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Magic Circle Workout

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The Magic Circle provides challenges with strength and control due to the resistance in the pressing phase and the control needed in the release of the tension. Depending on the exercise, this can be simple.....or very difficult. Some of the students in today's class have never used the circle so some exercises are fundamental, but no matter your skill level you'll reap the benefits from the cues, focus and fun. Amy takes a more hands on approach today helping students find the correct placement and muscular connection.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Still, we're going to start with the magic circle and you'll put the magic circle right between your knees and I'll just kind of, yeah, I'm going to walk around a little bit and Kinda just check in it. Well, yes. Do you know that she, I think she borrowed the idea. Oh yeah. This, this was, this little devil was created long, long ago, you know, early, early forties kind of thing when Joseph Valadez was creating his work. So thigh master probably was inspired by the magic circle. All right, so guys, let me just go ahead. Have you walk. I'm going to walk round. When you have a magic circle between your knees, it does set your feet a little bit wider than usual. We, you know, usually referenced the sits bones with the part. So, uh, I'm going to just gonna check.

You probably all need to step your feet a little closer together and you'll notice that that presses on the ring a little mower too, I think. All right. And then it's hard to gauge if your toes are all the way straight ahead or not. But I'm going to just check in and find that level pelvis or place your pelvis level. Okay. Get some good stretch in your arms. Just a little more forward. Yeah, just start some good deep breathing here. Inhaling through your nose and the exhale out.

So maybe a little wider stuff for you with your feet there and then even more feet forward. Get a little more space. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And then also forK we're going to do a little more forward with your feet. Okay. Yeah. And if you're not as used to, ah, let's go here. There you go. Yes. And for some of you that haven't used the magic circle before, um, and as I'm walking around, I'm noticing some, we really do want all parts of the foot flat on the mat. Yeah. So and because the ring is wider, it is setting to some of you a little more out on the outside edge of your foot and ankle.

We don't want to train ourselves that way because if we took that up to standing, we're really off alignment of our feet. So do what you can to really anchor the whole inside edge of your foot. Here we go. Anyone feeling any shake yet on your inner thigh? We'll get ready. We do a lot of this shake is gonna show up here. So let's take a breath one more together. Inhale. Now on an exhale, press the ring and hold it. Three counts, one and two and three. Inhale, release a little with control. Exhale, squeeze in one, hold for three, two, three. Inhale, release with control. And again, exhale and squeeze.

Two, three. Inhale, little release. Good. And as you're going through these little presses, I'm noticing some good things, but let's get a little in touch with the rib muscles. Anchor your ribs down. Good. So we're also starting to warm up those deep abdominal muscles, the imprinting of your spine. Good. Strengthening those inner thighs, the lower bum a little bit. And exhale, press hold one and two and three. Inhale, slowly. Release two more times. Exhale, press one ribs. Or in two. Three.

Good little release last time here. Exhale, press one, two, three, and little release and pause. Okay, nice. Now let's change the angle of the pelvis. I want everyone to do a literal tuck or that tilted tilt position. Okay. Bless you. And still feet are planted. So let me see. Everyone's very generous. Pelvic tilt.

Tellez swung up a other way. Yeah. Okay. And as your tail is up, press your ribs in more so that, that mid back and low back is, uh, you know, maybe bra line. A lot more firm. Here we go. We're gonna do the same idea. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Squeeze the ring. I want you to squeeze your glutes a little more. Two and three in. He'll release the ring of squeeze.

Exhale and tress more tummy. Two and three. Inhale, a little release. That's it. Exhale, press one. So we're getting that curve of the spine. Inhale, a little release. Take Your Chin down a little bit. Exhale and curl. Good. Activate those abdominals. Activate the back of your legs.

Activate the inner thigh. For more guys, you don't. Okay. And if you're, if you're new to the ring work, you know, you be ready for some quiver that you might not be as familiar with. Take a break if you need to, but also enjoy that maybe the new sensation that you're feeling. Perhaps a little deeper work. I lost count. Let's take this last one. [inaudible] thank you. And curl squeeze two. That's right, and three and just release. Okay, so find his level of pelvis again. Okay. Cramping. Okay. Arms by your side. We're going to take some articulation, so nice.

Inhale through your nose. Look straight up to the ceiling and the exhale, so go back through that pelvic tilt, tailbone, lower back, middle back, upper backs, and now you're really weighted on the base of the shoulder blades. You've got a sense of your pelvis reaching toward the ring. I might give you all a couple of you a pool. Now hold there. Inhale, exhale. As you articulate down from the upper back and through the middle back and the lower back, pelvis and heel. Inhale there. Exhale and cruise.

