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We are so happy to have Clare Dunphy join Pilates Anytime with this Mat Workout! Clare teaches a very detailed class focused on finding resistance and opposition in every exercise. She also offers tips on finding the gateway to your powerhouse that are sure to help you experience a greater sense of accomplishment and much more joy when attempting challenging exercises like the Teaser. Welcome Clare!

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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy Hamani and today we're doing a low intermediate math class with special attention to how to work on a yoga mat when you don't really have a mat with straps on it. So that's kind of what we're going to be up to. So ready ladies. Okay. Have a seat. Just have your feet facing the middle. One of the things I find when I work on, and I have to teach on yoga mats is without that strap, it's so easy to kind of just move from your legs. So we're going to work for a second just to get the feeling of holding the legs from the seat, from the powerhouse, and using the inner thighs. Okay.

So let's just start by sitting up and flexing your feet. Now turn out your feet from your hips, pinch off the seat, point your feet and then turn them parallel. Flex turnout, pinch around the seat, push the breach, the back of the legs into the mat. Point. Parallel and flex. Turn out. Reach the backs of the legs in the Mat. Haley. Point. Parallel. Yeah. You see them when you push down, it helps you pull up.

So you're pushing down to sit up more. Point parallel. One more time. Flex. Turn it out. Point and parallel. Now as we move into the hundred, make sure you keep your box and I'm going to give you a different variation. Okay, so pay attention. So roll yourself back. Bring your knees to your chest, keep your head up, stay wrapped around in your seat and pump. Breathing in for five.

Breathing out for five and keep going. Breathing in for five. Breathing out for five. Now Open your eyes and look at your hip line and extend your right leg out. Breathing in for five. Keep equal rate weight right along your lower back by back of your pelvis and Nikki pump. Honey pump. Yeah, and exhale.

Now switch legs. But don't let your hips move. That means you don't want this left hip to go out with your right foot. You really want to keep square. Now let's take both knees in. Keep that pattern breathing in for five. Breathing out for five and reach both legs out to your working level and feel the base of your, your pelvis anchored to the mat.

Inner thighs joined. Exhale, see if you can bring a little lower pitch around the seat and really pumped. Last few pumps. Go. Exhale and then come down. Alright, bring yourself up to a seated position. And from here, hold the backs of your thighs. We're going to practice just tipping the pelvis back and sitting up, not dropping the chest, tipping the pelvis under cause that's how we initiate the roll. And then tip the pelvis under. So look at me for a minute.

See how I'm not dropping my body back? Keep your body there and just tip the pelvis under. You see it's different. This is the initiation of your roll back of all your rolling exercises. You're rolling like a ball. Everything.

So now pull into that and start rolling back. Start Rolling back, crawling the tail under you roll. Just touch your low back and come up and sit up tall. Okay. And again, lift and just your tail goes under you. Then you start rolling back. So work on holding the upper body quiet and then bring yourself up and sit up tall. Now your hands, your arms work like springs. So hold on tight.

Lift up, pull back. Now hold your hands there and pull your stomach back as you pull your arms forward so you can hollow out more. Yeah, keep going. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Stretch the legs out straight. Flex your feet. Turn out, pinch around the seed. Point. Parallel. It's wake up. That second part of your look two way stretch, which is from your lower back through your feet.

Point parallel and flex and hold as though you have your feet under strap. Bring your head up. Hold the backs of your thighs and pull yourself up. Draw your stomach in. Bring your head down to your knees. Keep your feet flex now roll back, pull with your stomach. Use your seat. Roll your hips under your arms. Help you like springs and come all the way down. This time reach your arms back, anchoring your ribs, arms to the ceiling. Head Up. Exhale, come all the way up. Pull the abdominals behind you.

Round your head to your knees, stretch and breathe out and pull back. Flex your feet, push your heels across the room. You got a strap around them and the back of the legs are working to hold them into the mat. Reach away long. One more time. Arms Up, head next, no pole into the belly. Keep reaching the heels back and exhale, stretch and roll back. Pool into the belly. Keep the heels reaching across the mat and you're all the way down. Take your right knee into your chest, stretch it now. Square your hips again.

