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Mat Workout

60 min - Class


A high energy class that focuses on strength and control. Kristi begins with some stretching to prepare the body and before long the class moves through standing leg work right to push ups! Energy is maintained throughout class both with slightly faster paced exercises, interesting variations and flow.
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Where is the energy? All right, stand up. Let's go. Let's go. You guys are going to make me work for it tonight. I can feel it. Okay, Aaron's here. Aaron's here. Riley's here. She's got finals. Andy's like, I'm going to live up to Andy's style. I Hate Jennifer. If you turn and Yup, and slide that to the end. Or You could be on the ground if you'd prefer.

You're not feeling afraid of heights, are you? Okay? All right, so let's not think about it too much. Let's just see how the body feels and habit yourself as best you can. It's cool toes again and for a moment just take a deep breath, right? Filling up, kind of shake out the cobwebs are gonna. See if we can't melt the fuzz as my favorite teacher talks about right now.

Take a deep breath and just bring the arms up. If that suits you, looking at, maybe you can feel your upper back lengthening and your low back while we're at it. Exhale, let it go. Collect some energy, making some decisions about what you need tonight. Links into the waste. You notice I am shrugging my shoulders and it feels really good. I recommend it for now and exhale, letting them come down and then just roll the shoulders a little bit. Standing wide. Soften the knees. It can be, I would actually bend them a fair amount.

My knees are turned out aiming towards my first and second toe. We'll take a deep breath in again, grab onto your left wrist, exhale and reach up and over. Now that you've gone there, draw that left shoulder down just a little bit. Yeah. Inhale, using the abdominals in your breath. Exhale. Just come on up. Cuba kind of easy. Changing the wrist you're holding. Inhale, reaching up and over. Equal weight on both feet. Exhale, I'd encourage the length to the back. For a lot of us, it's going to be a small tuck. Inhale and exhale to come back.

All right. Just free up the arms and inhale over nice and easy and exhaling up. Just waking your body up to the movement. We're going to take it through thinking in terms of how much more supple can I be as I go into class. Easy in here. I'll make it a little bigger, but with support. So put your right hand above your right knee. Inhale, knees are still bent.

Exhale, just churn your chest toward that thigh. We're going to reopen on the same side, starting on the left hip. The left ribs, the left shoulder. Do it again. That was an inhale. Maybe exhale, lower body didn't change. Inhale open and exhale. Let your back round. So pull the abs in for a little roundness there. Not Better. Let's do one more since now you know what we're doing. Big Inhale, and then the abs come in. The low back rounds your reach and inhale to open. Bring yourself back to the top and we'll change sides. So before you do, just make sure both knees are bent equally. That doesn't change.

Here we go in here, draw the ABS in the ribs and it's just a little turn. Doesn't have to be big. And then reopen sort of sequentially and exhale. Yeah, trying to get almost more the low back than the upper back. We don't usually need to encourage that upper back roundness and the movement. It's not just the arm. You know it's the spine. Let's get the spine to turn.

Inhale, reopen. Let's get one more. Here it comes. Exhale, abs in deep arm is there to support you. We nailed to open. Exhale, lifting, taking both hands behind you. You can straighten the legs, maybe bring them in a little bit of laced the fingers. We just reached down making sure that you didn't use that as a great excuse to arch, right? No bend the knees. Just sort of drop into it without changing and I should actually pull my head back before I say that without changing your head, raise the arms without changing your low back. I should have also said, Helen, can you talk under a little more at the hips? Thank you. How much more can you lift it without dropping your head in response and then straighten the legs, walk them in, bend them a little. Your backs are pretty neutral, I should say. Hindering forward all the way down.

Forehead toward your knees, arms reaching up and then release the arms down to the floor. Carefully leaving the knees bent. Maybe you're resting your ribs on your thighs. If you are, that's fine. But now inhale and on your exhale, pull the abdominals up off your thighs first. Tuck your pelvis under and start to roll yourself up sequentially. Apart from here, one more. Inhale, a subtle lean forward.

We'll be good just to give you, um, some hamstring. Exhale forward, subtle. Really settle. Rounding down. It's up to you. If you want to bend your knees, it's fine. You don't have to go that far either. What I'm trying to do is pull the abs up so your low back can relax. A little inhale and exhale. We come on up. Okay. If you got to shake anything else out, do it now because we are getting ready to go. Okay, I'm ready.

I don't know why I was not feeling this way about 40 minutes ago. I'm going to start cheapest standing and do a little leg work. So, um, whether you're on your mat or not, it's up to you. Um, do if, if you were in that subtle lean forward, let's pull it back just so that you feel you're more to the middle of your foot and your heels. I have my toes lifted just to prove to myself that I'm there and now I arrest them. Hamstrings working a little. No try. Here's how you can think about that. It's a weird place to try and squeeze your hamstrings for a lot of people without doing that. So if you found a neutral pelvis, just where it feels like that imaginary bucket of water was level didn't change that here's a strange cubit. It seems to work.

The thighbone is trying to press backwards. It work. Both of them. I should have said, okay, here we go. So we're going to hinge forward. Your, your position of your back really doesn't change other than where it is in space. Okay, so you didn't round, you didn't arch any anymore. You're probably going to hear me say stick your bum out. Only because people tend to round here.

