Can I earn NPCP CECs from Premium Workshops?

All of our Premium Workshops offering CEC credits list the number of credits in the description.

To earn the CECs, you must watch the entire workshop and pass the multiple choice quiz accompanying the workshop. Each quiz was developed jointly with the instructor and approved by the National PIlates Certification Program (NPCP).

Once you pass the quiz, you will be able to download and print your NPCP CEC certificate. (You can take it as many times as needed.)

Our workshops are available for purchase to subscribers and non-subscribers.

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hello everyone. İ have a question. How can i get my quiz?
And also wanna say thank you all, you are doing a wonderful job!!!!
Olga ~ You will get access to the quiz after you have watched the full workshop. If you have any trouble accessing the quiz, you can always email us at
Thank you very much Julie!
Do you have any workshops that are more than 3 CECs each?
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Allison ~ Thank you for your forum post. All of our workshops with CECs include 3. I believe that is the maximum for online workshops. I hope this helps!
Hi. I just completed one workshop. Can I complete another workshop to get CEC's or am I only able to get CECs from one online workshop? thank you
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Hi Rachel, you can complete and earn up to 12 CECs online as stated by the PMA, which can be from multiple workshops.
Noelle thank you for the prompt response. Great content and presenters. Excited to use these. Cheers 

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