How do I make the videos play on my Android tablet?


We recommend downloading our Android app, which is available for download here.

To stream our videos without the app, you can use our website. We recommend the Google Chrome web browser which should come pre-installed on all Android tablets.

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I cant fond your app in my cell phonne. I have android. Please help 😊
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Liat ~ We are working on an Android app and hope to have it ready soon. We will let you know when it is available.
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Thank u πŸ™πŸ§‘
Can I to need an Android app. Please advise when it becomes available. I remember this is why I dropped PA a few years ago. Still waiting for the app
Im waiting allsoπŸ™„
Catherine and Liat ~ We are still working on the Android app and hope to have it ready soon. We will make sure that you know when it is available!

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