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What can I do if the video isn't playing correctly?

If your video is not playing correctly, please try our Video Troueblshooter.

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very disappointed again video stop and I can not get it to go forward either. Not good for my body either to not finish the whole sequence.
Marta ~ I'm sorry you are having problems with the videos stopping. I have sent you an email to give you some options to help with playback issues.
Hi, when i press the play button in any video it appears me " VE_FMS_NOTFOUND" what's that and how can i fix this problem? THX
Elvira ~ I'm sorry you have had problems with our video player. I have sent you an email with a few options that should help.
Hello, I can't seem to play videos on my iPhone 5 even on low res. what should I do to fix this?
Melissa ~ I recommend restarting your phone and then downloading the app to watch the videos. It is a free app you can find in the itunes store. If you are already using the app, you can try using the mobile site on Safari or the browser you usually use. If you continue to have playback issues after trying these, you can email us at for more options.
The image frozen though the sound is still playing. what should i do?
Elvira ~ I'm sorry you have trouble with the image freezing. Usually when there is sound but no picture, it is because the internet connection is not strong enough to support the sound and the image. If you go to My Account and then select the tab Video Player, you will be able to choose the alternate Video Player. With this player, you can choose a lower video quality which will allow the image and sound to play. If you continue to have problems after trying this, please email us at
I haven't been able to view anything the last few times I've gone on the Pilates anytime site, a bit frustrating
Dianne ~ I'm sorry that you're having trouble with our site. I have sent you an email to try and address the issue. Please also take a look at our Technical FAQs page which may help. If you continue to have trouble viewing pages or videos on Pilates Anytime, please email us at
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