So that's all that's in response to squeeze the sit bones together should not tuck you, but you should feel pretty significant sort of coming together. The sit bones at least image-wise and then come on up. Let's do a couple of those and how kind of slow check in. Making sure you haven't overly arched that you're not really deep into a action at the front of the hip and okay. Again, while you're here, let's take the arms. Let them just drift out in front of you, but the shoulder blades themselves are active, really reaching down to the hips and up we go. Okay, so that's the deal. Let's get about to 10 here we go. And Inhale, exhale, pressing one and use the bending and the straightening as time to lengthen your waist and and you need to exit.

And from my money, I'm going to try to keep an awareness around the hips and the back of the legs. Okay? That's because it's going to help me keep my pelvis where I want. Focusing a gaze, perhaps your eyes that is somewhere 10 I don't know what is that? Six feet or so in front of you? Nine. Thank you man. Yeah, and hold everybody leaned forward a little. He may not want to be on your mat for this one. Float the heels off.

It's not that high. Allow the feet to wobble if they wobble. Here we go. Inhale, same thing. Exhaling up. Now keep going. If you're someone who doesn't like all the knee bending, fine. Well you can still get a lot of the action by keeping the knees ever so slightly then and making a bit more of a hinge. Just have the trunk going forward and back. Okay. Muscle focus. Basically. Glutes. Not to mention the rest of the leg, but I want you to get that.

Here we go. How many Hattie a tit is, oh, I'm so glad you guys are here. You've taken all the pressure off and if we come, Ooh, before you lower your heels, stretch your head to the top of the ceiling. Opposition reached the heels down. Swivel them together. So you just went to Pilati stance and then from your powerhouse. I don't know how to tell you to do this other than to say this, do not use your feet. Try not to use your feet from above the knee. You're gonna engage everything on both sides of the body lightly and float the heels.

You didn't do it by pushing into the floor with your toes or the ball foot, right? Right. Here we go. Same thing hinges forward. Still inner thighs are pressing the heels together. That's how that works in here. Job Wendy, on a mat, even one of the many important things is that you finish it. Keep going. That at the top you have long lines here in front of the hips. Use it as a stretch. So at the very, very top, Emily, I want you vertical there and yes, the feet are going adjust for you. We're trying for balance through the big toe and little tail, but it's going to wobble and holding it there. Lower the heels like that.

Separate your feet. We got eye contact that time. That's great. All right. Taking your hands behind your head and let's make this active. I'm trying to get your upper backs involved a little. So I don't mean pinch, you know that it's just as I kind of pull up on the back of my head, I'm pulling down on the shoulder blades and lifting the chest. Here we go in here most of the way down the heels and up war and, and, and yeah. So this is one of those exercises that you can kind of make it easy, right?

You could just go up and down for the 10 or you can forget the feet and act as if you're sliding the feet together. Add ducting the legs. You can do it too on your, the bus control a every edo do it well. Do it precisely. And if we come holding it up, keep going up as you float the heels. Yeah, the calves involves a little bit and we go and now if you have danced, which I have not, but if you have, and the [inaudible] feels better to you all the more reason not to do it. No, not because it feels better, but because whatever you've mastered that, let's get that other action in there. Huh? Emily? Yes, but still come back to vertical. I want you to see that lovely white curtain in front of you. Thank you. And thank you. Up we go. Hold everybody's totally straight.

Yes. If not, press the hips forward. Windy, upper back, back. Good. Arms here and extend the NRTs. You're not as here. Sorry Andy. Here we go. Bending. I'm still on the toes are ne. I am. I am. It's absolutely true. You can raise the heels higher or not. It's up to you and now it's push, release, push, release, push, Push, release. Oh my gosh.

How quivery are you or is that just me who? My little feet are just going, well what are you doing? How are you doing? Yes. Intense. Intense. We're going all the way up. Up, add up. That means bring the inner thighs toward each other.

Even though I know you're at limited. Lower the heels just in time almost. Okay. Bend. I'm going to take my hands behind my head cause I want to make sure I get the up there per back. Lift the heels, lower deals, lift the heels. Try not to move the rest of the body. [inaudible] check the shoulders. Check the abdominals.

I would like you to be able to see your elbows in front of you. A little [inaudible]. [inaudible] hold it here. Straighten the legs up on the dose. Lower the heels, Ben. Woe. Lift the heels. Stir right and I tell you what, my right ankle is just loving this. Here we go. Down, pull, deepen the ABS. Oh, it's not just legs. I know you're getting legs every so often. We don't mind not to mention balance the last one and hope. Hang on, I'm walking my feet in. They're slipping. Quick, quick tip on this. You have options. If you're too close, we're going the other way. If you're too close, you're going to get way out over the ankle.

You don't want that. Rather, let it be where I'll show you when we do it. Here we go. Lifting straight up. First, stay here. Can you turn the leg bones outward? More bend. Okay, so here, this is where you wanna make sure you're not way beyond the toe. Let the heels go flat and from underneath the legs into the hip stream. Floater Ben heels down and the long gate, it's like you're effortlessly going up though I know the truth heals flat and harass spring in the inner thighs. Looks good.

Up to Ben heels flat to straight Nana too. Then you'll slat and walk the feet in and release the arms. Well then not done yet though. Almost. I'm getting ready to go into calves so you can decide if you want to be on a mat or not. Um, feet together as best you can. And I'm saying that because it's a good marker. If it doesn't hurt, I don't want it to hurt you.

If you can keep the bones just above or the bone of the ankle together do. If you can't, no big deal, but you just want your legs as close together as possible. Let me restate that. You want the legs as close together as possible without having to do anything weird with, with your body straight. Okay. Shifting forward a little. Almost like what a mini ski jump. Yeah, like a huge fan is holding in your Jaz.

