What are PA Points?


You earn PA Points by participating in various activities on Pilates Anytime, such as viewing a video.

Once you accrue enough points, you earn a ranking, denoted by a Pilates exercise. The more points you accrue, the higher your ranking! The lowest exercise ranking is The Hundred, and the highest ranking is Teaser. (Fun fact: only 5% of members earn the top ranking of Teaser.)

To see how many points you have accrued, go to My Account > PA Points. Then, roll over the Pilates exercise icons to see how many points you need to advance to the next exercise ranking. These values are re-calculated on a daily basis and are relative to how many points other PA members have.

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What do PA points earn you? Discounts?
Cyndy ~ Thank you for your forum post. The badges are for motivation to use the site more and to keep track of how you are using it. I hope you are enjoying our videos!
I took a CEC video yesterday, but I am not sure where the points are or where they are located? I looked at the Account section and it shows the class, but not the units earned? or a certification to show so I can keep it for my records to show the school?
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I love PA especially Tracy Mallot's classes that are more of a ballet fussion. Wondering if there are specific exercises that target just below the belly button. Love the ab work but that seems to address above the waiste and I'd like Tracy to do something for us that suffer from below the waiste yuckiness.
Also love her deliberate stretchy moves. Perfect for morning workouts before work!

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