Oh, it's a massage of your spine. We do want our pubic bone a little bit higher than hips and ribs. Which Ma good? Yes, makes you tilt more. Activate your low seat, really get that pubic bone pressed forward. Inhale there, exhale and rolling down.

This is your opportunity to really get some spinal articulations and massage mobility. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale, pelvic tilt curl. Stay right there at the top and again, just hold that will make everything count. You guys, ribs in, tail under inhale. Exhale, rolling down. How much longer can you reach your spine? One more. We're going to get up there and add a little variation to it. Okay, not that that's not enough work, but let's add a little more.

So now I hear you are at the top. All right. Inhale little pulses for 10 so you squeezing one and squeeze two and press three and four. Good. Even on their little release, you're still working. Six, seven, eight. Give it all nine. Now press 10 and hold, hold, hold, hold. Inhale through the nose. Rolling down.

It's that sense of Linkedin in your spine, almost out through the ring. One bone at a time. Lengthening all the way down to that level. Pelvis and take a breath in. One more time. Exhale and rolling up. Let's see. Yeah, I haven't had as much warm up as you guys. That's all right in. Hey, let's take 10 squeezes in one. Keep tilting the pelvis, two and pubic bone high and four and five getting in those glutes.

Six inner thighs, seven don't forget the belly and eight and nine and hold number 10. Inhale there. Exhale, rolling down. Massage the spine, keeping the chest open, lengthening the lower back and come all the way down. All I'll just want you to rest. Okay. Meaning no more squeezing. Okay, now let's take the ring out of the knees. Straighten your legs all the way down on the floor, but have your ring in your hands and your at the palm of your is on your ring and then reach the ring right up above your chest.

And I do this sequence fairly often, so some of you are familiar with it, but as your here, wait the back of the shoulders down. Your chest is very broad. Your pectoral muscles are active, your lats are active, your fingers are long, a lot going on. Okay? Yeah. Now we have so many choices I think today I want you to take, start taking your ring back overhead. So start arking the ring back. How far back overhead can you take your ring without your ribs arching? And we all have our own range that we can go to before that arch happens in the lumbar spine or the mid back off the mat. Use Your abdominals, use your lats and pull that area down. There you go.

Okay, inhale there. Now as you exhale, start bringing the ring over you and all the way down towards your hips. So we're going to do about four more of those arcs with a little more flow. Inhale, exhale, overhead sinking. Those abdominals feel long. Good. Lisa. Inhale and exhale all the way down and again, he's grabbed his legs.

A little more integration in the inner thighs. That's it. So there's an edge. The sense of reaching the ring long in a way, always out away from the torso. Nice Lucy. Good you guys. Again, inhale, reach out and up above the head, keeping those abdominals engaged. Ribs down. That's it. Yeah. There's less daylight today. Good. And all the way down. One more time. Let's take it up. Inhale and exhale is its overhead.

I'm going to have you stay there. Stay overhead. Okay, we're not, oh, anyway. Can you squeeze the ring right there and let a little release. So we're going to try squeezing the ring. I think usually what activates is right here that the edge of the tricep edge of the shoulder, definitely the lat. Not a lot of movement happens up there. Do you? Did you notice that? But Act as if you're gonna do a lot of movement by pulling the shoulder blades down. So let's go. Exhale, press. Inhale, a little release. Exhale, press a little release. Let's see more belly. Exhale, press and inhale. Three more.

So it's not just your arms. If the whole body abdominals, inner thighs, even your low seat is active. Two more exhale. Press and release. Last one, press and release. And then just rest your arms. But don't let go of it yet. Mary and I. Okay. Where I want to s well, let's see. Yes, put it between your knees again, changing places back in between. The more ab work, hands behind your head. You can interlace. You can stack. You can do fingertips to fingertips. I'd really love more. Interlace or stacking though. All right. Take a breath now as your chest lift.

Here we go. Head and chest coming up. Unless your neck doesn't feel good, you can do this with your head down. Squeeze the ring again. You're a neutral pelvis and you're trying to stretch your upper spine up. Good. Inhale as you come back down, exhale on the, find some control with working this tension in the ring. Inhale, going back and exhale and curl. Squeeze more and maybe space your feet wider. Inhale coming down. That's it. An exhale.

