequentially it not very useful.  

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