If that fan gets turned off and then do that, but back up enough that you can kind of relax your toes and put it here. All right, from there, float up. Keep those ankle bones together in that direction and reached down. Does anyone want something that I can put between their ankles so they have something to hold and everyone looks pretty good. And, and again, trying to feel the back of the leg. Not a lot. It's not going to be intense, but it can help draw energy up to the powerhouse.

May Not be as hard on the calves, but you're definitely still doing it down. And then we're going to keep going. But I'm gonna ask you to reach your arms first down, chest up, reach them way back. Sorry. I'll come down to do this. And as you come up, we're going to cross oppress the upper arms toward each other. And then release a all and press upper arms toward each other and release. Keep going. What I'm trying to do, I think probably you can all feel fabulous is this, certainly the tricep just by reaching down and back, but also this sense of upper back, this sense of bringing the shoulder blades together, but the arms just won't quite go there and okay.

Keeping the shoulders open, the collar bones wide. Hang on Riley. And one more time and back. Okay, good. Come to the uh, oh, go to the back edge of your mat. Facing inward. Yeah. Great. See I like the energy. We're going to walk down, roll down into a plank, um, first, and to kind of throw the pushups in early. Don't tell anyone we're going to be all right, but I am going to change them. So for now we're just walking to plank and we're coming back out and I'll talk after that. So inhale, exhale, round over.

Keep your arms on your back. That means you call the bones are still pointing to the side of the room in three steps. If you can, you walk one, you walk two, you're there by three. Now if you went too far, you're already pointing your toes. Let's make it so that you are in a flexed foot. You can remember how you felt your hamstrings when you press the thigh bones backwards. Do that now. And then from here it's from, I'm going to say just below your chest that you initiate the contraction.

Then your head drops and you gonna walk back in one, two on three. Your head's already down. You're gonna roll ups. If he can write, if you need more steps, take it. Keep the shoulders safe. All right, same deal. The only difference tonight is instead of right out underneath your shoulder like we normally do, take them wider so we can do a more traditional pushup rather than that one. The [inaudible] one. Here we go. Inhale, taking our time. Exhale sequentially, rolling down. Try not to look forward. You're going to be under control. Step one, two, or a little wide.

Three might have to do a little adjusting there and now as you lower, you bend the elbows to the side and exhale up for five. Inhale. Great. Keeping the spines long. Three you can do this on your knees just as well. Or One more time. Five pull up under the abdominals. Drop down and press back. One, two and roll up. If you can buy three. Nice Emily, and inhale, feeling it. Exhale down.

We go and walk. One, two, a little wider than normal. There'll be a little shimmy to the side there. An five inhale and exhale. One you can just hold for breaths if you prefer to. Keeping your head in line with your spine theory or and walking back. Five, keep your connections. That means your abs are still in looking for hamstring and up we come. At any point you can take the pushup out. You can go into a forearm plank.

Exhale, I'm doing two more sets though. Pull the ABS up. This is not just filler here, right? It work for you and walk, walk wide, walk wide. Five. Ooo, inhale, exhale. Keeping your head still nice. Harley three. Everybody's looking good or and a fight. Abs in and one to push to come up and inhale.

Last one. It exhaling down and we go to check shoulders, right? No time to get sloppy. It's early on, never sloppy too. If you don't do all five, that's fine, right? Take care of yourself one more and walk it back. One, two, up. Three, put those arms back on your back. Stepping forward to not have to be the front of your mat across one foot in front of the other. Lift your ribs, lift your abs, and you're just going to have a seat as gracefully as you can, even if you have to put your hands down. All right, from here, going right into the a hundred we roll down, drawing the knees into tabletop. Before we get really going, check your shoulders are pressing somewhat down. So Debra, quick correction.

Just do one of those to the shoulders down and the risks are up a little tiny bit higher than your shoulders. That's my, that's great. Great. Stretch your legs out, but as you do, make sure your low back doesn't change. Inhale, everybody, just let the arms go a little higher, but reaching them forward as you do it. Exhale all the air out is if your upper arms had something to do with it as they press down. Inhale and exhale. Good. And in here, so as you're reaching your arms, really reach them.

Your arm pits are going to your waist. Again, if any of you want to add the normal pump, go ahead. I'm kind of preferring this right now and all of year when your arms come down, think about a subtle external rotation or outward rotation of that upper arm. Can you do two more, even if it's 110 or 90 hold that. Drag your knees in towards your nose. Take your arms back. Overhead fetal, go to the mat. Yup. Yup. Exactly. Sliding your feet all the way out.

Press the back of the ribs into the mat. Inhale to lift, head, neck and shoulders and pause. So let's tonight if you can, if you want the challenge, you try to bring that upper body with you with the upper arms. Exhale to continue. The arms will start to lower now, right opposite your shoulders is where they end. Andy, just slightly taller and your spine, your arms and rest bodies. Perfect. A little taller than me or maybe hands down a little hook. Okay, now we can see you down we go. Rail always says, Hey, I'm sure some of you have heard it. Keep going. Oh No, you're too pretty. I want to see your face and it's something now that I look for.

It's like when I'm looking for a good roll up, I have to see, hey, are they cute? All right, let's go. Tiny. Well, easy. That's why I'm picking on you. I want to see it in here and exhale. Riley slightly, pull your shoulders back just slightly here. Is it mostly just at that top end? Tiny bit faster. Still Inhale and exhale and inhale. Exhale at this pace. You're doing a breath that kind of works for you. One more time. [inaudible] keep the curve. We're going to start to roll back, but bring your knees with you so you're drag your feet in and roll halfway down.