So you're going to have to pull your left hip up and your right hip down so your low back stays equally weighted. Now let's concentrate on our extended legs. It's on the mat. Flex it, point it, flex it pointed. It's so easy to forget about that part of the leg as we're moving. So flex and hold. Extend your right leg up and flex it. Soften the knee, point it and straighten the knee. So flex the thigh comes in. Point the leg stretches up. The left leg is still under an imaginary strap.

Right and hold it there. Hands by your sides. Now get yourself square. Don't move your hips and circle into yourself to the left reach and come up. So imagine that leg has a spring on it and you have to push into it from the back of the leg as it lowers. So it doesn't just drop.

You're holding the weight of the leg into the back. Now we reverse it out, down, across, up. Lengthen it across up. So if you can keep your hips still, then we can advance this to the variation where the hip leaves the mat last time and up and just hug your knee into your chest. Switch legs. That's it. Take the left knee in. Now Square your hips so that across your pelvis, it's one straight line.

Ramani is to say that to us over and over again. Right foot flex point, the back of the leg is reaching into the mat, so that whole hip is working. The inner thighs working too. So the whole hip is working. Hold it flexed. Extend the left leg up. Now you flex your left foot, soften the knee, push it to a point. Both legs are reaching. You're holding your square flex and point deepen into your square.

Find your center line with both inner thighs. That's another way it helps. Point to the ceiling and flex and bend and reach up. End Point. Nice work hands by your sides and circle in long around one, so hold the waist and the hips steady into the mat. Up Long.

Try not to use momentum and up. Hold. Reverse it. Now time it a little tug into your belly as the leg hits the top and it stops on a dime. One more time. One more time after this. I think that was four. That's five. And then bring this leg down. Okay. All in one motion.

Bring your body up for rolling like a ball. We're going to practice that a few times so you can come up symmetrically. Lie Out, come up, get their head between your knees, stretch the hold your ankles. You see my hands. One, two. You want to get into a nice tight grip heels to your seat, head between your knees. That's it. Lay Out. Come up up, head and legs. Move together. Hold on Haley, and again, Leia and again up and now we roll back and forth right into your mad.

We'll make sure you have a nice thick mat. If you're rolling on your spine, can you put your head in between your knees? Weigh in tight and hold it there. Then two back like we talked about. Really tipping the hips under you. One more time and rolling. Keep up and stay. Okay. Make sure your hips are centered in your mat and now go onto your back.

Take your right knee into your chest for the single leg stretch. We're moving into the AB series. Your eyes are really important. They help you notice if you're square or not. So this is not square. My hip is going that way. I need to hold it up. So check out your hips and then change and find it on this side.

Hold that knee in and change the thighs. Brush each other and change and change and change. Breathe in, in and out and out. No tension in the neck, in and out and out. Breathe in and in and out, out and in and in.

You guys are good and both heels in. Alright, now we move the upper and lower body for the double leg stretch shootout and hold linkedin, linkedin, linkedin. Come in. Oh, where are you lengthening from? Inhale, reach your legs. Reach from the low back. The arm has reached from the low back. Everything pulling apart in a two way. Action in with the air hole. Reach, reach, reach out with the air in with the air. Shoot out like an Arrow that was too slow. Let's shoot out like an arrow. Show me an Arrow, an ex one more time arrow.

And come in, rest your neck for a second. Turn your head left and right who, who, and then bring your head up again. Right leg up, left leg out. And I want you guys to reach up for your angles. Now check out your hip line again, squared off, and then tighten up underneath your seat and pull into the center line. Now pull the leg twice. Change, pull it in twice. Change. Can you still work the center line and keep that wrap so that your pelvis stays square so that when your bones are lined up, it's easier to pull your stomach in. Pull, pull, quick pull, pull, pull, pull, pepper. Give it some pepper. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull and finish. Legs Up. Tinder your chest. Alright, lower yourself down. Pick yourself up and really get into that upper abdominal curl.

Practice that again. Go down. Come up, lock it in. Are you locked in? Let's try it one more time. Now come up and lock it in. Now Pinch together your seat and reach legs out and down. Squeeze your bottom. Now pull up from your stomach. Yeah, keep the upper part locked in and come up and reach out again.

