What are PA Badges?


Earn PA Badges by participating in various activities on Pilates Anytime!

Ways to earn PA Badges:

  • Completing your Profile
  • Watching classes
  • Regularly watching videos
  • Watching classes
  • Regularly watching videos
  • Making forum comments
  • Completing playlists
  • Earning CECs - Earn a badge for completing a quiz
  • Earning rankings - Earn a separate badge for each ranking
  • Years of membership - Earn a separate badge for each year of membership

You also can earn these special badges by accumulating PA Points. To see how many PA Points are required for each level, check out your PA Points page.

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Love this website!! All my questions have immediate answers. ??
What is the advantage of PA badges?
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Asta ~ Thank you for your forum post. The badges are meant to keep you motivated to use the site. The more you use it, the more badges you earn. I hope this helps!

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