Inhale down. Is it intensifying the ABS? It should be intensifying the abdominal sensation or the quality of contraction. Inhale, lower back. Last time. I'm going to have you Curlin stay there. Just stay. Now can you take both hands and just reach toward your rights knee, so you're inviting a little rotation in your upper spine.

I'm going to have you pulse the reach to that side and that double breath. Sure. Just four, three. Excellent. Two and one hands behind your head. Take your head all the way back to the floor. Oops. Excuse me.

We'll do the other side. So inhale first. Find that level pelvis. Hold that steady. Exhale. Just a chest lift here. Okay. Now is your reach. Your hands towards your left. The opposite is to hip. Still stays down. Good. You're looking out into space. Reach to that diagonal. Oh, she tuck your chin down a little more to protect that neck or to ease your neck tension. That is all. Anyway, hands behind your head. There we go.

And then head back down. Okay, so enough of that one. I want us to go into the hundred when we do the hundred let's go ahead and put the move the ring. It's going to go between your ankles. All right, and some of you have seen this. Some of you have not. If you haven't, just get rid of, it's a little more work. Hands right by your sides. Knees can start in your table. Top Position. Head can be back. So let's start with an inhale. Get ready. Exhale, chest up, arms reach long.

Now you could absolutely stay like that, but the real hundred is, we know the legs are out on a diagonal. If you don't like the diagonal, you want to go vertical, that's okay too. Just hold ready. Pump the arms in five. Inhale, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five and two. What I know about the ring, it's playful Mays kind of start spinning. You want to stabilize it so it doesn't spin right now. Long legs, long arms, reaching by your sides.

Yeah, there you go. So holding your head right from here. Two, three, four, five and nine I think. Exhale, three, four, five and 10. Two, three, four, five. X Sale. Three, four, five. Bring it in and rest. Take a breather. Not that the a hundred isn't hard enough so that just you can, the ring gives us some extra, extra work challenges. Okay, we're going into the roll up. So ring back in your hands, legs extended along on the Mat and take your ring back. Overhead. Yeah, back overhead. That same place that we warmed up with them a few moments ago where you're not arched in your lumbar spine, your legs are zipped together, you've got a little wrap in your bottom long fingers. So the pattern, inhale, arms, head and chest. Exhale and start rolling up.

So it's the crown of the head that's reaching right through that ring. Easy shoulders. All right. And just hold there for a minute. So even though you are reaching energetically forward, um, I'm going to just give her a little hug and pull her back. Let's oppose each other. So if I pull you more, you reach more forward. Is that kind of quality? I'll do that to a couple of you. So from here, inhale, use this. Exhale to start rolling back. Okay.

Keep feeling like you're reaching the ring forward even though you're rolling backward on a weird, here we go again. Inhale, arms hadn't chest. Exhale smoothly. Roll up, crown of the head. Forward easy shoulders. So as I give you a little hug back on your low belly, you reach forward with that ring. That's it. Inhale, exhale, come back. That's the strength to pull back with.

All right, arms long overhead. Let's go again and heel, arms, head, chest, make it exciting. Exhale, round up. Good little hug. Inhale that cds. Exhale coming back. Now, if you're feeling some neck tension, couple of weeks, we're going to do three more roll-ups, just a little faster. You can do this with your arms slightly bent. Okay, three more, a little faster.

Inhale up, exhale and reach over. Inhale there and exhale, roll back. See what happens if you keep going at that tempo. Two more. Inhale, arms. Exhale. Up and over. Inhale. Exhale, roll back. Legs together. Feel a little in the buns.

Inhale, exhale, roll up a little. Chin down. Inhale, exhale, roll back all the way and stretch for a second. Arrest, holding up the pants, everyone. Okay, we're going to do a little hamstring stretch. This is, we do this sometimes with their band or other straps and towels and props and such, so you just step your foot in to one of the little paddles can lightly hold with your hands. Bring your leg as close to your chest as you'd like to work with, but also with good awareness and principle of your foundation.

Where is your pelvis? So we want to stretch the leg but not have that tuck happening. Okay, so long, long, long reach in your thigh, trying to square that right hip long, reaching the Sitz bone. Breathe into it guys. Breathe into it. Breathe into it. Can you stretch this leg down? Yes. You've got some flexibility happening here. Yeah, I'm not gonna do a lot with this. Can you go farther? I know you can't. A few little gumbies. Okay, I know how to do it. Let's go ahead and change sides.

