What is the resume playback feature?


The Resume Playback feature appears if you started watching a video, closed it before finishing it, and later returned to view the same video again. The video will automatically Resume where you left off, or you can start it over by dragging the video's playhead back to the beginning of the video and clicking the 'Play' button.

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"resume" doesn't always work which is kinda annoying when we are busy we just don't have time to start a video over...any reasons why this happens??
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Bess ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with the resume playback feature. Usually when there are problems with the video player, it is because there are too many processes running on your computer. I recommend restarting your computer to clear away these processes. If you continue to have problems after trying this, please email us at contaact@pilatesanytime.com for more options.
My video freezes several times during the workout, which is annoying and an interruption in my workout. Why does this happen?
Dianna ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with the video freezing. I have sent you an email to give you a few options that may help you.
I too am having problems with the video freezing. Help please
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Patti ~ I am sorry you are having trouble playing videos. It may be your video player, so if you have already restarted your computer to clear away the processes that aren't running, I would suggest changing your video player settings by:

- clicking on "My Account"
- selecting the "Video Player" tab at the top of the page
- selecting the option "Show Options For Low Med and HD"

If your internet connection is slow on a particular day, it may require the video player options for "Low" or "Med," which should stream the video without any stops. If you continue to have issues playing this video, please email us at support@pilatesanytime.com.

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