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Troy McCarty teaches a Reformer workout with fun choreography that will challenge you mentally and physically. He works on organizing the body so you have proper placement while moving. Enjoy fun exercises like the Jack Rabbit and much more.
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Jan 12, 2014
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Hi, I'm Trent McCardy and welcome to my reformer class. Okay, let's go ahead and set up our springs with three reds and one blue. And your bars are in the correct place. So I'd like to see the bars in the middle notch. Okay, go ahead and lay down. And this prepare our body for footwork. So let's start with a v and let's put our heels on the bar. All right, and I want you to take your heels and put them on the bar here, and I want you to take a little squeeze of the heels together.

Now let's think about organizing the upper body. So your upper body wants organized by lots with a cross the collarbone. Think of your scapulars reaching down in your hand. Pull that navel in and up. And let's place that pelvis into a neutral position.

Feel like your publicist like a bowl of punch. And we're gonna balance the bullet there. We're going to balance that bowl and keep the punch inside the ball. All right, here we go, ladies. Let's take our inhale and let's exhale and let's push out in stretch one. Good.

Now pull this spring back and push two and pull the spring back. Press three and pol it in, press four and pull it in. Press five and this think of squeezing those hills together as you do. This goes six and then press seven. Pol It in.

Press eight and recoil that spring for me. Press nine and recoil. Press 10. Good and an excellent. Now let's move it down to our toes. Now I'd like to see the heels match the gear bar. That's where we put the springs on. All right, a gentle squeeze of the heels.

Again, let's prepare a buddy to take a big inhale in this exhale and let's go ahead and this extend our legs and let's reach our ears out and pull back in. I'll make it nice and smooth too, and pull it in. So like the bed floats out, the bed floats in, press three, pull it back, press four, pull it back, press five and recoil that spring six and in seven pull it in and eight and in two more, nine and in, and 10 very good and pull it back in. All right, let's elevate our heels up there. Let's keep the V, keep them connected so we're still on their toes and we're just going to go up into a high lift of the heel. All right. I want you to think of something. Sometimes when we're doing our footwork, I like to see my clients when they stretch their knees. Really think about polling the navel up so the body doesn't become static.

So what we're going to do as you stretch your knees, I want to see you lift your navel, right? So we exhale, press lift. Now squeeze in, pull it back in and it was beautiful and pressing, stretched, too good and in, and we're keeping those heels lifted. Press three. Think of those soft throats and back in press four and and press five pull it in. Press six and in excellent press seven pull it in.

Press eight and in two more, press nine now in 10th one let's hold out there. Let's push it out and hold and let's do a heel drop here, right? So we lower the heels. We keep that connection and lift them back up again to good and back up, down three and up. Go four and up. One more.

Go five and up. Let's bend our knees and bring the carriage back in. Lovely. Let's go to a parallel position with your feet right across from your two sit bones. Let's put our arches on the bar and let's curl the toes over. That is so lovely for your feet because you know we, we put our feet and shoes all day. All right, so they take your feet and curl them over. Very healthy. It makes all the muscles really activate all those intrinsic muscles we have in our feet. So let's prepare again with the inhale and this XL and this.

Extend and push the spring. Now pull the spring in and press two and in press the re Paul it in press four and and press five and in press six and lovely press seven and in press eight pull it in. Press nine and in press 10 already. Very good. Let's take our heels and go out to the sides of the bar. Let's put some external rotation into the hip joint. Not a lot, and to find that in between, right? We don't have to go into a fallout position.

So I'd like to see you when we do the turnout that the legs go out and we find that position in between. We don't want to sit out in the joint, but we want to find that position between that nice extreme turnout and into the middle part. All right, so here we go. We take our inhale and we act so and we linked an out one. We pull the spring back in, press two, pull it back, press three and pull it back. Press four and in press five pall it in press six and in press seven and in push eight and recoil, press nine and in and press 10 and pull it in. All right, now we're going to bring our toast where our heels where we're going to elevate the heels back up. Let's go ahead and extend the carriage out.