Inhale, take the arms back, circle them. If you've got the room two and exhale to come all the way up. Ah, inhale, exhale down. So get comfortable with the idea that you're going to have to, or I'm going to have to take my time getting through this hard part right here. Okay. There's no point in throwing it. You can grab with your hands.

That's not a big deal. But I've watched a client today just kinda tossed herself through a similar situation and uh, we made the analogy that, or the, we realized that's kind of what she does. When life gets hard, she just Kinda tosses yourself through certain things and just has to keep dealing with it rather than taking your time. But I digress. Here we go. Okay. Exhale. Hold. Sorry Ellen.

Bring one knee up than the other just for slow, double leg stretches. Inhale, exhale. Pay attention to the center of your body. Okay. Absolute stillness that includes your eyes. One more extend. One leg. And I'm going to encourage you to feel a little glute here. So to me it's an inward press of the thigh bones. That's how it works for me. If your neck gets tired, you should take the break.

I won't be here too much longer. I'll give you four more single passes and yeah, bring in both knees. Close, close, close, close, close, right in there. Gently guide the tailbone toward the floor even though you're this close and head goes down, shoulders reaching down, elbows point to the side as you roll your head, neck and shoulders back up and from here, place the hands behind your head. If you feel your butt coming up off the ground, you need to to make it a good exercise. Pull the legs away from you. If you can keep them in close and keep your abs tight. Challenge yourself that way tonight. Extend one leg, turn toward that knee and change. Doesn't matter which side.

Let's go one, one, and two. Two. Remember you're in the flex position the whole time. You don't come out of it. Okay, two more full sets. So here's a one of those sets. Here's the second, come back to the center, bending the knees, pull them in from under your chest. Be Nice to your head. Pool, pool, pool, pool. Keep the knees and close.

Let your head go to the mat for a moment. Big Inhale. Exhale. Shoulders are of course, Dan, you're going to roll chin toward chest to come right back up. Now leaving your upper body as it is, we're going to draw the pelvis up and then put it back down. Try and leave your feet kind of low tonight. I'm up and down. And just notice what a tendency if you go to your neck at all and down.

So in my head I'm trying to almost bring my knees toward my shoulders. I do have my knees a little bit apart by the way. You don't have to, but I do. And just scoop into bring them in and up and in and out. Okay. Keep doing what you're doing guys, but act like you're about to get up like with your upper body. Act like you're, and keep it that way. Yeah, keep it like I'm, there you go. There you go. You got to keep the intention. Take the break, Emily. I'll come right back.

Almost done. Yeah. Heads go down. Keep your legs there. Nuts. That was nuts. Yeah, that was kind of nuts. I've never done that before my whole life. I don't know where that came from either, but guess what? I thought of another one while we're there. Roll a first reset yourselves.

You guys are pros but you've got to remember that set up is everything, so find length to your neck. Then curl up. If, and again, I find that the intent on, I'm just going to get up. If this is the only thing I had to do is get up like this. That's what I'm going to do now. Take without pulling on your head, of course. Allow your elbows to wrap forward or just a point forward, I should say. You still acting like you're going to get up.

You still bring in the knees in again. They can be a part, no big impact. Let's everybody let them be a part. If they're not rotate so that the right elbow goes outside or near outside the left knee, stay there. Then evenly pull the hips up like you had been earlier. One and two. The legs are just hanging out, aren't they?

No. If you legs really are tired, you can cross them. Sometimes. That helps. One more for I believe six. Yup. Come through middle. Do we need a break here? No, of course not. Get it over with. Elbows are pretty close, right? I didn't open it up and pull the lower body and oh, it's slow. Aaron. Enjoy it.

Yes. Three. Whether you see your hips lift or not isn't the big deal is it's the out. Oh Deborah, tell me you like it. Tell me you can feel your obliques. Oh Shit. She loves it. Oh, I love this. Must be six. Come back. Let your head go down. Keep your knees. That's kind of good.

I know. And we have windows open tonight. We're sweating. All right, gang. Oh, what was it? Oh yeah. Once again. Set up. Here we go. What'd you say first one? Never sweat. I don't either. I'm loving it. Come on up. Okay, so again, we have that little frog like low frog position. You're there now. Pull the knees in as close as you can without lifting your tailbone. Sorry, without lifting your tailbone. Did I curl you up? Yeah. Then keep the shape of the little frog position. Tap the toes down. Pick them back up. Not from the hip joint, from the chest or it's, that's more image than truth, but not far from the truth.

Are you still acting like you're going to get up? Thank you. Spread the diamond frog out a little bit. Just a little meaning. Just make it a little bigger. Our distance wise away from you. Still acting like you're gonna get up last for one. If it is going to your back, you've your done success. Meaning I'm assuming your abs are tired. That's what I'm trying to do. So take the brake cause I, we're all going to in one more and instead of hugging your knees, stretch an arch.

Whew. Yeah. Let your ribs flare and joy it. Show them off. You notice I say ribs? Cracking myself up. All right. Oh my gosh. Can we, can we just like go to our sides? Huh? Your legs branching. Okay. All right gang. Here's the deal, you're stretched out. Press the ribs back into the mat. Inhale, take your arms all the way over to your hips. Oh, there they are. Inner thighs.

Exhale, take your time. It'll be maybe a little harder than normal. Yeah. Okay. We're doing rolling like a ball, which would seem like a break except from coming from where you just did. What I am going to suggest though, what I'm going to suggest instead of going as tight as you can cause that's kind of what we just did. Spread it out a little bit and put your focus on the curve to the low back and here we go. Inhale, roll back, exhale up and hold and inhale, roll back. Exhale up and hold where you start. You stay. That's the trick to this one.

