How can I make a suggestion to improve Pilates Anytime?


We love hearing from our members and always appreciate any feedback on how to improve our service. You can make suggestions in the forums, email us, or call us at (424) 999-1700.

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I do Pilates at home daily so when I click on Pilates anytime hoping for a mat class and the class is using equipment I don't have in my home I am so disappointed. I bought ball, bands, foam roller, but never get classes using them enough. Thank you for listening .
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Lisa ~ Thank you for your feedback. We try to list all of the props used in the classes and you are able to filter the Mat classes you take by prop if you are looking for more of those types of classes. You can go to Classes By Prop to see all of them.
I've been doing Pilates Reformer for 8 years now with a Peak Pilates trained instructor on older Peak Pilates reformers. I now have a Peak Pilates Reformer + Tower at home and am struggling to get the right length of rope(s) due to the reformer being slightly different. I've never been told or seen an explanation as to how to determine the appropriate length, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I want to send a message to Carrie Pages. I’ve done Day 4 of your ten-day challenge and I wanted to tell you three things: 
I Love this series!
I can do the whole 20 minutes without stopping...however imperfectly. 
And kudos to you, Ms Instructor; I’m 75 years old and you have not made this out of my reach.
 I’m surprised, I’m overjoyed. 
Thank you for your enthusiasm, your joy, your verbal encouragement.  It has carried me through and I’m elated!

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