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Pilates Everyday - Safe or Sorry?

by KCW
Pilates on the dock!
CAN I do a Pilates workout everyday?
Pilates can be practiced safely on a daily basis. I like to think that I am doing Pilates in all sorts of activities throughout the day. While standing on line at the grocery store you may not know it, but I am practicing my thoracic extension. While driving in traffic, I practice my post lateral breathing. When inhaling, I am feeling for how much of the back rest I can cover with my expanding ribs and breath. If you plan to do more than that for your daily Pilates workout great, and yes there are a few things to consider when training frequently that will keep you safe and moving forward in your practice.
First of all, know that a muscle is a muscle no matter what type of activity you are participating in. When muscle fatigue sets in, you must give it a rest in order to achieve gains in both strength and precision. A tired muscle doesn't lend itself to easily to efficient movement or control, two of the main principles of Pilates.
One thing I see way too often is enthusiastic students and teachers overdoing it by practicing intermediate to advanced work all the time. In their excitement they don't give their bodies time to recover or time to absorb the material in the body and brain. They forget that the basic level work is incredibly useful and meaningful even though they have moved up in skill level. Some of my most profound workouts have been accomplished recently when I was practicing fundamental work, and I have been doing this for 20 years!
Take the advice of all the instructors on Pilates Anytime and remember that Pilates is a practice, a discipline, for some, a way of life. It is safe to do Pilates everyday, but it is important to vary the intensity, the duration and the intention for which you are doing the work. Mix up the class type that you take, some more basic, some more advanced. You do not have to have a burn to get a good workout. You don't have to be sore to know you have done a good Pilates workout. If you are questioning whether you are doing too much, my guess is that you probably are. Give your system time... it takes time to really integrate the work. Practice a little bit every day, and plan on 3-4 solid workouts in a week. That should be more than enough to take you to the next level.
Pilates on a hike!
Pilates while traveling Japan!

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