Now we're going to let the right heel drop underneath the bar. The left heel lifts up and we're just going to hold that stretch. So we do a heel drop with one leg and just breathe into that cab muscle. This, let it soften out. This let it stretch. Okay, let's press the carriage backness try the other foot and lower it down. Excellent. And we just want to breathe into that cap muscle. Give them a chance to get a good stretch. Let's do it one more time.

So there's pool shout. Let's lower down this. Think about that. Pelvis can be tending its position. Perfect. Press out and the other leg please and push it out. Let's return the carriage and bring it in. Okay, let's go ahead and let's sit up. This changed herself to two red springs and we're going to do a single leg exercise today. Let's start with the right foot on the bar. At the base of your tone, extend the left foot out over the bar.

So let's go over the choreography here a little bit. So we're gonna press security away and we're going to go into a tabletop position with this leg one. All right, so a nice table top where I see the knee reaching up to the ceiling. We're going to extend this leg up to the ceiling. We're going to lower the leg down a touch the bar, we're going to bring it back up. We're going to flex and Lord this heel down and we're going to point at the same time.

We're going to bend our knee and we're going to return the carriage back in. So that's a lot of movement with the legs, right? A lot of choreography. So that's a lot of leg movements. So what I'm looking for you is for you to keep your pelvis absolutely still don't think of bringing your leg up so high that you buckle the pelvis up. Find that nice comfortable position, that femur inside that hip socket.

Whereas extending up to the ceiling, here we go, we go tabletop hole one and up we go down, we go up, we flex our foot, we point our foot, we bend our knee, we reach it up. Table Top to the ceiling, to the bar, to the ceiling. You Flex, you point, you been used stretch and three and down and up. We [inaudible] and point. Now Bend and stretch four and up reached the toe down and the flex and a point and they been and stretch go five and up. Down. There we go. And Blacks and point and Ben are very good.

That was kind of good over there. That's a lot of choreography so but yeah, happens to everybody. All right, I just tried the other leg. You Ready? All right, so back over here. Put Your principles here. We're going to do all this like moment. We're going to try to keep that pelvis absoutely still. Now don't get up there in the shorter is because you heard the word choreography. All right, our coordination. Here we go.

We go table top one and up we go down, we go up, you flex, you point, you bend and stretch table top and up and down and up and they flex, send a point and they been and stretch three and up, down and up. We flux, we point, we been and stretch, we go four and up. Down and you flex. You point, you bend and stretch. One more time. Five and up, down and up. Flex point and Ben are very good and Stetson already. That woke you up. Yeah, we're ready to go. Okay, let's grab our short steps. Let's go into the one hundreds. All right, so your hands are reaching up to the ceiling and once you pull your arms, your hands down below your shoulders a little bit. All right, lots of width across your collar bone. Scapulars that are down in the hips.

Let's bring those legs up one at a time into a tabletop. Now let's connect the heels again. Let your knees open just a little bit. All right. Let's take a big inhale and let's exhale is pull the arms down, extend your legs out. Your upper body will peel off. Now widen those shoulders and here we go with our pulses. We pulse. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five, two, two, three, four, five, two, two, four, five, three, two, three, four, five, three, two, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five, five, two, three, four, five, five, two, three, four, five, six, two, three, four, five, six, two, four, five, seven, two, three, four, five, seven, two, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five, eight, two, four, five, nine, two, three, four, five, nine, two, three, four, five, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Now reach and let's return our body back down. Those are lovely.

Next one. Hundreds. Let's spend her elbows and let's make a soft fist. Let's bring our legs up to a tabletop position. This is your coordination. All right, let's bring the knuckles all the way back to the shorter. So you got a big range of movement. You're going to pull your hands down, you're going to extend your legs out, your upper body will peel forward, right?