Hold you. Feel your button. Squeeze your butt there, Kelly. Yeah, there you go. Up and go out again. Hold. Now you're going to where you can go, but I tell you, if you get to about here, use the back of the legs to pull them down and come up and then bring yourself up to a seated position. We're going to talk about this one a little but not top. We're going to move as we do. The Chris Cross is rotation.

So sit up tall and ladies rotate towards me. That's it towards me. That's it. Sit Up. Sit forward a little bit more. You feel that? Now go through the center and twist away from me. Twists from your waist. Lift your sides back to center. Now twist towards me and bend the same leg up.

See how lifted your sides are. Come on, Haley, up. That's it. She's holding out on me and back to center. You lift like your life depends on it and give it your own. Really get that lift and twist and center. This is what your criss crosses. It's not a drop.

So let's go onto your back. Take your left knee in and twist around to your left so you're really open. How about that center line? Now pull that knee into your chest. Reach the other leg out, but hold that same side hip up. Now switch. It's a twist and a rotation.

Stay on your spine and twist. So whichever side you're twisting to, pull back into the center of your back and rotate. You see what I mean? And twist so you're not rolling over and twist. The more you pull that knee in, the stronger you get into your lower abs and keep your elbows wide. Now faster and change.

Imagine your spine is on a balance beam and you don't want to fall off. Oh that gets harder, doesn't it? And then rest and come up. Alright, that's a little pet peeve of mine. That one, they do it like in the gym. No. All right, so flex your feet and you can open as wide as your mat on this one for the spine. Stretch forward. Sit Up tall and just point again and flex and point. So our feet are part of our powerhouse here, right?

And sometimes you forget about them and you're also pushing down to sit up taller. Now keep your feet flex, keep your shoulders where they are and just pull back a little bit through here and sit up, back of the legs in the Mat. This is tough. If you're tight in your hamstrings and back and pull back a little and sit up and pull back a little and sit up. [inaudible]. Now we're going to add that piece onto the upper part curling forward. So we get this coming under this going over two way stretch. Sound familiar? We're always searching for it and everything we do. So take the arms up, take a breath, relax your head forward, pinch off your seats.

Start that action in the lower body as the upper body curls over. Put your lower back on the back wall and then roll yourself up. Take a breath and exhale again. Round, round, round, round. Paul your low back to the back wall and come up. Now try to add a lift through here so you're not dropping your rib cage down.

So come up and over as you're pulling back. Exhale or roll up. Yep. One last time. Chin to your chest. Nose to navel. Crown reaches to the Mat. The lower back is reaching your heels or reaching [inaudible].

Open the back and roll up. Nice. Now pull back through the belly a little. Pull your legs into you so you're holding the tops of your ankles, your elbows to the insides of your knees. Okay? Now keep yourself back under yourself. See what I'm doing here with my pelvis under. I'm not just here with my belly hanging out like Santa Claus. Pull back. Alright, stretch your legs out. Santa Claus. What month is this? March. Oh, the I heard was on Christmas tree.

Lean today or something on my way of, okay, hold your balance because I was telling close your legs. That's it. Find your ballots. Open your legs. That's it. Okay. Now tip back. Starting from your pelvis. Let's give it a go. Roll back and forth. Chasey. Rankles with your feet or your hands.

So you rolled back and chase your ankles and roll back. Jeez, you're ankles. Oops. I overshot it there. Tip under rollback. Let's size your back. Find your balance. Close your legs. Well that's it. Now lift up a little Hailey. Lift. Lift your waist. Let go.

Leave your legs where they are. Can you still pinch around the seat and roll yourself out? And we're ready for the corks group of before we go to courts. Your work, you tend to do the tick tock, which is a reformer exercise. Have your hands come out to your sides with your legs slightly turned out. Wrap around in the seat. Draw your belly in and move your legs to the right and look to the left.

Stop. Come back to center. Flatten out through your abdominals. Over to the left. You look to the right, stops all your weights on your left hip back to center. The weight is equal over to the right. Stretch out through your left leg. Make it a little longer. Come back to center.

