How can I redeem a Pilates Anytime coupon?


During 'Step 1' of the sign-up process, enter your Pilates Anytime coupon code in the field labeled, "I have a gift certificate or promo code."

Even though you are signing up with a coupon code, you are still required to enter your payment information upon sign up.

Coupon codes are only for new members who are trying Pilates Anytime for the first time. Each customer is limited to a single promotional free trial.

Find out how much Pilates Anytime costs here.

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I forgot to enter the coupon code 33CTK, please add for my 15 day free trial/ Thanks
Carol ~ You automatically get a 15 day trial when you sign up for Pilates Anytime. You can use this code to watch our videos on Roku. You can go to // to enter the code and it will sync to your Roku. I hope you enjoy our videos.
If you give a workshop to a non member, how many times can be gift receiver watch it?
It doesn't matter if you are a subscriber or not... once you purchase a workshop you can watch it as many times as you like.
I received a coupon code in the mail after I signed up for Pilates Anytime. How do I redeem it?
Richelle ~ I have sent you an email regarding your question.
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I found a 30 day trial coupon after i signed up for the 30 day trial. How can i redeem it. Thank you.
Verena ~ Thank you for your forum post. I have sent you an email regarding your question.
Goodmorning. I received a 30 days trial coupon from one of your teachers during a workshop, after having signed up for 15 days free trial expiring on April 18. Can I redeem the new coupon?Thank you.
Giorgia ~ Thank you for your forum post. I have sent you a private message to discuss this further.
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