Do you have an Android App?


We do, and the app is available for download here.

How To Log Into the App

Since you created your original Pilates Anytime account on your computer or through your web browser on your Android device, you will need to log in with your account information in the app. Once you've downloaded and opened the app, click 'Log in' to enter in your email address and the password you used to create your original Pilates Anytime account. Our system is case sensitive, so make sure that everything is typed with exact case.

Accessing Our Videos

Once you are logged in to the Pilates Anytime app, you can watch videos by selecting the 'Main Menu' (denoted by an icon with 3 stacked horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the screen. It will give you the options to select Videos, Programs, Watch Together, Downloads, Account, or Help.

Filter Videos

Click on the 'Main Menu' and select 'Videos'. You will be taken to a new screen where you can scroll to view videos by Trending, Latest, Popular, Recommended, and more. You can also add more filters to your search by clicking the 'Filters' icon in the lower right hand corner.

The Differences Between the App and the Pilates Anytime Website

There is no search bar in the app.
However, you can search for classes by going to 'Videos' from the 'Main Menu' and using the 'Filters' icon in the lower right hand corner.
You cannot view playlists that you've created in the app.
However, you can view the videos saved in your 'Queue' or 'Favorites'.


Click on 'Programs' from the 'Main Menu' to view our selection of Programs, Challenges and Courses. Each Program has playlists that contain our videos in a specified order. These programs are curated for specific needs to help you find the Pilates practice and progressions that are best for you.


You can view all your downloaded videos by clicking 'Downloads' from the 'Main Menu'. This is a great feature for those who are travelling without an internet connection, or for those who have better access to data and higher internet speeds during specific times of the day.

To download videos, follow these three steps:
1. Find the video you would like to download.
2. Click the down arrow beneath the video to download the video.
3. Make sure your video is complete before shutting down the app.

Download Workshops

To download a workshop or premium content, first, you will need to purchase the content online via your web browser. To do so, open your browser, and log in to Once you purchase the content via the Pilates Anytime website, you can open the Pilates Anytime app, and download the content to your device.

How To Delete a Downloaded Video

You can download a maximum of twenty videos at a time, so you may want delete videos out of your downloads to make room for other videos. To delete a downloaded video, swipe left on the video thumbnail. All of your downloaded videos will stay on your device if you are logged into the app and are a member of Pilates Anytime. If you log out of the app or cancel your membership with Pilates Anytime, your videos will be removed from your downloads.

After you download the Pilates Anytime app, we would be so grateful if you could return to the Google Play Store, and give us a rating and a review. Enjoy!

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The app works good...but why are we not able to cast what is on the phone to a smart tv?

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