How do I make the videos play on my Android tablet?


To stream our videos, your device must use an updated version of the Adobe Flash Player.

Many Android tablets do not support a Flash Player plug-in, so it is necessary to download a browser that uses a Flash Player plug-in. We recommend downloading the Dolphin Browser to stream our videos.

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When I try to play videos on my internet app the videos will not expand, on chrome-the videos are black, and dolphin-i cant fast forward (downloaded flash player). Any other suggestions? When I play it on internet on my phone it works perfectly & it is a samsung galaxy-galaxy-my tablet is a samsung note.
Mallory ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with your tablet. I have sent you an email to discuss the issue so we can find a solution.
I've watched video for about 2 mins and the video suddenly stopped and there was a writing "sorry the video can't be played". It happened a few timea.
Lie ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with the videos. Since Android tablets don't support the Flash Player that is required to watch our videos, you will need to download the Dolphin Browser to have access to the Flash Player. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
I have an android and it says to download dolphin browser. I did that and tried to play videos and now it says I have to have flash player. ?
Downloaded dolphin, and flash player & it still doesn't work for me
anyone else have any luck with their android tablet
Tracy and Mallory ~ I'm sorry you are both having trouble with the videos on the tablet. Here is a link with information on how to make sure the Flash Player will work on your tablet. Make sure you Enable “Unknown Sources” on Android, and Test Flash Player to make sure it installed correctly. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
What are your plans for an Android app? Just signed up for a trial and probably will not continue my subscription due to this oversight!
I have been able to see the videos on my samsung tablet but suddenly last week, the screen just goes blank when i press start. I have downloaded dolphin but this is also unsuccessful.
Karen ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with our videos. Have you restarted your device lately? Sometimes, that will fix many issues as it clears away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
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