Here we go. So we go press one now open. Close your legs. Once you, that's an up bend your knees. Stay up, bend your elbows and return back. Bring those knuckles back and keep your head up and go. Press two. We opened, we closed and we been and Ben, press three and reach. We Open. We close. We been, we been press four. We opened, we closed, we, Ben and Ben. Press vibe. We open and close and Ben and Ben.

Press six open, close. Bend A, curl into a ball, bringing in curl. C'Mon curl, curl, curl, press seven, stretch open, closed Ben and curl into a Bachman curl. Benos dose Curl, press aide. Open and close Ben, and curl into a ball. Two more. That's it. Go nine. Open and close, Ben and curl. And press 10 let's hold out there. Take your right leg and put it over your lap. Let's switch your legs. Go switch one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight and nine and 10. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Bend your knees and bring it back in.

Alrighty. Very good. Let's go ahead and let's bring our bars down and just go to one red spring. We're going to put a long box on and just put our head rest down to flat. So you have one red spring bars down box. Long Pardon? In boxes over here.

Okay. Yes, you're going to lay down and we're head's going to be done at, towards the foot bar, right? And you're going to be on your side though, and you're going to be on your forearm. All right? So why don't we go ahead and face this direction. All right? So what I'm looking for is for your pelvis to be hip on top of hip and go on top of ankle and here the spine reaching out so that the top of your heads reach into the wall where it meets the ceiling over here. All right, and I probably should've told you to grab your strap before and let's see, let's bring you down to a blues spring instead of red to start with. I'll change your springs for you. Thank you.

All right, so let's bring the strap and we're going to bring our elbow to this point here. Right now. Think of the shoulder down, pulling the waist up. And all I want you to do is now we're in your hand here. So your palm faces in and you need to be turned around so that your head is facing down here. Okay, that's right. I kept on looking at you like there's something wrong with this picture.

Okay, here we go. So now your pelvis is place. So once again, what I'm looking for is for your hips to be stacked, your legs to be stacked. Nice place. I'm gonna have your shoulders in this spine that reaches out. Your arm is here at. And I'd like to see your arm come to the front of your body. This a little bit. Don't over do it. So the scapular can stay down.

This prepare buddy with the inhale here. And let's exhale. Let's push and stretch wine. Now. Pull it back in. So I just want to see the arm move. Go to excellent. And back in press three. Good.

And back in Nice work. Press four and back. And let's do one more and press five very good. And back in and bring it in. How's that spring? Are you guys okay with that ladies? Okay, great. So just take it easy. Let's, let's bring you down to a yellow other shoulders and your serving shoulder. All right, now let's take our hand and we're going to have fingernails up in your palm is up. Make a soft fist. All right, now let's take her head and look at our hand.

Now what we can do as a bicep curl here. So let's pull the waist stop. Extended spine. We go by step one, push back out and too. Good. And back out. Press three and out. Press Four. Excellent. One more please.

And press five. Perfect. That was lovely. Now flip your pumps through. Your palm is down, your knuckles. They're out. All right. And extend. Now this is lift that arm up. So we go lift one. This one's a toughie and bring it back down. And two good. Excellent.

Go to your own range of movement that you can keep that scapular down. Three. Good. Go. Four. Let's do one more and go five. Perfect. And bring it back down. Now stay with that palm down and let's do another bend of the elbow.

So we go Ben [inaudible] excellent. And you push shout, you go to and push go three and push go four and push and five. Excellent work already. Very good. Let's go ahead and switch sides. All right. And we're okay with that spring? Yeah. Perfect. So once again, what I'm looking for is for your hip sippy. Stacked right? So the pelvis is nice in place and nice lift up through this waist.

A spine that goes out to the wall. All right, legs are stacked in, legs are reaching. We start with our hand here now and your palm is right next to your ear and your head is reaching out this way. Exactly like if we were to read a newspaper, right? So take your head, that's perfect right there. And we go reach one. Now pull it back in. Press two and in press three and in press four. Good work. Press five very good.

And pull it back in. Now you reach your hand out, you make a soft fist, right? So the hand is reaching out and the palm is up. Extend your hand all the way out. And we do bicep curls. So go by step one, pressing down Bicep, two and out. Three and out, four and out, and five very good work. Now flip your palm.

