How do I get a receipt of all payments made?

To see receipts for payments made to Pilates Anytime, click My Account > Payment > Statement of Payments Made (Receipt).

From the drop down menu, select the year that you wish to generate a receipt for, and click "Generate Statement."

You can then print out the receipt or save it as a PDF for your records.

Receipts are not available for Apple subscribers through our website but you can find your purchase history on

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HI Gia, I would need my company name, address and tax id number on the receipt, in order to make it valid for my tax purposes. thank you
Hello! i need the same thing. As we are a company, we need an invoice. Our accounting agency confirmed that the friendly receipt is not valid for the tax declaration.
Thanks in advance
Inversiones ~ I have sent you an email to find out more about what you need on the invoice. We will send it to you once we have it ready.
Hi there, I also need a proper tax invoice for our accounts, with our details on it as well as yours and tax detailed if these payments include tax. If not it should come as: No tax / VAT 0.00 or similar. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you
Stephanie Ross-Russell ~ Please email us at with all of the information you need on your invoice and we can send you one.

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