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Mat Workout

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Challenge your body with Reformer on the Mat with Clare Dunphy! She uses the Theraband and Socks to make it easier for everyone to do these exercises because it can be difficult to maintain the work in the back body. You will enjoy variations to Combo Stretch, Long Back Stretch, and much more! You will definitely feel the burn with this one!

As a thank you to our members who take part in and enjoy her classes, Clare is offering you one free download to her audio workouts found on Pilates Avatar. Go to Pilates Avatar and use this code - THANKS! - to get your workout today!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy Hamani and today we're doing a reformer on the mat. Now the reformer on the mat is very advanced work. So in order to dial it back so that everybody can do it, we...


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Seldom seen is this piece of work, apparently taken to the mat by the Legendary Romana Kryzanowska.
Could Clare possibly tell me which Band Colour, or manufacturer, best represents and duplicates the same resistance you get from the springs on a Gratz Reformer? I believe the resistance levels are represented by colour.
Do I assume that doing this workout without the resistance bands would make it a Level 3, as measured by level of challenge and difficulty?
A privilege to follow this Instructor through this piece of Classical Methodology on my mat this morning.
Thanking you Clare Dunphy Hemani !
I had trouble with the video stopping and trying to get it going again.
Hi Esta, You can expect to receive an email from Gia that will help explain why that sometimes happens and the simple steps you can take to avoid it in the future. We're sorry you experienced trouble with this video.
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Great class! I really enjoyed the modifications for the mat. I would love more classes using props to modify moves from any of the apparatus.
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Thank-you for your question regarding the bands! The bands help give the feeling in the body similar to the springs but not exactly the same as springs and a reformer. At Romana's studio we did not use bands, instead we created the feeling of the springs in our body. The springs work like extra muscles. In selecting a band resistance, go with one that isn't too strong nor too light. There is not a particular recommendation I can give. The biggest challenge is no band at all... that said, it is good for people who have never been on the apparatus. I buy my bands in a roll through Dynaband, but there are other manufacturers. I wish you good luck!
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Thank you Clare Dunphy for replying to my enquiry.
I was pleased to see you confirm that using no bands, and therefore, finding resistance through gravity, is the ultimate challenge.
More of your mat challenges soon we hope!
May I reciprocate your good wishes.
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Clare, so great to see you here and to see Peak represented! Great class, hope to see more of you!
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Love you and your style of teaching! There are plenty of people that have never had the opportunity to work with apparatus. I thoroughly enjoyed replicating some reformer exercises on the mat, it was fun for me and challenging for my class!
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LOVED the innovative approach especially simulating the reformer, for those who don't have one at home.
However, the therabands bought in Australia are substantially shorter than the length proposed for this class - so I would have to find a specialist supplier to buy one nearly twice as long as long as the one I recently bought from a studio - where the bands are already-cut to size.
Also I experienced similar problems with the transmission cutting out, I was keen enough to restart three times, but it is a frustrating and now a frequent experience for me with Pilates Anytime. I would appreciate technical support from your team if you provide this service for subscribers!
Outstanding class. Loved the simulation of the exercises on the reformer.
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