Class #1894

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Intensify your workout using a Theraband in this Mat class taught by Rael Isacowitz. Rael teaches the fundamental intermediate exercises, and makes them more challenging through the added resistance to promote muscular development. Explore variations of Leg Circles, Swan, glute work, Teaser, Open Leg Rocker, and Pushups.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

About This Video


My name is Rael Isacowitz, and I'm delighted to be here with Pilates Anytime. Again, I wanna thank Pilates Anytime for creating such a fertile platform for Pilates professionals and en...


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Amazing class!
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Excellent workout that went by too fast! One of my goals connected to Pilates is to take BASI instructor training in the future and since I adore all the BASI classes on PA, this video truly represents a pearl to me. Thank you PA for sharing Rael's class. Rael, your classes are always inspirational and a great fun for me. Moreover, I learn a lot by taking them. Thank you!
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Rael is the best! He's so passionate about what he does, he inspires and motivates me by his passion.
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beautiful class!!!! I enjoyed every second of it... more of Rael Isacowitz classes
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Love Rael's passion felt very much at home with his style. Thankyou!
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Thank you Rael. All of your comments and imagery are greatly appreciated. I love Flamenco! Great class.
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Love this man. Utter joy.
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Really enjoyed the emphasis on back extensors aided by the band.... Felt really good during movement and also great after session. Just what we all need!
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Fantastic!!! Thank you, Rael! It's feels so good to be taking class from you (if even from afar). You're the best!
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Excelente como siempre.
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