Now you're equal over to the left. Look to the right. Reach your right leg out. Reach your right arm out and back to center. So think about that as we go into our corkscrew. You want the weight in your pelvis to move around as you make your circle hands by your sides. Ease out of your knees. If your quads are screaming, wrap around in the seats off in the knees, right around your, even your on the left hip.

Now you're in the center to the left. Reach around now your even your weight's on your right hip. Now it's centered in with the air for the first half out with the air for the second half in with the air for the first half out with the air for the second half, and then just bring yourself up. Nice. Next is the Saul, so separate your feet. If you're on a yoga mat, you can actually go a little wider than your shoulders and the old Pilati studios, we had these little boxes and we would put our feet that wide for the saw.

It makes for a little extra twist. So I'm going to keep my feet here, but since you guys are on the the mat too, you can flex your feet and stay there. Okay, so flex your feet, point your feet. We're back to this again. I always notice people forget how important those feet are and the reach into the back of the legs to sit up. Okay, so we're still working even though we're doing such a small movement and flex arms out to the side. Now I'm going to have you twist towards me first. So twist towards me. That's it. Now go forward. Reach your Pinky to your pinky toe and hold it there.

I want your pinky with your pinky toe. So you see what I'm doing here. Put your palm down and I want you to push out with your pinkie toe and in with your pinkie and then pull back in your opposite hip. You feel that? So you're pushing and pulling back in the opposite hip. Now come up, we'll do that on this other side. So twist away from me and then go.

So your pinky goes to your pinky toe, palm down, Colleen, your Pinky, literally on your pinky toe. Push your pinky toe into your pinky and your pinky into your pinky toe. And then pull back that opposite hip, that arm that's reaching across. It's that hip. So you get that opposition going and come up. Now we'll do it with a little more energy and intention and flow, twist and exhale. Hit it and push and more and more.

And come up, twist and exhale and go. Push out. Pull your little back into the back wall and come up, twist and exhale as much as you're reaching forward is as much as you're pulling back. That's what you're trying to get to and come up and twist. But see, exhale. Pinky to Pinky toe. Pullback in that opposite hip more and more and more. And bring yourself up. Last side. Come towards me.

Her last set I should say. Push your Pinky, pinky toes back, arm high. And come up. Deep breath in and ring out your lungs here. Go ahead and press and press. Try not to hinge. Pull back through the waist just and bring yourself up. All those things you want to find. Close your legs and then roll down and will turn onto your stomach.

So just turn over onto your stomach. No, that's it. I have now we have the swan. Okay. Just make your legs long behind you. That's it. And you can have your legs as close together as you can. Take your hands underneath your shoulders as wide as your mat.

Okay. And then pretend you have a marble right where your noses can go ahead and roll. The marble across the mat and let it land on top of your nose and let it start rolling up your head and up and up and up and up and up, and then come forward and down and let's do it again. Roll the marble, catch it on top of your nose, roll it onto the top of your head. Let it roll right down the back. Take a breath. Now look towards me. Let your shoulders come down.

Look towards the floor. Keep your belly lifted. Look away from me and back to center. Now look away from me down to the floor. Look towards me. Back to center and pull yourself forward and down.

Okay, that's it. Now we're going to do just a little mini swan dive. We'll leave our hands in place and just press up, up, up, up, up, and then roll to your stomach and push up and rule to your stomach and push up rural to your stomach and push up. Roll to your stomach and push one more rural to your stomach and push up and then come forward and down. Great. Now keep your abdominals lifting into your back. Keep that link there. So if your back bothers you, just keep pulling in tight.

Make a fist now and bring your elbows in. Lift up your belly, keep your thighs join tight and kick your right heel to your buttock. Kick, kicked, change, kick, kicked, change, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, and hold it there. Now could I add something to this? Try to let your thigh be light on the mat when you kick. Yeah.

Change legs. Kick, kick light. The thigh is light, the kicking leg is light. So you get up into the buttock more. Perfect. Come all the way down. Alright. Lift your abdominals up into your back. We have the double leg kick next. So you take your hands behind your back and you slide them high up your back and you let your elbows come down. Now press your pelvis into the mat. Lift your belly away from the Mat. Pfizer light.