So your fingernails are reaching down towards your hip. And we do an extension of the arm. We lift the arm up one, pull it down, uh, to pull it down, up three and down. Up Four and down. One more. A five. Very good. And down. Now we go into a verse, Bicep. Here's your last one and we go one, push it out and two and out.

And three. Good. It's perfect. And out. Press for good. One more please. And press five. All right, very good. And bringing it back in. All right, Lee, let's go ahead and this, take this box. Flip it the short. Let's hook up all your spring. Yes.

Can I go ahead and sit on your boxes to get her footstep on there? [inaudible] okay, so we're sitting up on the sharpest play of the sip bones, right? And I'd like to see knees bent. And I like to see feet reach out to the sides into it. All right, and this is a great chance to find that Nice lifted bodies that we're looking at the ear, the shoulder and hip to maintain its natural line. And we see all the natural curves in the spine.

Let's take our arms sinless crossing over. I said we're gonna do a simple roll down. So we take an inhale through our nose and exhale, we roll the pubic bone back, we lowered down. Nice. Take a hold there, take a sniff of air, and an exhale. You roll back up through that spine and stretch.

Now we're going to take the spine into flection, so maybe you don't want to go down as far. So let's think about the shoulder blades being down this, lift that spine up. Let's take another inhale. Let's roll the pubic bone back, roll it down, let that sternum slide down. And that would probably be a good position there. If we look at the spine, this is all inflection. I don't see any of the vertebrals go into an extension. Take a snip of air here and an XO. We curl all over that, a dominant muscle, and you use those, the dominoes that stack, that spine back up to the ceiling.

Let's add one more thing to this. Let's take an inhale now and let's exhale and this hollow out in this roll down. Alrighty. Shorter's released. That's perfect right there. Now take your hands and extend out to the sides. Bring your hands behind your head. Bring your elbows forward just a little.

We're going to do a little pulse, so we go pulse. One, pulse two, pulse three, pulse four. Excellent. Fi six a stu, two more, seven and eight. Hold there. The stick our hands all the way up to the ceiling. Back out to the sides. Recross them. Take a sniff and XL roll back up and stretch.

Can we do that one more time? Sure. Take your inhale here. Axel. Rural Hollow. Now this put a little bit of tone in the backs of the legs and the glutes. Take our arms and we reach out to the sides. You bring your hands behind your head, your elbows come forward.

The shoulders are release. All right, do a pulse. We go one a, pull the navel in and just think of squeezing your glutes a little too. Excellent. Three, four, good. Five, six, seven, and eight. Now the hands go up to the ceiling. You push out, you bring your hands back and you wold right back up. Very good and stretch. All right, let's see her hands and we're going to put them on our forehead. Let's do a straight spine.

Now bring your elbows forward just a little bit so the shoulder blades are sliding down the back. Lift that spine up. Here we go. We're going to take our hands so we go hinge back one. Excellent. Now pull it back in. Let's get longer in that spine. So they'd see that these vertebrals are lengthening to back and bring it back up. Go three and back up. One more. Go for good and back up right.

Let's put one more motion into this. All right, so we're lifting the spine up. You're on the sharpest point in the sit bones. Your hands are right here with your elbows forward. We're going to do a hinge back. So go hinge back one. Now let's take the right hand and reach it out. As you come up, let's switch the hands. We go, come up and switch to excellent reach back and it goes right out to the side and go right up to the side and right up to your side there.

Go and reach and reach. Good. And back and back. Let's do one more and back hold. Bring your other hand to your forehead. Linkedin that spine. Bring your body back up. Very good. Good work. Excellent. Let's go ahead and take the box off this. Go to two springs and we're going to go into some leg straps.