Not a whole lot of adjusting that happens. Whether or not you make it every time is not nice job. [inaudible] check in with how long your neck. Sorry. Looking good. Debra, how about just one more and when you get to the top, stay there. We're going into open like rocker from here.

Aid is the almost identical exercises with one exception. And that is to extend your upper back when you're here. Okay. To get going. It's as if the glow glutes lightly squeeze and you roll back, inhale, exhale and inhale back. It's kind of like you have to resist the temptation to roll over the sit bones or tailbone even stay behind it. And really the upper back is the break last one.

And with that, bend the knees, the rural, bring the feet together, sit. Um, almost upper app, right? Yeah. Upright feet stretched out a little bit. And I'm saying just a little bit, I'm about to do the short box series. So, um, I think actually it's going to be better if we flex her feet and I have them together. Okay. If you find that it's all of a sudden all hip flexor, stretch them out a little bit more and try to go back to the abdominals. All right, so fresh start is leave the art forms on your abdominals. In fact, leave your arms here and we're going to roll away from them. So the arms basically, please stay there. That's, this is an exhale and of course now they're going to come with you here. Inhale, [inaudible]. Exhale, wide collar bones.

Keep your curve until your hips or shoulders over hips, somewhere around there. Then inhale, stack your spine in the arms. We'll just fall back in place a tiny bit more lifted in your chest to finish it ever. There you go. Exhale. We pull the hipbones away. There shouldn't be a sense of dropping there, right? There's not a collapse. It's more like you're getting pulled back. Inhale and exhale.

Feel the bones of the back. Press into the mat as you start to curl up and inhale, stack your spine and exhale, changing it slightly. You're going to have to slide your hands apart a little bit. Inhale, take the arms up. [inaudible]. Exhale, bring them back. Hold for an inhale and exhale would come.

Good. Very good. Last one like that. Inhale, exhale back. I'll tell you, I have a little downward pressure on my heels on purpose. Go ahead. To recruit the hamstrings a little, which minimizes the hip flexors a little which will give you a little bit more chance to use your abs, shoulders down and Ellen links. Enough hands are going to go behind your head. Now get as tall as you can and it's going to be a funny Q.

You might want your feet slightly apart here, that'd be fine. Um, as tall as you can for most of us is going to give us a tiny arch in our back from that place without dropping it all. Pull, Tuck, kind of pull the hipbones deeper into the body. That's really all it is. To make those low back flatten out. Line up with the upper back from there is pretty small gang. Inhale to hinge back. Take your hipbones with you. That's far enough. Exhale to come up. It's really going to be small.

Think about going on that high diagonal up there and exhale. That looks great, Wendy. And inhale. Excellent. Okay. If it's all into your hip flexors, you might just need a break cause we've been doing a fair amount one more time, but again, encourage inner thigh and hamstring for help. Alright, with that, what I want to have you do just for the moment is release and I'm gonna come back to this. Roll all the way down. Bring your feet in for a shoulder bridge, like position. So you're in a pelvic curl with the feet slightly apart, spreading out your back. Inhale, exhale, roll up. Enjoy this as a stretch almost. Well maybe definitely from me. All right, take a second and make sure you're very much in your hamstrings and how do you know you're probably on the verge of a cramp? Taking one leg straight up and this is not going to be what you think, I don't think reaching long. So it's about lined up with the other leg.

Reach a little longer than if it's available to you. You'll continue pressing down if it makes you arch. Don't do it until the leg hits the ground or close to it and then slide it back into place. Same leg, reach it up and lock long. Include the waist and then slide it back. Sort of a bicycle. Yeah. If you want to get a little more out of it, what you could do, if your hip flexors are tired, don't you can try and draw that knee to your face before you extend it.

Would one more be five? Does anyone know? Good. Let's make this the last one. Put it in place. Adjust so that your hips are there. Recheck if your low backs taking over. Sometimes you don't know it. You're going to recheck to get the other leg to come up. Reach it long and here's where the hips are gonna want to drop.

Your is going to change. She kept pretty significantly hamstring work right about here. As the leg goes down, the hips are kind of pressing up in opposition. Unfurling the leg. Go ahead and use that tricep you're on or both of them, but the one's probably a little more weighted. Yeah, I think that's it, but I don't know if, if it is, stop and I'll watch you inhale and we exhale to roll down.

Right. Walk the feet a little bit away, they'll still be bent, curl forward, grab onto the back of your legs and up we come. It's cake, right? Climatory extending your, let's say left leg down, sitting up as tall as you can, but when we're on the floor and we don't, this is from the reformer work. If we're on the floor and we don't have a strap, we're gonna have to lean back a little bit just to get up right from here. It's a little different. Um, anyway, go like this. Encouraging your back, straightening one, just hugging the knee. And three pulses, two, three. Keep your back straight. That's what I'm working here.

It try to straighten your leg, but don't change your back. There's an inhale, pull the hipbones in. You're going round that low back. You're going to take the leg near 90. That's about it. Before I fall over, and now walk down, but lead with your pelvis. Your hands are following your pelvis to your down about mid back by three. Inhale, circle the arms. Exhale, light arms. Use your abs to walk up. Press the lower leg into the floor. To three, straighten out your back.