Now kick, kick, kick, stretch up and up, arms straight, legs into the mat. Turn your head the opposite way and come down and kick. One, two, three. Stretch up and up. Use your stomach up. Turn and come down and kick, kick, kick. Like you're spanking your bottom up. Turn your head now spank. One, two, three up. Good effort and finish. Now hands under your shoulders.

We're going to practice this transition so you don't drag and leave your belly on the mat. Bend your knees were do three pushups. Lift your belly first one down and up to keep your head up online, down and up. Three and sit back. Yeah. Now when you go into your rest position, push with your hands. Pull your tail down. Do not hang out of your shoulders. Excellent. Turn around. All right, how are we doing? Flex in point and flex it.

Separate your feet. Just wake up your legs again. Flex this, the neck. Pull the one everybody loves to hate, but I don't know, you gotta be able to crack the code, you know on these exercises in your body and particularly without a strap. Ideally we'd all have perfect pull these mat, but that's not the reality. So we work with it, right? We do the best we can. So flex your feet, hands behind your neck, lift elbows wide. Exhale round forward. Take your time.

This is a deep stretch. It's a buried nervy from the back of your heels up your back, all the way up into your head and roll it up. And now pull your elbows in. Pull your head in. That's enough. Come up and exhale, roll curl. Get the stretch all the way through the back body.

Go ahead and flex your feet and Nikki and roll up. I know we don't like to flex our feet. It kind of hurts, but it hurts so good and come up and exhale. Elbows wide on this. Draw the abdominals in the low back. Goes into the back wall. Oh, curl yourself up and exhale. Roll all the way down and all the way up we did it.

See you don't think twice and you get there round. Sit Up, tall, mortal, back of the legs in the Mat. Separate your feet and exhale, pull into it. Pull your head in, in, in, come up one more time. Elbows wide. You did it. Great. Exhale over. Girls are working hard today. Up, up, taller, up, taller, even more tall and exhale, go. Pull. Isn't that Nice. We're done. Let's bring the legs together.

We're going right into our jack knife. Take your legs up, but first flex turnout from the seat point. Turn in flex, turn out, draw the belly in more. Turn parallel flex. Turn out from the seat and point. Now hold that wrap and curl the hips over. Lift up and roll down.

Let your feet come behind you a little bit and work your back. You see how I'm working my back into the mat? That's what you wanna do. Don't lower your legs. Just keep them here today. Okay. Hold on from your seat cause this is where your lift from. So Curl and press up and let's massage the back.

Reach into your hands and massage your back. And again over curl up, lift and massage. Massage the back. And now you get to lower your legs all the way down. Nice. Okay. Why don't you turn and face me first. You're going to be on different sides. It doesn't matter.

You'll just face me first and then we'll face away and line your back up along the back edge of your mat. So if you reach back, your whole backs against the mat, almost like you're against a wall like that. So your elbow, your shoulder, your ribs, your waist, your hips, and then your feet come to the front of the Mat. Okay, now with your hand a little thing. Take it behind your neck like we did in the neck pole so that you're pulling your neck out, up. You see? So we're not like this, but we're like the neck pole and you light underneath here. Now lift your top leg up, flex your bottom foot. Pretend there's a strap there. When you got this as your standing leg.

Now let's reach the leg out and now it's unreached it, and then reach it out and then unreached it. You see the difference? Reach it out. That's what changes your legs. Now we're going to carry that leg back with the abdominals lifting with the chest, lifting and with the leg reaching, but the leg doesn't reach from your leg. It reaches out of your low back. So keep your low back, long. Stretch your belly. Now the upper body's reaching here. Kick it to the front twice.

One to ah, to the back, one to you got to find your control, right and kick, kick and back, back shoulder, over shoulder, hip over hip and back. Back. Now we're in the World Cup and we've got to kick the winning goal. And this is it. So go ahead. Let's kick the goal. Go and back. So that's how you kick. Like it's a kick back kick. Boom, boom. Oh, don't let it come out. So, so you got to follow through. It's like golf, you know, kick to the back. Beautiful. So use those images. It makes you have a little open there. Now rotate your top leg out. We're going to kick a goal, but now the goals up there. Okay.