Okay. And let's keep the bar down. So a good, see a good, clean, sweet public machine, the reformer. And Go ahead and put your leg straps on and extend your legs right up to the ceiling. Now I'd like to see the legs come up with the sacrum down and I like to see my students get into a nice stretch. So what I'm looking for is for the sacrum to be down, the legs extended up and I want to see that the pelvis is still in its neutral position.

The lower spine has this natural curve and I want you to feel a soft stretch through here. We're going to take an inhale and we're going to axle and we're going to pull the legs down. Now with the Lens, what I want you to feel as that you are separating your toe from your thigh, so the legs make a reaching motion out to the wall. Now the spring it back up and a reaching motion back. There's tried it again and reached to nice long through those legs and reach back up. Excellent. Go three good work and bring it back up.

And we're in parallel for and back up. Make the longest path you can find with those legs. Five. Let's do one more today and six and back up. All right, now let's open the legs to the width of our hips, right? So that's a little bit of a challenge because we're starting to reach away from the center a little bit away from the palace, right? So you really gotta focus that your Pawas stays absolutely still.

And where the movement happens in your leg straps is the backs of the legs. You want to feel like you're pulling down with your backs of your thighs. So ladies, to take a big inhale and that's XL and this pole that eggs down softly one this bring them back up, down to and up. [inaudible] go three and up, down four and up. One more and five very good. And bring it back up. And this bring your legs together.

Let's turn out into first position. Same thing. Little squeeze of the heels. Prepare your body with the inhale. Exhale. And let's pull the legs down softly and bring it back up. So I want you to remember the only thing that's moving are the legs. All right? So the body's maintaining its nice organized position and we go three pull down and reach those legs long. Reach your ears to the other direction and back up.

Press down for and up. Let's do one more and press down five. Very good and back up. Now back to your parallel position. We're going to do legs circles. Now in the leg circles, opening the legs.

This is important as the rest of the circle, so I really want you to focus that you open, like you're pushing the walls out. You pull the legs down, you bring them together and you bring them back up and you all open with control around to gather and back up around three. Excellent. And back up [inaudible] and for, and we're back into our parallel. Back Up. There we go. And five and [inaudible] come. Now let's reverse that and down.

And we open with control and chew and we open with control. Press three, a raw press for a round. One more. Press five and around. Excellent work. Now let's take her legs and open them into a first position. This poor legs down to a 45 degree reach. We do.

Our PA's are frogs. So we'd bend our knees, we squeeze the heels, drawling it in, we squeeze and we press out and pull that spring back to recoil and even elongate that spring back out. And we go three and press and four and press this, do one more and we're gonna hold out there. Press five. Very good. And press. Now let's go into a parallel position and if your head rest is up, it needs to be down for the next exercise. This is going right into your short spine now. So we're going to bring the legs up to the ceiling.

We're going to find that nice stretch. You're going to roll the spine up slowly, bone by bone. Now you're going to squeeze the heels up there and bend your knees and Raul it down. Let your knees open just a little bit. Now you're to roll the spine down and you're going to relax through that next through the shoulders. And I'm going to give you a nice, this is his dredge that should feel lovely and we press out. Let's try it again. Now let's think about the shoulders staying nice and soft.

Lots of width across the collar. Collarbone, we bring the legs up, we find that stretch. You're pulling that quad muscle up, you roll the spine up. Now we draw the heels down by squeezing. That's little hamstring exercise and we rode them through that spine. Excellent. And you press back out, reaching your legs to the other wall there. Let's try it one more time. We in house, the legs come up. We Act. So we rule, we inhale, we draw the heels into our body and we as hell we roll the spine right out and we pressed security, carriage way and stretch. All right, lovely.

Let's go ahead and bend her knees as come out of the leg straps. We're going to go to a red and a blue spring with a bar that's high. So I'd like to see the bracket in the middle notch. Ready, a red and a bloop. Go ahead and stand up on your carriage carefully there.

