How do we select teachers for the website?

We receive a very large number of requests from teachers expressing interest in being featured on Pilates Anytime as instructors. Unfortunately, it is impossible to work with everyone. We are only able to feature a small percentage of teachers who express interest.

Selection Criteria

We consider the following criteria when considering teachers to be featured on Pilates Anytime:

Pilates Anytime teachers generally must have a minimum of 5-10 years experience teaching Pilates.

Details of your teacher training program, including information about your Pilates certification and the teachers you trained with. Our teachers come from both Classical and Contemporary schools of Pilates.

Prior on-camera experience and the ability to effectively communicate on-camera are especially useful.

Where do you teach? To date, we have featured teachers from the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, and Argentina. The list keeps growing!

Please e-mail your resume and include links to your social media (and/or video teaching clips) to and we will reach out if we feel you are a good match for our site.

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