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We are so happy to have Clare Dunphy join Pilates Anytime with this Mat Workout! Clare teaches a very detailed class focused on finding resistance and opposition in every exercise. She also offers tips on finding the gateway to your powerhouse that are sure to help you experience a a greater sense of accomplishment and much more joy when attempting challenging exercises like the Teaser. Welcome Clare!

As a thank you to our members who take part in and enjoy her classes, Clare is offering you one free download to her audio workouts found on Pilates Avatar. Go to Pilates Avatar and use this code - THANKS! - to get your workout today!
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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy Hamani and today we're doing a low intermediate math class with special attention to how to work on a yoga mat when you don't really have a mat with straps on it....


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Thank you! Great tips for staying stable through the pelvis and working the gluts! :)
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I completed a 9 mile hike yesterday so the emphasis on flexion in the feet was particularly appreciated. One legged teasers are a nice "gateway" to the two legged version and build confidence. Thank you.
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In the CRISS CROSS you cued that the closer you pull in the incoming knee to your chest the more you get into your abdominals, i.e., the abdominals are working more efficiently. If I understood this correctly(?), how is that explained Anatomically?
As a devotee, may I suggest, that this was an excellent piece of mat work Instruction. It is always preferable to see the Instructor doing the work!
Thank you Clare Dunphy.
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love Clare's teaching. Thanks for having her own Pilates anytime.
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Superb! Will be doing this class many more times...
Thanks for taking a minute to post a comment! About the Criss Cross and pulling the knee in closer to get more into the lower abs. Try it so you can feel it. You might also try giving resistance at the front of the knee and press the knee into your hand to feel what happens. Its an old physical therapy trick to get the deep abdominals muscles to fire. It's also good for the people who are quad dominant.
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Thank you indeed Clare for your explanation and kind reply.
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Thank you!!! I enjoyed the class!! Great Tips!
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Wonderful! You really challenged me Clare! I love how you progress in the exercises and how you kept me feeling long! Thanks!
Kathleen, I am glad to hear you enjoyed the challenge and the fact that you feel long in your body is the best feeling ever! I hope you come back and do it again and again and again.
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