Good. So here we go. Left foot is up. Pelvises square. You got that left. Good. Left hip is squaring forward. Can wrap the buns a little bit. Bottom leg long. Got It. Can I help? Yeah. Breed. I hear someone taking a really good breath.

That's nice to hear her muscles like oxygen. Getting to see, I won't push anymore. Going beyond the comfort zone is I like to say even at, you know, the thought of going a little farther makes it happen. Sometimes you know you don't even have to move more. But just thinking, oh my God, here comes the teacher. They're making me move more. [inaudible] yeah, plenty. That's good. You guys come on down. All right, now let's come on for rolling like a ball. This ought to be fun. Different.

We've done rolling like a ball with small objects between our knees. We've done it with the magic circle on occasion here. I don't even know if I liked that so much cause her head could hit. That's no fun. So here I love when I hear someone go, hmm, because I know your brain is already processing something that you know, maybe a challenge of, well how am I going to do it that way? What's that going to feel like? That's good stuff. I love that.

I think most teachers love to hear that. So you're starting in that curve. It's okay if your knees are open, it's okay if they're closed, make it feel good. Okay for your hips. Round forward, so it is as if you're trying to get the crown of your head toward that little paddle. Okay? Your elbows are out. Just give it a rock. Rock back to the shoulder blades. Inhale, rock back. Exhale, rock up. See what happens if you put on your brakes. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, put on your rakes. Playful.

Isn't it? Keep going. There's a relationship you want to feel. Yeah, a relationship. You want to feel too pressing into the ring with your feet, but pulling with your hands. Also push and pull. There's a push and pull. Keep the c curve round your spine.

Just roll back to the shoulder blades and up. Two more rollback to shoulder blades and up. Beautiful guys. Last one up in balance, so focus on balance. Good. Stay up there. Okay, we'll stay right there. Now where I'd like you to go straighten your legs out on a diagonal.

It might even kind of resemble the teaser alignment or placement of your legs. Okay, good. It's okay to squeeze your rear end. Might help you balance ideally straight. However, it's a good question. It's okay if your knees are a little bit bent, but let's have you find more. Yeah, more strengthen your spine, your shoulders, and yet I love to see that there's a little adjustment. The L for most of you, your elbows bent a little to help you access your chest expansion or chest lift.

That's great. Some day the arms might straighten in doing that, but you really want the quality of your back extension. Yeah, but your chest light hands, that's plenty. And Bend your knees and rest. Okay, great. Rolling over. How do you feel with rollover? Couple of you, do you, do we know what that means? Who's never heard about rollover? Three or four. Okay, let's do it. Okay. I'm not gonna. I won't be up here. As you can see, I'm really not doing any of that class with you today. A rollover has you want to show one? I'm going to put her on the spot. Sure. Yes, indeed. Today, roll over. I know.

Not Getting out of it. Rollover is hard. Do you have enough room behind you for your head? Okay, so what I know about, okay, I'm sorry, Samantha. Go ahead. But here she goes. Right. Okay. And the rolling down is that kind of kind of thing. We're going to break it down just a little bit.

That's great. Yes. By the time you're over, your weight is on your shoulders. Now this, while we're doing this, actually this is for everybody. Even some of you who do know rollover, I'm just going to slow you down a second. This is the easy way or easier way is to fold the legs toward the chest. That, but I don't want you to do that cause that's, that's, that's kind of a leg movement. So if I had her here and I tried to just, I'm going to assist you. I'm going to try to lift you vertical first. That's, that's the beginning of it. Then this rolls over. That was nicely done. You can press into that ring. You can flex your feet.

Just a little extra form and then rolling down. Okay. Yeah. So her weight is up on her shoulders. There's a nice long region. Her arms boy, look at that work going on in the legs. That ring is making it more intense. Thanks and he takers. Let's try it. If you feel like watching that right now, you're going, heck no. Just don't do it. Yes, I will spot you.

You are aren't you? I'll, I'll spot Ya. And you know what guys? A couple of modifications I should tell you about. You can also just kind of do it like a little preview. Like just lift your hips. I learned it as hiphop like a little. Lift your hips, put them down, lift your hips, put them down. You don't have to do the full rollover and exhale takes you over.

Inhale back here and an exhale rolls you down. What am I supposed to do? Stay right there and inhale. [inaudible] you got it. Great questions. I'm going to spot you. Okay. Exhale slowly rolling down. So it's the articulation bone by bone that you want to, okay. If it's, if you feel right now that that's too much, I've bend your knees and just wait. We're not going to do too many. You want to do it? Okay. Okay.

