In Person Classes

Can I attend a Pilates Anytime class in person?

We welcome visits from Pilates Anytime members at our studio in Santa Barbara, and invite you to take part in our classes.

If you do take a class in person, you have the option of being in the shot (on camera), or out of the shot (off camera). Before the class begins, the filming team will explain which parts of the studio can be seen on camera.

Check out our schedule of live classes for a time and date that works for you. We look forward to seeing you in class!

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Excuse me

cancel the video.

Teacher sorry.
Ran Hee ~ Thank you for your forum post. I have cancelled your account and sent you an email to confirm the cancellation.
Hi there,
Looking for a recommendation for a Pilates studio in Naples Fla, zip codes 34102 and 34103. My client is moving there for the winter and wants to keep up with her practice.

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