How do I add a class to 'My Queue'?


To add a class to My Queue, follow these steps:

Go to the video page of the class you want to add to your queue. Below the video player, click the + Queue button. There is also an x in the upper right corner of each video in your playlists, if you wish to remove a video. This x option will also pop up next to the word "Watchlist", within a green bar, once you add the video

To view your Queue, go to [Your Name]>Queue.

In this view, you can change the order of the classes in the playlist by clicking the Re-Order Playlist button.

Finding My Queue on the Mobile App

In the menu, go to the My Videos section > My Queue.

If on a mobile web browser, your Queue can be found under the Main Menu > Account.

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i clicked on the videos i liked and clicked favorite and now i dont see favorites on the home page
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Missy ~ You can find your favorites by going to the Videos tab. In this section you will be able to find My Favorites. I hope this helps!
Thank you Gia Calhoun Helped me :)
How does the queue work? I have added videos and I expect the next one to start playing when the previous one has ended. But I need to start it myself? This takes the flow out. What am I doing wrong?
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Lisette-Anne ~ The Queue is used to save videos so you can find them easily later. You will need to start the video manually for now. I will pass your post on to our programmers in the hopes that we can make the next video play for you automatically.
aha! Gia Calhoun thanks, it was my assumption that a queue is automatic, my bad. Thanks. (it would be great though, if they were to play one after the other...... )

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