Lisa right there. Lift your legs a little higher to the ceiling. We got two of you. Yeah. For both of you actually. Perfect. Yeah. Now everybody, if you're over your shoulders, flex your feet and inhale for me now roll down, press in, press into the ring, find the comb. That's it. Roll and down, bone by bone. And I really do think that's enough though for everyone. That's a lot of rolling in that fashion. We don't need to overdo it. Yeah.

Good. Okay. Okay, let's come up, see editing sitting for a little bit. So what I'd like to do with sitting, if your legs are out stretched out in front of your hips, your about mat with the part feet flexed and hands on the ring. You can do side by side or stacked. Okay, so we've done a lot of round back work. We are going to do spine stretch forward but add in the so sitting nice and tall ribs are in squeeze. Can you guys get your butt to squeeze? Well it won't do it unless you do it. It won't just do it.

Squeeze your butt there. Okay. Activates the lower pelvic floor yellow, taking it and exhale and round over around in the spine. Again, your head is going to come between those arms. Just stay there. I'll direct you. Okay, hold direct. You stay. Yeah, so ease up in your traps. Thank you for yourselves. Now if you go into the flat back, I'm going to have you press down on the ring a little bit.

Send your tailbone back. Start to articulate in your hinges forward. Thank you for being my demonstrator today and lift your sternum. I've got my knees against her back a little bit so that her there. You feel that her back is engaging nicely. Now feel your lats.

All right. Inhale there. Exhale and round forward again, just around endless restack up to sitting tall all the way up. Okay. Again, let's inhale tall. Flex the feet. Exhale. First is your curve. It's that same feeling as I did earlier in the roll-up. If I were behind you and I kind of had my hands around your waist and I hugged you, right? That's this. That's the flection. This is really pretty.

Now as you extend lead with your tailbone back, chest goes forward, sternum comes up. There's a nice sense of length in your neck there you are pressing on the ring a little bit from your lats and your hands are open. Press down a little bit. Depressed down. Should activate your back muscles more. Can you feel that? Okay, lift more on your inhale. Exhale, go back into your round spine and then roll back up to vertical sit. We're going to do three more, a little more fluidly. Inhale, sit tall and exhale. Find your curve. Full breath to articulate, to sitting tall. Inhale, tail back, chest up, and you're getting there on your exhale. That's it. That's it. That's it. Inhale Taller. Exhale back to their curve.

Easy shoulders roll back up to sitting tall. Two more to go. Inhale and exhale and round. Deep engagement of your upper abdominal shoulders are still over hips. Long fingers. Okay, let me see your tales. Reach back. Chest forward, sternum up. Now can you hinge forward more? You've got more range than you're working with. Did you know that?

Inhale Taller. Exhale round over. Lots of dynamic contraction in your belly. Good. You guys roll back up to sitting tall. I promise. One more time. Inhale, trying to count. Exhale occurred long arms and reach retreats, retreats. Inhale and exhale.

Find that extension tail back. Chest forward and up. Find some ease there somehow. Yeah, so that the head's not, you know, you're not tight. Just easy. Easy. Now, right there, I'm gonna have US press five times. Exhale. Inhale, press the lift. Press from your last press. Good beat last time. And [inaudible] lift. I promise. Relax over in a curve. Gorgeous.

Just rest. Nicely done you guys. Okay, let's go to some side. Lying with the ring. We've done a, when I've done that, a ring before we'd done some prone back with Swan. Maybe not today. So get ready for this. Sidelining a little awkward. If I face you, you can face me on your right sides. Everybody have your feet that way. Might make it more consistent.

Your ring will be here on an ankle and the other ankle on top. It's good. It gets a little squirrely. So you know, you might have to navigate and readjust. I can help if meet in and then as you get, yeah, all the way. Sideline your on your arm, your legs will be in line with your pelvis or slightly forward of your pelvis. And so in sideline, you know the fundamental we're always looking for is hip over hip ribs in so hard to feel the ribs and shoulder over shoulder in some of the classical PyLadies. Queuing that your trunk is referred to as a box or a rectangle.

So your shoulders are two points in the box. Your hips are the two points. All those should be lined up. Is it? No, I'm just going to just, there you go. That does that feel better? Yeah. Yeah. Guys, this looks good. Now, point your feet a little bit just to give them a tiny bit of design. Look forward. Now we're going to accentuate the a top leg and its inner thigh.

