How do I add a class to 'My Queue'?


To add a class to My Queue, follow these steps:

Go to the video page of the class you want to add to your queue. Below the video player, click the + Queue button. There is also an x in the upper right corner of each video in your playlists if you wish to remove a video.

To view your queue, go to My Playlist > My Playlist > My Queue.

In this view, you can change the order of the classes in the playlist by clicking the Re-Order This List button.

Finding My Queue on Mobile

In the menu, go to My Videos > My Queue.

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i clicked on the videos i liked and clicked favorite and now i dont see favorites on the home page
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Missy ~ You can find your favorites by going to the Videos tab. In this section you will be able to find My Favorites. I hope this helps!
Thank you Gia Calhoun Helped me :)
How does the queue work? I have added videos and I expect the next one to start playing when the previous one has ended. But I need to start it myself? This takes the flow out. What am I doing wrong?
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Lisette-Anne ~ The Queue is used to save videos so you can find them easily later. You will need to start the video manually for now. I will pass your post on to our programmers in the hopes that we can make the next video play for you automatically.
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aha! Gia Calhoun thanks, it was my assumption that a queue is automatic, my bad. Thanks. (it would be great though, if they were to play one after the other...... )

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