And we're going to do a double kick variation today. So we go kick, kick only. You're not allowed to let your hip go. You can't lay your hip though up here. You've got to put it on the brakes. So you've got a hold your hip over your hip. Now reach it, reach it, pull it, pull it. You know what I mean by that? You're not going to let your hip do that into your waist. Ready, kick, kick. It's harder. Pull, kick, kick, pull, and again, kick, kick hole.

Got One more kick. Kick. Now region. Hey, guess what? The more you reach your leg, your teasers in the second are going to be easier. Now Circle one, two, three. Get your leg to the back also, and the heels brush right at the same length. Reverse one to the re.

Can I see your heels? Touch four, five. Okay, now put your heels together. Stretch it out longer. Now we're going to do five, five quick ones, and then stop and see the legs are the same length. Here we go to the front. One, two, three, four step. How'd you do? Reach it longer. Reverse. One, two, three, four, five. Pretty good. Lift both legs. Keep the legs in front of you.

Now feel your inner thighs pull into your belly. Feel your inner thighs, lower them in lift. Keep them in front. You're at an angle. It's all math. It's all mathematics. Here you're going to add up to Sangal. It's like what the ex and op two thing or method. Go read the dictionary. Go. It's all math and up. Bottom leg will one, end two, three and hold. Don't move that top leg two and three and four. End Hold. Roll to your stomach. He ends under your forehead and let's beat beat BBB.

Beat quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, open and close. Stomach in, legs long. The eyes listed and change to the other side. Okay, so you're gonna face that way. I am going to just go onto this side. Actually I won't do my other side. I'll just teach you. So reach the legs out long and again you want your, I'm being literal against that back wall. Lengthen the top leg out so that your heel reaches your heel longer, longer, longer out of the hip.

Remember your hand is not on your head, it's behind your neck. Ready. Lengthen the leg kick to the front, kick. Kick Colt to the back. Kick kick length and again, kick one, two to the back. One to make it longer to the front and see how good that feels. Kick to the back kick kick. Let me give Haley a little love here.

Pull it out and kick one, two, and we hold for strength to the front kick and hold it still and to the back. And I'm just going to give you a little support and kick. Oh One, two whoa. Don't knock me over. And again, kick, kick and to the back. Good. And linkedin. I'll give you a little pool there. See how long that is? That's it. And close.

Now turn your top leg out and we're taking that double kick again. Only you're going to keep this hip right over the bottom. Hip up you go. One, two, nope. Pull out and down from the inner leg and kick one, two and turn out and down. Lengthen it. Make it longer. Make it hit that leg and up. One, two. So you see what you're going for. That heel past the bottom heel.

One more time. One to reach out and pull now long circles and just make sure you're totally against that back edge. And two and three. How about getting into the back as much as you get to the front and reverse each time your heel, brush it by the other heel. Work Clean. If find out, discovering your body where you need to go. Now you close. Keep stretching it longer. That's it. And you feel your abdominals.

Now you go quick. One, two, three, four, and close. Stop. Did hit it close. Make it longer. You got another inch and reverse. One, two, three, four, and they're exact. Now both legs. Lift up and hold it there. Now connect that up with your abdominals. Keep the legs in front.

Get your obliques and lower them and lift them again. I'm up to my hand. Thank you. Oh, keep them there and lower them and lift them up. One more time. Now this top leg stays still bottom leg and up and up and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. Hold. The inner thighs are the gateway to your powerhouse. Again, down, up, hold and uphold. I'd love gateways to power houses.

It's very exciting and hold and everything comes down. Excellent. Come around. Guess what? All that reaching out of our legs makes our teaser pure joy. Right? Okay. So we're going to start here cause I'm nice today.

Use Your center line, use your wrap. And in the teaser you want to stay behind yourself. All right, so let's extend your left leg up. Squeeze your knees together. Let's wrap around the seat and reach out. Okay, now keep reaching. Is your foot reaching to now pull away with your abdominals and bringing yourself up like a beautiful fan. And then pull away with your abdominals and come up. By the way, this is reaching to the hands and the feet. One more time.

Pull away and bring yourself up. Now twist away from me and to the center. And now lift your arms and lift your back and roll back. Hands back. Come up and change legs. Now the trick Nikki, is to keep your knees. They are the so you don't want the leg to float. So take your knees, squeeze them tight like you're holding a dime. Now extend them up, wrap around your behind yourself.

