What are the Different Types of Pilates Instructor Training?

Exercises and classes often vary a great deal between instructors based on a teacher's education and training program.

Similar to Yoga, Pilates has several styles within the discipline. Exercises may vary in tempo, sequencing and breath patterns. However, the Guiding Principles of Pilates - Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow - remain constant across all styles.

Categories of Teacher Training Programs

Classical Pilates
Classical Pilates is a broad term used to signify a style that maintains strict adherence to the original work as it was taught by Joseph Pilates. It is sometimes called “Authentic” or “True" Pilates.

Monica Wilson teaching Classical Mat Pilates
Classical Pilates on Pilates Anytime:
Romana's Pilates®
Power Pilates

Contemporary Pilates
Contemporary Pilates describes the style of Pilates that maintains the essence of Joseph Pilates' exercises and method while allowing for the evolution of the material based on science and developments in exercise technique and equipment.

Courtney Miller teaching Contemporary Reformer
Contemporary Pilates on Pilates Anytime:
BASI Pilates®
The Pilates Conservatory™

Rehabilitative Pilates
As the name suggests, Restorative Pilates is a style of Pilates in which the exercises and methods of Joseph Pilates are used primarily for the rehabilitation of chronic and acute injuries.

Sherri Betz teaching Restorative Pilates on the Cadillac
Restorative Pilates on Pilates Anytime:
Polestar® Pilates

Pilates Anytime represents 10 of the most reputable teacher training organizations. No matter which style of Pilates they teach, Pilates Anytime Instructors bring to class their own life experiences, their experience with their Master teachers, and their own translation of the work.

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