Inhale and we'll go a tiny bit faster. And Polson. One and two. Elbows wide. Three. Inhale, stretch. Pull it back a little and down. A one length in the legs. Three inhale, circle, and up we go on. Inner thighs will help you to three in healthful, that gorgeous. N One, two, three stretch. Am I get a little easier as you go and bring it with you and down to three. Inhale and exhaling up. Two, check your next there. Three. Inhale, elongate. Hang out for one second. Aaron, can you pull it any closer to you? Why not? Yeah, yeah, no. Yeah, you're great.

No, I'm just saying don't let me limit you. Yeah, go for no, go for it. Go. Go. If yeah, if he can. Absolutely. Here we go. One more for Aaron and walked down one, two. And I say that because your, your form is perfect. Let's challenge you and up. Yeah. If you wait on me, this is it. That's all you get from me. From here, gang, be nice to yourself. So encourage a flex foot. Okay.

Oh, Wendy's inspiring me. I love it. We just do that. Always tell me what to do next, what she did. And so you know, is a the opposite hand to the leg in the air. If it's available. She went to her foot. I think you'd put this one down. Yeah. And first she was already straight and then she rotated. Yeah. Yeah, she did.

And again, if you've got more available, you go ahead and bend that elbow and pull it up. Nice, Jennifer. Alright. Come on home carefully and just bend the knee and chicken out on either side. Yeah. Hi. Here we go. Sitting tall. Exhale, pulse for one, two, three. Don't expect the same range right away. The nice to it. A lovely Emily. Bring it back. I didn't know I had that going on to right there. Then inhale, circle. Feel the length.

I'd give this one slowly ease into it. One, two, three theorists climb a tree, right? So theoretically the tree stay still on that part and here we go. Xcel Poles, tall, tall, tall, stir. Bring it back and energize that lower leg. Otherwise you're in no man's land. I stay forward as the arms circle round. Inhale and exhale, pull deep, deep, deep inhale, encouraging more. Stretch if it's working for you. And last too.

Two, three, walking or pull it back and then walk. Two, three, inhale too. The ring. Inhale, lifting your chest, feel the upper back. He almost drawing the shoulder blades together. Last one, go ahead and one, two, three and stretch. Good. And we'll roll it back and walk down and two and three. Inhale man up. Enjoy.

This was the one you flexed on and it for some it's not comfortable to hold there or if it's actually a little more challenging, but if you can go to the ball of the foot with your hand or not, you can be down here. You can have a slight bend, whatever you need. If you did the rotation on the other side, either grab your foot, the outside of your foot, the ankle or wherever you need to to then first make sure you're still straighten your spine and then add your rotation and then slowly unwind. Support the leg before you just let it go and bring it down. Okay Gang, we're going to come onto our side. So just face front on your form please. Hello. You're perfect. You're perfect. Yeah, yeah. All right. So here we are. We're lifted. You're proud.

Coming out of that shoulder top leg and we're coming forward for sidekick is forward, forward and back and forward. Now you can take that and back since you already, you just came from class, you can jump in and forward, forward and back and forth and back and forth. Forward, back. One more forward. Forward. Hold it back. Hold it back. Now let me use you as an example though. You're already quite good. You're all pretty good. Um, imagine that you were polled. Ooh, good. Actually you had some room, didn't you?

And leave and slightly rolled out hip phone. Okay. Muscle focus from there first, just to go backwards, it's pretty small cause you guys are pretty already there. It's the sense of the thighbone going backwards, the hip bone going forward. So quite small step it. Okay, one more. Hold it there to the back. You're at your far back end.

Flex your foot and reach the heel. Further back on that whatever diagonal you're on, you feel that right now. Relax the foot, but don't let any other part go. And 10 little lift straight up. Tiny. You almost don't let go. Yeah. Only thing I want to change about your rallies to turn your chest straight ahead. [inaudible] yes. Good. Last two, I believe.

Okay, great. Bring that knee in and just set it in front. Bottom leg is reaching again so far it almost comes off your mat. I guess that could be easy depending on where you started. Foot is flexed and do this. Try to make, when you flex your foot, try to make the foot parallel and stay that way. And now lift or reach and lift one can be pretty small too.

Trying to avoid turning the foot up or down for that matter. If anything, turn it down, but [inaudible] it's pretty small when I keep you up like this, isn't it good? And that'll do I think. Great. Wow. Good from me. Top leg in front. How's our elbow doing? All right, not great. I'll come back. Let's go to the other side. I want, I'm good. I want them easy to do well. So we're on the other side.

If you want a more balanced, you could been the lower leg and I wouldn't, I'm not gonna offer the more advanced version just cause we didn't do it on the other side at all. So top leg is up the same way. I pulled on Emily earlier. Do that now for yourself. And now here we go. And forward, forward and back and forth. I can tell you from me as I go forward, if I tighten up and I kind of mean everywhere, sort of brace myself, I pull everything with me. I actually try and let my leg be almost totally relaxed when it's going forward almost. Totally. And actually that's almost true for the back. It feels like it's working more of the back, but I free up as much as possible right there so the body doesn't get dragged. Only gonna do one more.

I don't think I quite made it to 10 on the other side. Hold it to the back. All right, here's that thing again. If you tighten up the legs going to get, everything's going to get short. So for a moment without completely losing it, relax and let it, let yourself be pulled from that place. We went straight back home and this you almost, if you only looked at your pelvis and up, you're not going to see any movement points straight back. And that's because, and I guess I kind of mean the ribs and everything but, but I am trying to and that might be it. Okay. From there straight up and down. I'm trying to, either way is I pushed back, counter it with the pelvis so it doesn't go with that.