Okay, so it's your left side. Exhale, press down on the ring. Inhale, control the lift up. Exhale, press down on the ring. Inhale. Yeah. Exhale, press down. Inhale, control the lid. Exhale and press down. Yes, it's inner thigh, but also maybe even some low buttock hamstring. Open your chest a little more. Look forward.

Pretend you're looking at the ocean instead of this plain, old, white stale wall. See some palm trees? I don't know. So a little more mine to the body. Open Up. Express a little more. Exhale, press God. Lift. Two more times. Exhale, we pressed. Use your abdomen and lift. That's nice. Exhale, press and left. Okay. Now both legs is probably now gonna. Really, you're going to feel more your bottom inner thigh and your top waist on an exhale. Lift both legs up. Wow.

Inhale. Control the lowering down. Yeah. Exhale, lift. So there's a sense I'm over here. You know what? Reach your legs this way away from your pelvis and reach your spine and top of head the other way energetically. So you've got that sense of length. Your left hand can be slightly on that for kickstand. Doing good balance, balance, balance. Who wants your top hip forward? A little.

Two more. Exhale and lift and exhale, lift and hold. Just hold right there and feel your oblique muscles there. Top waistline. Use that. And we're going to pulse just maybe five more times, a little exhale up higher and right from here. Higher. Wow. Yes. Last time. Lift lower all the way.

Okay. Now, uh, let's come up onto art. Excuse me. Up on her elbow. Take the ring away. Yeah. And flip over to the other side. Just a few ons. Sideline. How are you doing? Those of you who've never done the ring, what do you thinking? It's hurting your ankle. I'm so sorry. Yeah, there's, yeah. You know what, I've experienced that myself sometimes. No, you a couple things. This is great conversation because yeah, you can move the ring a little higher up on your ankle where there's more tissue cause down the low like that. There's not a lot of tissues are very boney. Uh, but the other key feature is you might be pushing or efforting the movement way out here distally rather than working your proximal muscles, which are up here, right? So really, I know that's kind of academic, but if you, if you think about it, maybe we can all think about this way.

This is where there's more muscle right down. And I have more up here than I do near my ankle. Use what we have more of to execute a movement far away. That would be the kind of the same thing in the last in shoulders, we don't have as much muscle in the wrist, so if I pushed the ring just for my hands, it's going to probably hurt the wrist and hand and maybe the thumb joint a little bit. So it's from up in the top upper leg where you want to pull it, press the ring. Does that make sense? [inaudible] inhale, prepare top leg. Press down sis from up here. Wes. Inhale, little release. Exhale, upper leg and press.

Elizabeth, that was beautiful. What I loved about that, you reached your leg long and then press down so your top leg is getting longer from your hip. Good. Lisa and up hips are staying, stacked. Shoulders are staying. Stack. Does it seem better now, Lucy? A little bit and or just squeeze lighter, you know, just maybe not as much of a of a squeeze. Just a little press. [inaudible] couple more. Exhale. It looks good though. Really good. Inhale an exhale. Press Dow. All right.

Now bottom leg is going to work with the top waist to lift both legs. So on an exhale, legs up. Inhale, legs down. Yeah, so it's your bottom inner thigh and it's your right set of obliques on the sign in. He'll come down and exhale. There you go. So the same idea legs or long from the hips. Checking in. What's going on in your neck and shoulder. Oh yeah.

Whoops. Come and get a little excited in there. Light kickstand. There you go. Totally different. Totally different. Same conversation. There's not a lot of support from the fingers. There's a lot more support from the lat. Okay, I've lost count. Last one, one or two. What the heck? One more than case. I was off. Exhale.

We're going to stay now. Those five extra little pulses. It's from here. And lift from here. One there you go to, there's a relationship with your lats and your obliques. Four to happy relationship. Five and all the way down and arrest. Plenty. Come on. I just like to watch a let. Ah, okay.

Uh, this is something kind of challenging. Come on up, sitting face to ring. You've done this before. Reach your left leg through the ring and you're right, it's not the heel, it's above the heel. Again, maybe kind of lower Achilles tendon area on top. Okay. And I'll give you two. You can, two choices. Yeah. Some of you can sit up relatively, um, with ease. You feel strain and getting sick. Sitting upright.