And we're going to put our hands on the foot part and you're going to bring your heels up against the shoulder restaurant. Irrelevant foot. Okay? Now when we're in this relevant, I want to see that you have 60% of your weight between the big tone, the second toe and 40% goes out through the rest of the toes. So that's a good placement of the foot that we're not rolling over on the little toe. Exactly. That would be a sickled foot. We call it in dance, not good for the ankle, are rolling over on the big toe, right? So we have that nice structure of the foot and we look at the body. We keep that structure going all the way up. Ladies, we're going to do a Jack Rabbit today. All right, so we are gonna press the curator out.

We're gonna place our bodies into a plank and we're going to do a Jack Rabbit with a neutral spine. So all I want you to do is bend your knees, some Pole, the Curie Chin, and press back out. Now what I'm looking for is that you can move your legs without distorting this lower part. I have an abdominal led set. I have the neutral spine. I have a nice flow of the carriage going back and forth again, three. And this is a dress the shoulders. Four. Let's do one more please. And Go fi very good. And bend at your hips.

Flex that your hips and bring it back in. Go ahead and stand on the courage. Relax a moment. We're going to try it one more time, but I'm gonna Kinda like put a little different twist into it. All right, so let's take both feet and go over to the right shoulder rests. Now your body stays square to the bar. All right, so right now in your head you're going, oh no, you got, you know where he's sending some old bleeds. All right, now press the carriage out. Keep Square to the bar. Exactly. All right. Now we do let that bum come down just a little bit. Lift your chest up, right exactly there. Let this come down. That's it.

Now squeezing the backs of your legs and we bend our knees and we go in one and we're still keeping that neutral spine go. Choo. Press out. Go three, push out, go four, push out, press five. Very good. Bring it in. Let's try the other side. All right, so bring it up. Switch your legs over. We pressed, we get into that nice plank position.

Your eye level goes out this way and we bend our knees and we go in one and stand and chew and extend three and extend four and extend by very good and bring it back in and return. Excellent work. Okay, let's go ahead and stand on the floor now. All right, and let's go to one Red Spring and the sitting mermaid style. And why don't we face yet? Why don't we go ahead and face this way. Let's have you faced this way. Let's place our hand on the bar and make sure that when you place the hand on the bar that it's a little bit above the body. All right? Not Too much. You don't want it back here because then you're going to get into a shoulder cuff problem, right?

So it's nice to keep the hand here and we can feel this part of the body. Let's extend the other hand out. All right, so we're going to bring the hand up and we're going to go reach over into our classic press out and stretch. Good. And we bring the body back up and we go press and stretch and you bring it back. Uh, now let's lift the spine up and all over. Now this tried to stretch out of that stretch and back up and the arm goes up, filling this whole room up with that movement and back up.

Let's do one more and go up and over and back up. Perfect. Let's switch and let's try the other side. Okay, so in a mermaid, we do a really great job of getting this part of our back stretch, but what I want you to work on is that you blower it down and let's think of stretching all the way down here in the lower back. So I see this whole spine make this beautiful art, this beautiful rainbow over. All right, so let's lift that spine up. Let's bring the arm up and we go up and all over that. Sit and maybe think about opening your armpit to that ceiling. There we go.

And reach back out. We go up and over to and reach back up. We go up and over threes of that whole spine is in the emotion here and back up. Goal four over and up. One more, and go five over you.

Go and bring it back up. Lovely. Now let's go to three red springs. Lay on our back, and this will keep the short that had rest down. We're going to do some spine articulation. Our heels are on the bar right across from to sip bones. Your arms are reaching down, your pumps are down, the CPL. This, think of those scapulas reaching right down in your fingernails, lots of width across your shoulders, right, and a nice soft neck.

We're going to take an inhale and we're not going to move the carriage and we're going to exhale and we're going to curl the pelvis up slowly, bone by bone. Now think of reaching your quads out the Shin over the ankle. Now try to maintain that reach, soften in your chest and lower down. That said, that's lovely. Yeah, I love to tell my clients, let's make this, this, this, make this movement Chewy, nice and chewy. Okay, here we go. Take your inhale. Exhale. You roll up through that spine.