The great eight and 10 fantastic. Bring it in front. Yeah. Okay. This is where we're going to want to take the top half and roll back and get all sexy about it. No you no, none of that. Not here. Not yet. Anyway, reach you like long parallel foot and from that point you can kind of forget about the foot and stretch from that thigh bone. Yeah. I'm not going anywhere on this one. Good. Siri. Okay. Out in, up for what's is different. Just to right.

If you think less about lifting and more about reaching, it tends to help and good job. That's it. Coming over. I'll come back to sides in a second. Come over onto your hands and knees please. Heading into the front support. So if you would like to be on your forearms, this would be a fine time to do it where you can just avoid your wrist being involved. Here we go. Extending one leg back. Before you get into it, I want you to feel that hamstring on that side. So right where the hand, the top of the leg meets the glute, the, but you should have that connection. The knee is straight but not hyper extended. Other foot feet are flexed and now here you are.

You are lifted from the F as if you were suspended on a canvas strap or something right underneath your ribs and pelvis supporting you. So your arms are just there, but they're not doing a whole lot. Not entirely true, but it's where we're thinking. If you have not already drawn your glutes together, do that now. That's a good position. Helen, keep the glutes engaged.

Inhale on your exhale, pull the rib bones in the front of your body in and up. So you're going to get a little curve, but don't lose the glute and then inhale, extend out. Back to where you just came from. Exhale, light on your arms. Don't push into the ground to lift up. Lift up to lift up and Elongate. One more time. All right. You're going to shift your weight to your the hand closest to the back of the room.

The other hand goes forward just a little and swivel and turn to face front up here. Yeah. Okay. I've got one foot crossed in front of the other. You're welcome to stack them, but I'm here and you're long. I'm just checking things out. You are. Pick your head up a little Aaron and drop the hips up. There you go. There you go. Good, good, good. Nice. Lift the hips a bit.

Everybody. Take the arm, keep it straight. Yeah, and then come on down and bent. Draw the feeding closer. We're going to just stretch here so you can keep the knees close. You can spread them out. What we really want is an up and over sensation [inaudible] and then release it and let's just change sides starting. Actually I'm going to, no, we've got to start this way.

Just I know you're facing away. I'm just going to have you in front support for a moment. Stabilize all the same rules. Go ahead and get yourself there. Good work this time. Pick up your right leg. Not well actually. Yeah, do cut. Try and get it as high as your hips. There you go. It's flexed and an Aaron. Just stretch your knee. That's in the air. There you go.

Can you can still flex the foot but keep the knee straight at the same time. Ah, there we go. And lift one just for two. It's pretty tiny. Barely releasing change sides. Take your time to get there. One's good too. That's it. Very nice job. Okay, here we go. Hell. And you're gonna turn to the front if you need to adjust that backhand so you end up facing front again. Do, you can always put the knee down for a little help there.

Everybody's got those long lines. You can come down a little for a second. Andy with your hips and lengthen out the crown of your head. There we go. And then we added a lift. Pull that lower arm into your waist and open it up and come down. Slide the feet in. Yeah. And stretch.

And this is supposed to feel good. Sometimes I do this kind of a stretch and it just doesn't feel good cause it's too short for me. I don't know that day. So you know, I can feel good. You need take care of yourself. I'm just like, well not winging it, but you know. All right, how are we doing on our arms or oh, we're working on tonight. Yeah, cause good. So are we going to do the tricep dip it, I'm going to do one thing. You guys can set yourselves up. That means face the center. Fingers. Face your heels. Would anybody prefer a band to do the tricep overhead?

[inaudible] oh, y'all don't have to wait on me. So I'm probably Aaron, move your hands back a little. Yeah. Anybody else? Okay, so using Emily as my example, just try and straighten your arms up a little bit. Don't. Yeah, exactly. Perfect. So she's lifted. Now not everybody can do that. If you don't have that flexibility where your arms are straight and you're still sitting down, you can have a bent elbow, not a problem, but you have to have the shoulder down still from that place. You're going to hover your hips off the ground. You can have a little tuck.

You don't have to go real high. You can actually be, yeah, that's good. That's good. And then you bend the elbow straight backwards and you straighten. So bend your knees, Jennifer. Yeah, it's going to be too weird that way. Just for your tricep. It's okay. That's okay. It's okay.

Yeah, that feels okay on your wrist, isn't it? Aaron? Here's an alternative for you using the band. How many are doing? That's 2010 okay, 20 for sure. 20 for sure. Okay, good. What Deborah's doing is I think she's planning on 30 possible 20 in any case, she's going to be even with her leg like that. And you know me, I'm not counting the, what we're doing here is keeping the resistance straight up and down.

Deborah, I'll tell you, Deborah will tell you good. She doesn't even change legs yet though. How's she feel? God, I was like, oh, you guys are bombed. Bombed. How many Debra? That's gotta be okay. Rest. See, it's fun to be the teacher. You just go, who wants a band? All right, we're very close gang. First thing before we get to the actual big meaty back extension exercises, we're going to sit some version of, of this, of cross legs.

If that doesn't work for you. I have a little boxes. If anyone wants to sit on one. Anyone for hip flexors just beat. Okay, that's a good idea. Um, so just like this, but do a little tuck in the pelvis. Okay. Now here's the deal guys. You've got to squeeze your glutes here cause this won't work if you don't, and I mean a lot. Um, if, if that's comfortable, you can keep it. Alright, so squeeze your glutes. Promise. Yes. Okay, so now what you're going to do is just vertically lengthen your spine. Yep.

