How many times can I watch a Premium Workshop?


Once you purchase a Premium Workshop, you can view it as many times as you like. You can pause, rewind, and replay the workshop, or just play your favorite parts as many times as you want.

Even if you cancel your subscription to Pilates Anytime, you will still have access to your account to view any workshops that you purchased during your membership.

To view a workshop after canceling your membership, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click: Your Name > 'My Account' > 'Payment'.

Step 2: Scroll down to the section titled Premium Content You Own.

Below, you will see the titles of your previously purchased workshops, the date of purchase, and links to the workshop videos.

Workshops can be purchased by subscribers and non-subscribers.

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purchasing a workshop means I can see and work with it just for 6 month? What happens if I would like to refresh my knowledge 2 years later?
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You can view the workshops you've purchased for as long as you're a Pilates Anytime member... there is no 6 month time limit.
Hi Ted, just to clarify, to access a previously purchased workshop, do you have to be a member or not. This point is a bit confusing especially after reading the answer to the question above. It states one has access even if you cancel your subscription but your response states "as long as you are a member".??? Would appreciate clarification.
Helene ~ You can view workshops even if you cancel your membership. To view a workshop without a subscription, you will need to login and then go directly to the Education tab to find your workshop.
Are purchased workshops only available for streaming, or can I download and watch at another time when I do not have internet access?
Christi ~ Purchased workshops are only available for streaming, and are not downloadable at this time. You will need internet access to view them.
I was a subscriber of PA for 2 years and I did purchased a few workshops. Then I cancelled, as my life was too busy and I had no time to watch it. Two months ago I thought I should subscribe again as I had more time, but the workshops I accessed in the past are no longer available to me. Can you assist me on how I can access them when you no longer subscribe.
Salome ~ I have sent you an email to let you know how you can access all of your workshops.
Thank you Gia
Hi I purchased a workshop(s) but cannot remember the name of it/them. How can I find workshops that I have purchased?
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