Class #1572

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Niedra teaches a creative Mat workout with a mix of stretches, arm work, neck work, leg work, and a very challenging Ab Series of 5 while balancing on a Yoga Block. The exercises are inspired by movement typically done with the Magic Circle and Hand Weights, but as an alternative for people who do not own either, Niedra uses the Yoga Block and Theraband.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Theraband

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Good evening our, today I'm going to do a rather creative math class or math workout using a yoga block and a thorough band. Some of the exercises are inspired from the magic circle and from hand weig...


I've spent two weekend's coach surfing. My neck and shoulders thank you!
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oops...couch surfing!
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Awesome stretches,love that she uses props in a creative manner.....
love how she teaches,explain in complete detail of each movement...
Excellent body wareness........Very good........
love the tone of her voice.....
Another home run! Thanks Niedra!
Thank you ladies, I always enjoy reading your comments and getting a concept of what you like and what you want. It helps me create the filmed videos with you in mind.
Keep on working.
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Love this class, Niedra, and my clients in Egypt are thanking you dearly for these beautiful shoulder stretches :)
LOVE the release work!!! Thank you SO MUCH! My hips, legs, neck, and shoulders are like new!!
thank you ladies, very happy you felt better from this work.
Very creative moves. Thank you so much. So nice that someone still uses props. Great workout.
Excellent stretches and workout. Very much enjoy. Thank you
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