My Baby is Having a Baby...

Dina (Khashoggi) Ricksen
The flow of passion. I think that's something everyone hopes for. If we feel passionate about a practice, a theology, a method, a problem, a cure… whatever it may be, we feel rewarded when we share our passion and it is received, in some form, by someone, somewhere.
That may be the most wonderful part of a life with Pilates. The physical righting of structural wrongs, the suppling of inflexibility, the strengthening of weaknesses, the dance of mind and body together; these are exciting and empowering. But the transference of passion for it all is what I find most rewarding. When a student/client makes their sessions a high priority, when they share their delight with new discoveries that have impacted them far beyond the studio, my Magic Circle runneth over.
So imagine my delight when my daughter, pictured here, chose to leave her corporate job and pursue a career in Pilates. It was somewhat of a surprise to me, as I had not urged or encouraged the shift in any major way. But I often think of the Pilates method as a black hole… irresistible to its pull if you get close enough.
And so it may have been for Dina. She certainly orbited the world of possibilities, graduating from UC Berkeley and working for four different companies before diving into Joe's pool of fun. I exposed her to my passion. She then proceeded to seek the tools to build her own passion, and has grown to be an outstanding instructor.
Now another generation is on its way. Here in her final weeks of pregnancy, Dina finds Pilates to be essential to her well-being. How fortunate that this method, with some modifications, can and should be continued through every phase of this most metamorphic event.
My baby is having a baby, and that is indeed a unique perspective. If I wish one thing for this child, it is that she have the great fortune to find a passion in life; one that improves the quality of her existence in every way. I think this is Joe's legacy… to share the passion for the well-being this method provides, and watch it flow.
I won't be pushing any particular ideas on my granddaughter… Pilates finds its own way; A is for Airplane, B is for Bicycle, C is for Crab….
Dina is due to give birth January 14th, 2012
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UPDATE: It's January 14th, Dina's due date. See the last photo to see what she is up to today!
Layla with Dina 1983
Layla and Dina 1998
Dina on a due date hike!


What a beautiful family Layla!
I love what you've baby is having a baby too! Feb.26 It's a beautiful thing :)
Congratulations to you, Lisa! This is my second grandchild, and first little girl... we will have one of each very soon. Wishing your family all the joy we have experienced in this phase of our lives
Beautiful! Congrats to you both!
Thanks Alyson. She is coming up on two weeks late, so we will have a baby any day!
Thanks Alyson :)
Layla...hoping for a smooth birth of your grandbaby!
That is so cool!

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