Class #2020

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


You will get a full body experience in this Mat workout with Tom McCook. He focuses on creating awareness of your breath and your body, which makes the class flow from beginning to end. He also encourages you to set an intention for the class, so you can notice what is happening in your mind as well.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jan 12, 2015
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Hi, I'm Tom McCook. I'm here back at Pilates Anytime with Christi and a great group of students to do a flowing mat class. This class will be a full body experience. Stay with your breathing, stay clo...


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Thank you!! It was wonderful!!
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Thank you! Loved your cuing and attention to the sensations in the body. Wonderful!
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Great teaching from parts to whole allowing the body to make the deep connections needed for success in the related Pilates exercise. Tom, thank you so much.
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TOMMCOOKTOMMCOOKTOMMCOOK!!! Never have I been more integrated or been given a happier spine! Thank you!! And I have a feeling I could do this one class for the rest of my life and discover something new and profound each time. I bow to you, Sir. :)
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An absolutely beautiful class, I loved every moment of it! Thank you Tom McCook. :)
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Thank you all for your comments on the class! So great to hear this medium for being lead and having a quality class experience is happening! I wish you all continued benefits and insights. Thank you PilatesAnytime!
Great video! All about moving...and having fun with it. :) Will defiantly add some new exercises that you have shared into my early am class.
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This was a wonderful class! I loved the warm up and flow throughout the whole class. I'll definitely do some more workouts with Tom!
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Totally loved this class and how aware it made me. I would have hit 'Like' eight times if I were able.
I will definitely do this again and look out for more of Tom's classes! Thanks for the experience!
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