How do I track the videos that I have watched?


Every member can access their Video Tracker, which keeps a record of the classes watched and the date on which they were watched in a printer friendly report.

To access your Video Tracker:

Click on Your Name > My Account > Video Tracker. On this page you can use the filters to find any and all videos that you have watched.

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Great FAQ answer on Class Tracker, super helpful.
I noticed that my class tracker shows the class I did today, but does not show yesterdays. Am I doing something wrong?
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Katy ~ I'm sorry the Class Tracker did not record your class from yesterday. I'm not sure what happened, but we will look into it to see if there is a bug. If you watched more than five minutes, it definitely should've recorded it.
Thanks Gia, yes, I did the entire class! It was great!
Today I did class #991 (Aug. 31) and it doesn't show on the tracker. Is there a way for me to manually input my classes? It helps me to have a log of my classes.

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