And you're not going to see much, but you might feel it. If you have heavy shoulder blade, you're probably really feel it and can use a little length lift up. There you go. Good. Now try. If your glutes are squeezed, I can say try to arch your back and you won't be able to except for the part I want you to know. In other words, don't loosen up on the glutes at all. By the way, I'm holding pretty strongly on my, my uh, knees. Try try to arch, but don't lose the glute contraction. Give it your all.

Give it your all. Go ahead. Come on. You're going to be looking up a little bit. Probably Squeeze glutes and release. This is making sense. All my upper back right now. Now you tell me why Paul, why people think they're not supposed to squeeze their quotes. Sorry, I need a soapbox and maybe white for my feet. Okay, so that's exactly the point. So remember that. Now granted, you're not going to be squeezing as hard as we are right now in certain positions, but let's just do it again because it's, that's w this is a feeling I want you to have when you're doing swimming, when you're doing single leg kick, when you're doing anything, not so much in the glutes, but that feeling in your back. That's just how it works here. Here we go. First we have to squeeze, so I'm thinking inner thighs and sit bones coming toward each other.

I literally am using some hand, arm pressure to help me get taller and squeeze more through the glutes. So from my body this feels straight. Who knows? Then it's a vertical rise of the chest. The eyes might travel up a little and you squeeze the glutes as much as you can and if you don't lessen the pressure, you can try to arch your back. But arch it up and back.

Yeah, take one arm off. This might be the meaty back work we're going to do. I think we got it and bring it back down. You can release your gaze forward and then now you know what you're looking for. We'll go right back into squeeze glutes, lift chest. If you're not already there. And then take that other arm, take the arm slightly behind you and you really get some good stuff.

Oh, and back. Would it be too much? I don't know. Let's try. You've squeezed, you know where I'm going? Yep. I'm following you. Go ahead. Go ahead. I'll catch up. Wait, I want to make sure I'm totally there though and get 'em behind you. Come on, squeeze the glutes, come on and round flower. Whew.

That is definitely going to be our media back work instead of what I was going to do. Just stretch forward and hang out. Was it? It locks the bottom part. [inaudible] all the way up. It's like from here up, right? Yeah. Fantastic. That's exactly the feeling you want. And again, I just want to be clear that, I'm not saying when you get in swimming that you speed that tight, but I am saying if you, if you use like for example, um, what's a good one? Um, I guess [inaudible] swimming is a good example in that, um, [inaudible] people get really into this action and that's fine. There's nothing wrong with a big range of motion, but they're doing it at sometimes at the expense of not getting to that feeling again. So that's where you almost always see me start super low. La, la, La and then I try to get this part. Haven't you heard me say that?

The arms higher than legs so that once you get going, if you keep, then they have to be tight here and I'm not going for broke to tighten them, but they just have to, I can't do this position then what was going to be the point was going to be, oh, if they don't move, you had a shot at getting your upper back. If you're kind of loose here and wobbling at all, that's gone. It's more of the same thing. You know how you do that. The team said the same thing. That glue [inaudible] right. Oh, fracture. That's right. I'm just going to repeat what you're saying.

I agree with you. I wholeheartedly that it's like what Andy's doing here is a little more of a fixed contraction based on the position and it works perfectly so that you don't thrust the ribs forward and the pelvis forward. Really what you're talking about in swimming is dispersion of energy. So it's not just this held contraction right in the center. Right? Yup. Yup.

It does give you more range of motion though. It absolutely gives you, it gives you more, um, actual range of motion. It looks smaller a lot of the time, but in other words, if you're trying to, if, if the, if I tell you the point in all of our package, hm. In any case, I think we kind of get the idea that that's meant to be stable so that we have a shot at lifting and while we're on the subject you can flare your ribs so long as you don't take the hipbones with. And I think that's across the board on back extension. Yeah. All right. So if we can just sit and take a couple of breaths, I think that's enough, don't you? All right. So find someplace getting lay down. If you want, you can do whatever, but, uh, try to feel good about what you just did for yourself.

You let me kind of take you on a little bit of a ride. And again, we've made a patch. You're not telling people I did the pushups so early. Okay. Oh, right. Well, nobody watched it anyway. Okay. Take a deep breath in and just let go. Again, if you want to lay down, if you want to be in a stretch, but this is available to you all the time. These deep breaths, these moments, and um, you know, sometimes it just takes a second to remember that if you don't hold on, you can find the ease. And so forgetting about your borders and your boundaries of your body, take a big inhale, fill up the room, fill up the space, don't matter what it looks like, and exhale. I so appreciate you coming. Thank you.


This is a great class for arms. Thanks!!!
The exercise around 54:10 is QUITE special! That energy I get once I've tightened the glutes and extending upward is so powerful! Thanks, Kristi! I'll be smiling about that extension all day!
I will have to see this!! Thanks for being specific about where to go.
Oh Man I forgot about that one! Looks so easy doesn't it?!! I'll do that again when I teach tonight! Thanks for the reminder!!
Great class for arms, yeah, but how about abs??!! No wonder you look so amazing!!!! Thanks Kristi!
How much I appreciate going back in the archives and finding classes that are "new". This one has about 20 minutes at the beginning that is a gift to all of us who take PA classes in small spaces while traveling.
Thank you Joni! Thank you also for not commenting on the curtain of the early days (shoot! I hate it when I do that!)! xo
love this!!!!!
I was surprised at the repertoire of this class and welcomed the unexpected challenge of starting with standing exercises and doing other moves that are not usually found in classes. The squeezing of the glutes was a fun exercise at the end. But I could have used a little bit more extension throughout, felt like there was too much flexion in the beginning.

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