If you feel okay sitting upright, I'm going to have you fold your elbows and just, yeah, this is hard to get up, I think in the, in the core and that waist work. Yeah, maybe not. I'm, you can softly point your foot. Yeah. Or if this feels too yucky and you don't want this when you can put your hands back, but if your hands are back, it's not about leaning back. They're just really light. Okay. What we want to work now is the hamstring muscles, the back of the legs and the abdominal. So on an exhale, we're going to push down just a little bit push and a little lift and exhale. There we go. Always seeking that sitting tall.

Support from the belly. Exhale, push. Keep going. I do need to mention if you're feeling any stress back here in the back of your knee, you could either don't need to stop the exercise or just bend the knee a little. We don't want to, you know, push from the back of the joint. We want this boob, beautiful muscle to pull and move the ring three more times. Now, can your leg get longer? Even mentally? Think at longer. Ooh, we're the ring [inaudible] last one. Harass other side. Okay, cool. Did you have a question? Yeah, I do too. [inaudible] yeah. This on this downward leg. You mean?

That was good. That's okay. Yeah. She was feeling a little bit in this part of the hip. Yeah, that's okay. Okay. Other side, tall bre. Inhale, exhale, and press. Inhale, let go. Exhale and contract. Good work. You guys exhale.

And so the only thing that's moving is the leg pressing down on the ring. Shoulders are steady. The Spine is staying upright. There's lots of space between the back joints. Inhale, [inaudible] long leg from the hip. Lats are engaged. Two more belly back. Hmm. Good. One more time.

Exhale. And we prs and let go. Okay, fantastic. Let's go ahead and come up to a standing position. You can either stand on your mat or the lower the floor. No more standing arm work. I'm going to have the star stand with the legs parallel ring right out in front of the chest. We do this a more often when we're lying supine on the floor all the way down.

So as your arms are forward of you. Okay. Uh, I'm going to show profile because some of you don't know what I sometimes would IQ, I'm going to know the whole world can see that. That's an audit cause my, my you just I think in aesthetically see, but my pelvis is slinging forward. My ribs are disengaged, my abs. So we want to be more rib cage over pelvis. Bias your weight a little more forward. Anyway, maybe we all can try slightly lifting the heels off the floor. I've got about a half an inch under there I think. Okay. Look straight out.

You can squeeze your bonds. We're going to pull the ring to the chest on an inhale so your elbows are up and out. Shoulders are down, and exhale as you reach the ring straight forward. Yeah. Inhale, pull it towards you. Exhale, reach it away. I want everyone to press this ring a little bit. Push into it. Inhale, reach and exhale and stretch it away and helpful. Exhale. Inhale, easy neck and shoulder. Yeah, and reaching in a way.

Two more. Inhale, pull elbows or out in, up. Get your way and last time pulling it in and reaching in a way. All right, now good. Do this with it. Bring it to the chest. Pretty, you know, three or four inches away. Pull out. I want you to just to hold the pull out.

So really what's happening on our back or shoulder blades. I'm going to turn your Sikh. You might be able to see, I don't know, round that if I pull out on the ring. I don't want this short for you or myself to have my shoulders go in. See that from the side view it's really distorted. E I want to be able to pull out on the ring and how my shoulder blades wide healthier. Just hold that [inaudible] we're going to go back into that discussion as you just hold.

Where are you holding most of your pull from? Not here. Not your fingers there. They're doing some work, but it's really in here. Does that make sense? Yeah. So there's this real wide shoulder blades. Your bellies in and up. Kate gorgeous spine is up.

Posture is tall. Beautiful. Can they widen? They're pulling towards each other a little bit. I'm going to have you think wide. Wide, wide. Wide. Wide. Yeah, that's it. There you go. Wide. Wide. That's enough of that pool everybody and relax. What do you think? It's a hard, I've, I think that's hard.

Notice I didn't do that one today with you, Kate. Standing down on this. A little bit of standing. So here it is. I'm gonna have you put your right foot on top of it. Huh? Ooh, I'm good. Shoulder girdle work though. It's okay. Feel free to stand against a wall if you need to.

Sure. Or the ballet bar. Absolutely. Wish I had one. So Elizabeth, um, there I'm watching it. We want to make sure that the paddle is flat. Okay. Jeanie arms, the same shoulder girdle muscles that we or that you found when you're pulling out. Apply them now. Good. Lisa? Yeah. Okay. So it's the hamstring, the butt and push down. Little Push. Exhale in Hale.

