Class #228

Magic Circle Workout

50 min - Class


The Magic Circle provides challenges with strength and control due to the resistance in the pressing phase and the control needed in the release of the tension. Depending on the exercise, this can be simple.....or very difficult. Some of the students in today's class have never used the circle so some exercises are fundamental, but no matter your skill level you'll reap the benefits from the cues, focus and fun. Amy takes a more hands on approach today helping students find the correct placement and muscular connection.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video


Still, we're going to start with the magic circle and you'll put the magic circle right between your knees and I'll just kind of, yeah, I'm going to walk around a little bit and Kinda just check in it...


The class was going well till the video starts to stop every minute.
so sorry I couldn't finish it. It dind't work any more in minute 37.
The class was going well till the video starts to stop every minute.
so sorry I couldn't finish it. It dind't work any more in minute 37.
If the video stops for you again, try switching to a lower quality. You can jump forward in the class to where you left off without waiting for it to load.
Hi Fabiana, I will pass this onto the "powers that be" and let them know. Hopefully any problem will be resolved quickly.

Fabiana, I see that Ted already answered you. Hope you got to see the entire class!
thnks so much my. I love the way you explain every excersice. grat classes and so inspiring.
Thank to you again soon I hope!
Amy, I have been going through all of your classes! I love the way you explain how the exercises are supposed to feel. I find that I also get a lot out of the interaction between you and the specific group of students you often work with. this class was fun as well as good work. Thanks.
Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much for your comments and feedback! I love detailing the work and am appreciative that others enjoy this approach as well. Yes, many of the classes I teach for Pilates Anytime are with the same group of students which allows me to get personal and specific with them. I'm glad you like this interaction too. Talk to you again soon I hope!
Great class Amy, as usual. I see i am not alone in watching all of your videos!! You are great, i feel as though you really deliver what Pilates is and should be. From the explanations to delivery of the movements and how you go from slower into more flow. I really am learning a lot from you, and i'm so appreciative. Did i mention I LOVE this site!! Great job to everyone at Pilates Anytime.
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