Can I practice Pilates every day?


Yes! You can practice Pilates every day, and with online Pilates videos, you can practice from just about anywhere. Here are a few things to keep in mind when training frequently that will keep you safe and moving forward in your practice.

Rest Your Body

When muscle fatigue sets in, your muscles lose strength and precision. Go slowly and give your body time to recover and time to absorb the movements in your body and mind.

Vary Intensity

Even if you have progressed to Intermediate or Advanced workouts, basic level work is incredibly useful and meaningful, and can give your body a welcome break from more intense movements. Remember: You don't have to be sore to know you have done a good Pilates workout.

Progress Slowly

Give your system time to really integrate the work. Practice a little bit every day, and aim for 3-4 solid workouts a week. Practicing Pilates a few times a week and focusing on the movements to feel them in your body and mind can help take you to the next level.

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Thanks for having this question and answer in FAQs!
Great question and answer.
I use a Balanced Body combo chair.  I was taught that the Balanced Body reformer springs are: red =1.0; blue = .5; yellow = .25 difficulty.  Do you know if there is any such instruction for the black vs the white springs for the combo chair? thanks much

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