Who has the most PA Points?

To see who the overall points leaders are, and who the leaders are in a few selected categories, visit the PA Points Leaders page.

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Nice touch building a sense of community and seeing how other members are making use of the site.

How is it however that Christian F #3 has 90,000 (viewing video) pts having apparantly viewed 116 videos. Poor Young Mi An #20 has 30,000 (viewing video) points having viewed a whopping 4,872 videos? Bless his or her cotton socks. All those videos viewed and still on Saw!! :)
DS6 ~ Pilates Anytime points are awarded based on the cumulative minutes spent watching videos (including repeat views), not the number of videos viewed. Fully watching longer videos will earn more points than watching shorter videos. A member can therefore have more viewing points than another, even though they may show as watching fewer videos.
Aha!! Thought I had spotted a bug, but that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the speedy reply. Love the site and really appreciate all the work you all do to give us such a great resource.

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