Class #1841

Reformer Workout

35 min - Class


If you don't have a lot of time, but want a great workout, then you will love this Reformer class by Jillian Hessel. It can be a continuation to her Mat workout, or it can be done by itself. During the class, she adds wonderful variations for Swan and Stomach Massage, which she learned from her mentor, Carola Trier.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Knee Pad

About This Video


Hi there, I'm Gillian has sold and we're about to do an intermediate to advanced reformer workout. These can be a continuation of my mat class or a standalone workout if you need a quickie. So this is...

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I'm sweating too! Great quick class! Thank you Jillian.
Nice variation on stomach massage
Love it, especially the modifications for swan on box and the preps for chest expansion and knee stretch. So helpful. Thank you Jillian.
Glad you liked it, Lynn! It was a challenge to lay a foundation and give a full workout, all in 35 minutes. Plus, I love to do hands on guidance, but of course that wouldn't work for the folks watching at home, so I had to discipline myself not to "help" the gals doing the class!
I love this class!
Loved it! Thank you Jillian! I do not believe I have ever done a class with you. Will be doing more! I really liked the little precursor to thigh fact, I kept doing them when you moved on to thigh stretch.

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