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Mat Workout

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Focus on practice rather than perfection in this creative Mat workout with Mariska Breland. She dedicates this class to the end of 2016 and hopes that this will be the antithesis of a hectic year. She designed the class to kill you with kindness as she adds wonderful stretches between the challenging variations and combinations she includes.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Mariska from Fuse Pilates in Washington, D.C., and I have these lovely ladies joining me for a class that I am dedicating to the end of 2016. So, if you felt like you wanted to lie in fetal po...


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Excellent class. I enjoyed it very much as usual. Thank you Mariska
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Great class! Just what I needed!
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Great class, Mariska! I'm guessing the "secret words" were dolphin and frisbee
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Great class. Are the words related wlth the dog chasing the frisbee:)
Ha! The words are "why would anyone use that word" words. My favorite client has already given me words for my next class. ????
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Great to see you back here Mariska. Lovely fun class as always. I'm going to go with dog and frisbee...!
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Great class Mariska! Loved how you snuck those words in for your client! Zeitgeist & Detritus. :)
Ding ding ding!! Yep, Diane. My client emailed me them, and I started laughing wondering how I could possibly work Zeitgeist into a class.
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Beautiful class! I truly enjoy taking classes with you! Just was wondering when you'll be back in the studios, would love to be there and participate!
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Really enjoy your classes and style Mariska! Secret words: what Diane Norman said :)
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