Exhale. Not much needs to happen. Don't over push, I guess. In other words, exhale. I'm going to have you think of the oppose and quality of effort. Instead of push, pull, pull up, pull up to push down even better. There we go. We found them at at magic combination. There's a pull up to push down.

Do more. Ooh, some good focus in this room right now? Yes. Okay. You'll see this again. We will see this again. Let's change sides. How does your standing leg feel? Great. Great. Mine was a little more, um, talking to me than my working leg, which that's kind of what it's about.

[inaudible] right? So yes, the, the standing leg, it's bottom needs to be in engaged. I didn't really mentioned that. Busy with the other stuff here. Ready? Go. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. You press dance, a little lift up to press. Good. Exhale, balance work and down. It does help to look at something and stare it down sometime.

Keep going. Three more. Press caress. That's okay. Last one, press and really well that's a sure sign. That part's done. Go ahead and just set it off to the side. Let's just go. We're going to no ring for this last stretch. Go ahead and you can stay on your, on the floor. Just stand with your feet. Just slightly turned out. Yeah, heels are a little wider than your hips. This do some sides. Side bend the stretching because I realized we didn't really do any side vendor rotation. So as your arms are stretched out, uh, same thing. Your, you should have a nice flat pelvis, hip, hip, pubic, bone forward, you know, all in one plane, knees not locked or hyper extended.

Imagine that magic circle is still there and you're squeezing against it. Let's bring the a left arm up by your ear. Take your breath and as your exhale, reach over toward your right. You're also reaching your right arm like it. See if it's on a table and you're sliding across the table, just reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. Really want to open up this left side. Inhale and exhale. Let's come back up to center. All Right Nan, make sure the pill VDI. Inhale, left arm, right arm. Exhale and over. Reach into that space that's next to you. What's there? Reach into it.

Inhale and exhale. N Up and over a little more flow. See if you can go farther. Maybe are you in your comfort zone of side bending, stretching. Go a little farther and see what it feels like. So what if you lose your balance, you know, and up and over other arm. Inhale, the spine should come up. We should side then long bottom arm, easy shoulders. We're going to do four more. Inhale and going over. Wow.

Once more, each side and overreach a little further and last one all the way up and over center. Just lower your arms. I'm going to have you bring your feet in. Toe, heel, little first position. Palladia stance. Bring your arms out from the sides all the way up and just have your palms face forward and press your arms down. And two more like that. Inhale in the space and exhale rib cage and we're still in some alignment check. Now, reverse the circles, reach forward and exhale.

Press the space down as you live taller. We've only got two more today. Inhale and exhale, pulling up legs are tight. And last one and exhale guys, just do one little roll down. You can close to parallel head and shoulders. Let's put a little final on your class. Take that rounding over.

If you need to do a knee, a slight knee bend, that's fine. In that weight, slightly forward over the arches. I want everybody to inhale here and begin to roll up on the exhale. Reestablishing the just gonna say pedestrian posture cause you're about to leave class maternity. Keep some of that work in your body, even if it's just in your mind of what happened today with the magic circle work. All right, thank you. Have a great weekend guys.


The class was going well till the video starts to stop every minute.
so sorry I couldn't finish it. It dind't work any more in minute 37.
The class was going well till the video starts to stop every minute.
so sorry I couldn't finish it. It dind't work any more in minute 37.
If the video stops for you again, try switching to a lower quality. You can jump forward in the class to where you left off without waiting for it to load.
Hi Fabiana, I will pass this onto the "powers that be" and let them know. Hopefully any problem will be resolved quickly.

Fabiana, I see that Ted already answered you. Hope you got to see the entire class!
thnks so much my. I love the way you explain every excersice. grat classes and so inspiring.
Thank to you again soon I hope!
Amy, I have been going through all of your classes! I love the way you explain how the exercises are supposed to feel. I find that I also get a lot out of the interaction between you and the specific group of students you often work with. this class was fun as well as good work. Thanks.
Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much for your comments and feedback! I love detailing the work and am appreciative that others enjoy this approach as well. Yes, many of the classes I teach for Pilates Anytime are with the same group of students which allows me to get personal and specific with them. I'm glad you like this interaction too. Talk to you again soon I hope!
Great class Amy, as usual. I see i am not alone in watching all of your videos!! You are great, i feel as though you really deliver what Pilates is and should be. From the explanations to delivery of the movements and how you go from slower into more flow. I really am learning a lot from you, and i'm so appreciative. Did i mention I LOVE this site!! Great job to everyone at Pilates Anytime.
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