Each vertebra gets to lead the carriage by itself. You're reaching those thighs out. Taking another inhale here and exhale you wall down through that spine. Let's try it one more time. Take it. Inhale. Now exhale, and you curl up in your role in your thighs. Start reaching this way. Your Shins. Reach this way. Nice, long stretch, nice long neck. Keep that link.

Take a sniff of air up there and that Xcel you roll down through that spine, relaxing those shoulders nice and wide. That was very nice. All right, now let's put a little external rotation in the hip joint. So let's bring our heels out to the corners. We're going to roll the pelvis up again. So here we go. We curl the pelvis up. We keep that same amount of turnout. All right, now we're going to push the carriage back and forth. So we press back and push one and you inhale, you bring it back in. Axial Choo.

Paul the Spring back in acts hell three pull it back in ax hell four pull back in. Exhale five and in hold. Take another sniff of air and a and so we roll it down. Think of those shoulders, lots of width lights. So with a cross the collarbone and we've relaxed. Very good. This bring our feet right are customer hips. Again, the right at the toes.

This do some running. Today running is a great chance to really think still of lengthening the spine. Also really working through the dominal. We're still keeping that polis absolutely stabilize. So here we go. Let's take another inhale and let's exhale.

Let's push the carriage out and stretch one heel down, one heel lifts and we go one n two and three and four and five n lift and press lift. That's it. So you get a nice up position through the feed into heels. Prs, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight n nine and 10 has been our knees and it's return our carriage back in. Go ahead and stand up on the floor. Does go to one red spring and this finish our lesson.

The day with the ice stress. So you have your foot against the shoulder [inaudible] and one foot on the ground. Now let's think about this like coming up a little bit right where you have it. All right and your hands are down on the bar. You're going to press the Curie job, you're going to let the scapular slide down and we're going to try to maintain the squareness in our power.

This hold that part and go have pressed it down to hold there. Now this knee right here is reaching forward as this knee over here is reaching back so you get that nice opposition stretch in there. We have a nice lifted up spine. We should be feeling in the hip in. Some of us might feel it in this leg over here, which is great. This bring it in one more time and let's do it one more time to sleep and go down this a little bit further into the stretch.

So let's take another big inhale and exhale. Push out in stretch. Think of those shoulders softing maybe a little bit softer in your elbow joint. That's it. Hold there for a moment. Let's pull the a dominoes up in Bryn knack carriage back in.

Let's hop over to the other side. So we get our placement of our body. We get our bones lined up, we shoulders are nice and white. We take a big inhale and we act. So when we softly lower the body down, and during the stretch, you wanted to still be paying some attention to the abdominal muscles. We don't want to let it go. We have that opposition in the Nice, and let's go ahead and bring it back up.

Let's do one more big inhale and [inaudible]. Exhale. Press it out in stretch. So once again, you're looking for the shoulders here to be down. Nice. Squareness in the hip of flip. That's well placed back here. A knee that's reaching forward. You bring the carriage back in. And ladies, she did a great job. Thank you very much.

Thank you.


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Troy,thank you very much for a perfect Sunday morning session. Now of to a walk:))
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Wonderful class--brilliant tactile cues--Thank you!!!
Im happy I made your Sunday a perfect session. Thank you for watching.
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Im so happy you liked my class. Thank you for watching.
Another Wonderful Class Troy ~ Thank You !
and were you being held captive to teach all day? seems like this is the 4th class I've taken with you :)
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Love your verbal cue for Bridging, "Make it chewy." Excellent class. Creative yet true to the method.
Hi Sara:
Thanks for the comment. I love teaching true but creative to the method. Glad you liked my class!
Have a chewy day!!
Hi Yugonda:
They could keep me for days in that studio with the ocean right there and I would never complain. Im glad you liked my class. Thanks for watching.
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A great class; I especially liked the side lying on the long box sequence.
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An amazing class! I love the oblique version of jackrabbit and the side single arm work on long box. Troy I could listen to you teach all day long!! I love the energy and cues you add!! love it!!
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