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What is the Difference Between Deliberate, Moderate, and Accelerated pace?

by KCW
We mark the classes Deliberate, Moderate or accelerated as an attempt to guide the student into the level and intensity of class they want. We wish we could say it is as simple as deliberate is easy, moderate a little more challenging, and accelerated more advanced. Unfortunately, it can often work the other way around. Often the class that is "Deliberate" is much more challenging because of the level of detail included. What follows is the general guideline we follow when labeling the pace of our classes.
These classes are intended to challenge you by connecting you to the work either by including more details within an exercise, or by slowing the tempo of an exercise down from what is customarily taught. In a deliberate class an instructor may pause within a class more frequently to explain a concept or a movement pattern more thoroughly. The class that is marked "deliberate" may be challenging or easy so it is important to also look at pace in conjunction with the level of the class.
These classes assume a basic level of competency of the exercises being taught. There tends to be more focus on flow and continuous movement as compared to some deliberate classes. The moderate class is one that allows for pauses when it is necessary to become more clear in a movement pattern, but limits stopping as much as possible in order to achieve flow in the class.
The class that is accelerated, is one that has a specific purpose to challenge the students precision and control while increasing the heart rate and the level of concentration required. These classes tend to be taught at a higher level but may also be found at lower level classes. With the exception of a few specialty classes, the assumption is that the exercises are familiar to the student.

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