So your stomach's pulling back. The arms and legs are reaching out and then pull away from your foot and come up and pull away from your foot. Reach back and come up. Um, pull away from your foot and come up on the way I believe your head. Now look at me, Nikki. Lift, lift, stretch. Actually you're going to twist towards me, towards me more.

Lift and back to center now arms lift and roll back and come up both legs now and roll back. Come up and roll back. Come up, stay there. Stay there, stay there. Everything rolls back. Everything comes up and everything rolls back. Everything comes up and everything rolls back and stay. Stretch. Dominic draws in. Feel your legs reaching out of your low back, your arms, reaching out to your low back and then relax. Alright, flip over now. Wasn't that fun? Ha Ha Wink, wink, nod, nod. I did. I do love the teasers after the sidekicks though.

I think it's time to swim. Okay, I see an ocean out there. What's on the other side of that ocean? Does anybody know? All right, we're going to Hawaii ladies. Okay. There it is. Lift your head, lift your chest, and we're going to start by just lifting your right arm, your left leg, and lengthening it. Reach across the room. Lengthen. Find your length and switch.

Now if you feel it in your low back, you're going to high. Pull up your belly and switch and switch and out. Swim with your chest. Use Your abdominals to get high up, up, up, up, up, and rest down. Alright, now lift up through the belly. Sit back over your hips. Draw into your lower back. Let your tail come down.

You push with your arms so that your shoulders stay on your back. Alright, come around. She be cool. Down the spine with the seal. Let's put your hands in a prayer position. Dive through your legs. Reach around. Okay, nice. Push Open. I mean elbows. Push your knees, open your knees kind of pulling a little bit. All right, pick a number between three and three. Three. Okay, that's a good number. So I'm going to clap three times. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three.

Roll Up. One, two, three. Curl the hips under to get your roll going. Just cool. Down your spine. One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three. Now on the next one, cross your legs and stand up and then turn around. Actually, you guys can just walk to the back of your mat. Face each other. All right. Push up time.

All right, so with your get your weight light Outta your heels, can we find that wrap again with about a little little bit of space between your big toes? Not Too much. It's not a dancers ballet turnouts. It's Kinda natural. And then round down and walk out on your hands. Okay. Inner thighs together. Belly lifts. Head Up, aligned and go down. Go Up, bring your whole body down. Bring your whole body up, elbows, touch your sides. Whole body down. Whole body. Whoa up.

Lift your hips and now walk in, keeping your hips still without wagging your tail and pull the belly in. Drop the tail, stack your vertebra up the wall, and now you're ready for whatever the day has for you. Thanks guys.


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Thank you! Great tips for staying stable through the pelvis and working the gluts! :)
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I completed a 9 mile hike yesterday so the emphasis on flexion in the feet was particularly appreciated. One legged teasers are a nice "gateway" to the two legged version and build confidence. Thank you.
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In the CRISS CROSS you cued that the closer you pull in the incoming knee to your chest the more you get into your abdominals, i.e., the abdominals are working more efficiently. If I understood this correctly(?), how is that explained Anatomically?
As a devotee, may I suggest, that this was an excellent piece of mat work Instruction. It is always preferable to see the Instructor doing the work!
Thank you Clare Dunphy.
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love Clare's teaching. Thanks for having her own Pilates anytime.
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Superb! Will be doing this class many more times...
Thanks for taking a minute to post a comment! About the Criss Cross and pulling the knee in closer to get more into the lower abs. Try it so you can feel it. You might also try giving resistance at the front of the knee and press the knee into your hand to feel what happens. Its an old physical therapy trick to get the deep abdominals muscles to fire. It's also good for the people who are quad dominant.
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Thank you indeed Clare for your explanation and kind reply.
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Thank you!!! I enjoyed the class!! Great Tips!
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Wonderful! You really challenged me Clare! I love how you progress in the exercises and how you kept me feeling long! Thanks!
Kathleen, I am glad to hear you enjoyed the challenge and the fact that you feel long in your body is the best feeling ever! I hope you come back and do it again and again and again.
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